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Are you looking for travel buddies to go on vacation together? Then use our travel partner search and find suitable companions. After all, it is the goosebumps and encounters with other people while traveling that change us in a positive way. On JoinMyTrip you can connect with like-minded travel buddies. Share your experiences, experiences, and the costs! With travel buddies, your vacation is even more fun and you return from your adventure with new friends. No matter whether you are traveling with your Australian travel buddies or discovering the Camino de Santiago with hiking buddies - your trip will be unforgettable.

There are so many good reasons why you shouldn't wait to discover the world. In the crisis situation, we are in right now in 2020, this only makes this clearer. Your parents have planned to finally travel through Australia for a month? Your friends can no longer discover the world because of their job? That shouldn't apply to you! You discover the world with cool travel buddies because your life and your experiences are in your hands.

You have the opportunity to experience the world in all its wonderful facets! But now you have to decide who to travel with. Your friends and family don't have the time or feel like coming with you? Then put out your feelers and find like-minded travel buddies with whom life is fun. No matter whether you are looking for a New Zealand travel buddy or a world tour travel partner at JoinMyTrip.

9 reasons why traveling with Travel buddies is simply better

1. You can share experiences with travel buddies

If you are traveling together with travel partners, you can experience adventures together and share your memories together afterward. For you, the caves behind the waterfall were particularly impressive and your Cambodia travel buddies were speechless on the beach at sunset? Talk about it and exchange ideas! That's the best thing about traveling together. Because you can learn to see the world with different eyes and get to know people even more. A trip only becomes an adventure when you share it with others and of course that works best with like-minded travelers.

Man in a beach buggy sticks out his tongue and shows the surfer's greeting sign, travel buddy wanted and found.

2. Share your stories with your new travel buddies

Are you in your car on Route 66 and exposed to the endless expanse? Talk to each other! Your travel buddies are sure to have loads of funniest travel stories up their sleeves, just like you. So you can not only pass the time, but you get to know your new friends even better! And the cool thing is: At JoinMyTrip your travel buddies come from all over the world. So you can not only get to know new stories but also improve your English, Spanish, French, … and learn about other cultures. At JoinMyTrip you can even look at the profiles of your new travel buddies and find out where in the world they have already been.

3. Share the cost with travel buddies: the more, the better

We all know that travel becomes costly in the long run - regardless of whether you sleep in a star hotel or a hostel. The costs are only increased even more in single rooms. This is when your travel partner and the volume discount come into play. As a couple, you can divide the costs by two, but the more you are, the cheaper the entire trip will be. And there is way too much delicious food made for groups, picnics! Do you want to make the streets unsafe with your road trip travel buddies? Just rent a VW bus or a mobile home and you can split the costs perfectly! In addition, many activities are designed for groups. For example, you can book a safari with your Namibia travel partner and if there are five of you you fill up a whole jeep. You can ask if you can get a discount on it.

Travel buddies wanted in a park in front of the skyline of New York City. A group of friends having a picknick.

4. Looking for photo buddies and travel buddies?

We all know the situation: You are standing in front of the most beautiful temple in Thailand that you have ever seen, but how does this fit into a picture with you? Certainly not with a selfie! You need someone to trust with your cell phone and know that the person is good at what they do too. Your vacation buddies can be exactly this person! It's over with shaky photos from crooked angles, time for portrait mode. And if you want to show your family who you are with, just take a photo together and record your shared experiences. Photos are often the only thing that can send us on a trip and the more you have of them, the easier it is for you to remember special moments. Make another photo album and in 20 years you will find it in the attic and you can dream back.

Laughing travel buddies in Nepal on the top of a mountain with Tibetan prayer flags in the background.

5. Find new friends in your travel buddies

This advantage is of course clear to all of us, but we still wanted to highlight it. Friends are the family we can choose. Friends are people with whom we can go on adventures and steal horses. Making new friends while traveling is the best thing that can happen to us. With JoinMyTrip you can get to know your new friends in advance and be sure that you will have the best time of the year together!

Three young blonde women sitting at a lakeshore, travel buddies wanted and found.

6. You are safe on the road with travel buddies

It's no secret that there are places in the world that can be dangerous for solo travelers. If you are out with other people, the risk of being mugged is definitely minimized because a group appears stronger than an individual. But security can also be achieved through language. Having your travel partner speaks the language of the country makes a lot of things easier - from driving a cab to asking people on the street. In addition, people tend to be more helpful when you speak their language, which of course makes it easier to answer. How about if you and your travel companion learn a few words in the local language before your trip. So you can ask each other and are all safe so that if one is lost, you can still communicate.

7. Personal development through the exchange with your travel buddies

Every person is special in their own way. Not everyone is extroverted, communicative, and a party animal - but is that a problem? Of course not! All you have to do is find the right group for the ultimate travel experience.

You think nobody else has your hobbies, but maybe you just haven't met your motorcycle travel buddies yet! With like-minded holiday companions, traveling is even more fun and you can actually develop yourself. If you've always wanted to try Durian in, but haven't dared, your adventurous Malaysia travel buddies may be the incentive!

8. New inspirations and ways of looking for travel buddies

We all know it - we sit in front of the laptop and only know that we want to travel, but where should we go? What do we want to do? Where do we want to sleep? Have a look at JoinMyTrip! You can use the platform in two ways: Either, you join a trip from another traveler and so you don't even have to think about what you are going to do - your trip leader has already made these considerations. Or you can of course browse through the existing trips and then create your own trip! Do you want to travel through both Europe and Australia in one go? No problem. Design your trip the way you want and find unique places along the way that can be with you for a lifetime. Of course, it is also important that you exchange ideas with your travel buddies from the travel buddies exchange and thus maybe find other activities that you would like to experience together.

9. Discover horizons together with your found travel buddies

Once you have found people with whom you will discover the world, get ready for an unforgettable time. The nice thing about sharing impressions is processing them together. You can test your limits together and push yourself even further. Are you looking for expedition travel buddies so that you can get out of your daily grind and finally be in harmony with nature? Dare! Walking the Camino de Santiago together is the most incredible experience you will ever find and makes finding travel buddies much more exciting.

Hill with Jesus statue on the camino de Santiago in France.

Where do you find the coolest travel buddies?

1. Facebook groups for travel buddies

Facebook is one of the most successful social media outlets. In recent years, the topic of "Facebook groups" has become more and more important, especially for the exchange of topic-related opinions and tips. You will also find many Facebook groups that revolve around the topic of travel and travel buddies wanted. Regardless of whether you want to find a world tour travel buddies or motorcycle travel buddies - there is definitely a group for that.

Of course, here too it is difficult to find suitable people with whom the journey becomes an adventure. We, therefore, recommend that you make your request as detailed as possible. Describes therefore exactly:

  • Who are you?
  • Where do you want to go
  • How long do you want to travel?
  • What kind of travel partner are you looking for?

It's best to add a photo of your travel destination because a photo is worth 1000 words.

If you are unsure which group to join, we can recommend the JoinMyTrip Facebook group. Many travel partners have already looked for and found each other there.

2. JoinMyTrip - the travel buddies exchange

JoinMyTrip offers you the optimal solution to find new travel partners. Because the platform helps you in two different ways.

Do you have the perfect trip in mind and know exactly what you want to do? Perfect! Post your trip with us as a trip online and show the community what you're up to. Uploading a trip is very easy and if you have any questions, our customer service is available for you. When you're ready and want to upload a trip, you're a so-called trip leader. As soon as your trip is online, we will share it on our Social Media channels so that our entire community can find out about it and find cool travel buddies who want to share the adventure with you as quickly as possible! With our cost calculator, you can also calculate exactly how high the costs per TripMate are. You can also get a small compensation from your TripMates for your organizational effort in the form of the TripLeader fee.

It is of course not a problem if you are rather lazy in planning and just wants to travel without much effort. Because in this case, you can simply be the travel buddies who register for trips that have already been created! As a TripMates you have absolutely no planning effort because the TripLeader takes care of everything for you. Of course, it is important for them to know that you will really come with them on the trip, so only register if you are absolutely sure that you will come with them. Here you will find a variety of cool trips for 2020 or 2021. Share the travel costs and experiences with your new friends on unique adventures! So that you really know that you are part of a trip, you pay part of the travel costs in advance so that your trip leader can make reservations for you.

3. Travel Events - get to know new travel buddies right away

Travel events or networking events are particularly useful if you want to come into direct contact with like-minded people and thus travel buddies can be sought. These events are often held in larger cities and the number is increasing every month. There are events that are limited to special types of travel. Events could also be interesting for you, at which certain people tell about their last trips and highlight this with pictures. It is important to mention with this variant that you should of course be communicative to a certain extent and are also open to telling your stories in front of several people. Do you have a really crazy story that happened to you with your New Zealand travel buddies? Always out with it. The evenings will just fly by and you will have made many new contacts and hopefully found new travel partners.

JoinMyTrip also organizes such events. You can easily register here.

Travel event by JoinMyTrip in Hamburg in Germany, travel buddies wanted and found here.

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