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Travel buddy

Having a travel buddy makes a journey unique. One of the best things about travelling is experiencing and sharing the adventure with someone else. Sure, travelling alone is great too, but having a travel buddy is better. Here’s why:

Travel buddy

Of course, you can decide what type of traveling is best for you, but there is strength, fun, creativity and comfort in numbers. Some romantics decided that they were only going to visit paradise accompanied by their soulmates. Others are waiting until all their bills are paid or children grow up or prices drop dramatically or a second language is learned or they get their beach bodies back or any other excuse that has kept them from trips they’ve always dreamed about. The coronavirus has shown the world that there is no time like the present. Plus, most tour packages are made for two, so a vacationing with a travel buddy will save you money. Here are some reasons to hit the road with a partner:

1. Discovery

With a travel buddy, you have access to two imaginations and two lifetimes of experience. Maybe you have been to places your travel partner hasn’t and vice versa. Your travel plans will probably be enhanced by your travel mate’s ideas. Each person’s information builds on the other’s. This way, this trip will be filled with new tastes, new adventures, new perceptions and, hopefully, new plans for life and travel. Most people need someone to push them to make new steps, because the old steps are so comfortable from frequent use.

2. You'll Be Safer

It's no secret that traveling can be dangerous. The risks are higher for a solo traveler. With a travel companion at your side, the chance of theft or attack are lower. There’s safety in numbers! A travel buddy also provides an extra pair of eyes to watch belongings.

3. Cheaper

Most cool package tours are made for two or more people. People traveling alone who want to take advantage of one of these packages usually have to pay at least 150% of the price for a single traveler in double accommodations. Some call it the “solo tax.” This single supplement keeps many individuals at home. Your travel buddy allows you to pay the regular rate. 

With a trip mate, you get to share the cost for a lot of things, like rental cars, group tickets on public transportation, and restaurant dishes only offered for two or more diners (Paella NEVER comes for one, does it?.). Plus, redundancies will be eliminated. For example, one hair dryer should be enough for two travelers.

4. Never Lonely

never feel lonely when you have a travelmate

Solo travelers often feel lonely during their trips and wish they had a travel companion to converse and share the experience with. Traveling has ups and downs and having someone there with you makes the travel days brighter and more memorable. Going through highs and lows forges friendships. Even if you’re not looking for a lifelong friend, your travel buddy will be there for you at meal times or cocktail hour.

With a travel companion, you have someone to share the load. One person can wait in a ticket line for two. One traveler can drive while the other sleeps. One wanderer can park the car or save train seats while the other one tackles another problem.

It’s a good idea to meet up with your travel buddy before the vacation, preferably in person. A human touch is the best first step to get to know someone. Plus, there are some things you can’t experience via email, video or text. Perhaps a prospective travel partner has body odor “issues.”

5. Meet New People

have chance to meet people when travelling

You are guaranteed to meet amazing people while traveling with a partner. The sense of companionship, togetherness and trust that you build with each other is like nothing else. Travel binds people together, despite their differences. You create an unspoken bond based on shared memories and these turn into long lasting friendships you may never have had if you didn't travel with strangers.

Plus, with a travel mate at your side, you may have the courage to talk to people you meet on your trip. One travel buddy could lead to many friends.

6. Shared Photo Ops

You won't have to awkwardly ask someone to take your photo if you have a travel buddy. You will always have someone to take your photo and vice versa. Plus, along the way, your travel partner may have taken a photo of something that you missed. At the end of the trip, you can swap photos and have a permanent memory of all your adventures. 

7. Finding Travel Buddies

find your travelmate with JoinMyTrip

Are you convinced that travel buddies are perfect for you? Are you wondering how to find a travel mate? Finding a mate is easy with JoinMyTrip. By publishing your trip online, you can find people to join you on your travels. At JoinMyTrip, we publish your trip on our social media platforms and help you find the perfect travel buddy.

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