Outstanding Places to Travel in 2023

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It is less than a month to 2023! Are you excited to travel again this year? Then, have you got any idea about where you want to travel? If the answer is no, you stumbled upon the right blog. We have a list of the best places to travel in 2023 for you to plan your next trip. 

Do you know people are looking for three main things for travel in 2023? They are cultural trips, getaways to nature, and community-based tourism. Thus, we are compiling the list based on that trend. So, check out these awesome destinations for your unforgettable trips in 2023!

Best Places to Travel in 2023 – Summary


  • Wales, the UK
  • Karpathos, Greece
  • Luang Prabang, Laos
  • Bhutan


  • Kenya
  • New Zealand
  • Alaska
  • Norway
  • Krabi, Thailand


  • Italy
  • Mexico
  • Japan
  • South Korea


Sustainable travel has been a growing trend that travelers look forward to. Thus, one of the elements of sustainable travel is community. For that reason, community-based tourism is gaining popularity. Travelers are looking for a way to connect with local communities and bring a positive impact on them. Moreover, many travelers are eager to learn about a community’s culture and way of life. So, here are the best places to travel in 2023 if you love to connect with people and local communities.

Wales, UK

Besides its marvelous natural landscapes, Wales is also known for its fascinating cultures and communities. Head to Wales’s rural areas and villages, expecting to see centuries-old buildings, legendary cultures, and interesting communities. It is a great way to see the authentic side of Wales. 

There are lots of villages and communities that will greet travelers with open arms. You can check out one of them in Snowdonia National Park. It is home to one of the most prominent traditional Welsh communities. You can get in touch with the locals and immerse in their vibrant culture. Thus, Welsh people are known for their lovely arts and interesting language. Try to learn some new words in Welsh if you are visiting – that can be a really exciting experience! 

Karpathos, Greece

The unspoiled natural beauty and picturesque villages of Karpathos are surely attractive. However, there is another interesting thing about Karpathos. This stunning Greek island keeps an interesting tradition where women lead and empower. Thus, it is one of the few places in the world where matriarchal tradition is practiced. 

If you are a woman traveler or love everything about women empowerment, you must check out Karpathos. You can find an interesting scene of local women wearing traditional clothes as a sign of power and bravery. Besides that, there are many workshops, businesses, and stores run by women. 

Luang Prabang, Laos

Tradition is the heartbeat of everyday life in Luang Prabang. The charming city is the cultural hotspot of Laos, with a large number of palaces, temples, and heritage sites lining the area. Moreover, it is also a center of Buddhism in Laos. For that reason, there are lots of monasteries in Luang Prabang. 

If you visit Luang Prabang, you will get an everyday scene of monks walking around the city and people doing their prayers. It is both fascinating and tranquil. Learn more about the beautiful culture and history of Luang Prabang by getting in touch with the locals. Furthermore, volunteering is one of the best ways to connect with people in Luang Prabang. Thus, Luang Prabang welcomes volunteers from all over the world. 


Situated between the mountainous Himalayas, Bhutan offers more than extravagant nature. The highlight of Bhutan is its unmatched culture and amazing way of life. As a starter, Bhutan values Gross National Happiness more than Gross National Product. For that reason, Bhutan perfectly balances tourism, community, and the environment. 

Furthermore, Bhutan is a Buddhist country that keeps the tradition alive. You can find lots of Buddhist monasteries and spiritual centers in this beautiful country. Thus, peace and balance are the way of life for the Bhutan people. That’s why Bhutan is one of the most tranquil destinations you can visit.


Escaping the everyday routine and heading to places with magnificent natural landscapes are on the 2023 travel agenda. People want to reconnect with Mother Nature and have relaxing getaways in pristine locations. So, where should you travel to in 2023 for astonishing nature? Check out this list and get ready to be captivated!


best places to travel in 2023

Kenya is a paradise for everyone who loves nature and wildlife. The East African country boasts a surreal landscape of dramatic savannah and diverse wildlife. Visiting Kenya means going on a never-ending safari journey. Guaranteed – you won’t forget this extraordinary experience! 

The main attraction in Kenya is safari and national parks. You can find a few different landscapes in Kenya, from the astonishing savanna in Masai Mara National Park to the breathtaking dunes in Hell’s Gate National Park. Thus, you can also head to Kenya around August to October. It is the best time to witness The Great Migration, an event when thousands of wildebeests migrate to Kenya. 

New Zealand

new zealand travel in 2023

This country’s beauty will take your breath away. Expect to see countless spectacular mountains, dramatic cliffs, and crystal-clear lakes in New Zealand. Some of them are magical, like the mirror-like lakes in Fiordland National Park. The water is very clear that it can reflect the surrounding mountains and hills. 

Furthermore, New Zealand’s natural wonders include its endemic species. You can find lots of interesting animals, from flightless birds to the endangered Maui dolphins. So, visiting New Zealand means having an unforgettable experience! 


alaska where to travel in 2023

Witness the untouched wilderness and spectacular landscapes in Alaska. The country offers the perfect alpine landscape, with vast forests, dull yet beautiful meadows, and snow-topped mountains. Moreover, you can find lots of astonishing wild animals in Alaska. Whether it is underwater or on land, there are magnificent creatures everywhere. In their natural habitat, you can see endemic animals, like moose, musk oxen, and grizzly bears. Also, you can watch an amazing scene of humpback whales swimming in the bays of Alaska. 

Besides the extraordinary wildlife, one of the best phenomena you can see is the Northern Lights. They are visible all year round, but the best time to see them is in the period between August – April.


best places to travel in 2023

Located nearby the North Pole, Norway offers extravagant natural beauty. In winter, you can find an ethereal landscape of snowy earth, white-topped mountains, and magnificent glaciers. Furthermore, during summer, you can expect breathtaking meadows, magical fjords, and stunning waterfalls. It is an all-year-round destination you can visit.

Norway is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, especially hikers. The country has countless hiking trails, offering surreal scenery and interesting hiking experiences. You can check out Preikestolen, Kjeragbolten, and Segra for an unforgettable hiking trip. Don’t feel like hiking? No worries! You can still enjoy the natural scenery by driving through national parks, heading to viewpoints, and visiting fjords. 

Krabi, Thailand

Looking for a sunny place for your 2023 trip? Then, check out Krabi! This seaside town in Thailand is known for its unbelievable natural beauty. Although it is not as popular as the neighboring Phuket, Krabi offers more pristine and tranquil scenery. 

Krabi’s coastline is dotted with untouched, pristine beaches overlooking the turquoise sea. Moreover, you can find lots of small islands with towering limestone cliffs and lush vegetation off the shores of Krabi. Furthermore, there are a bunch of things to do in Krabi. You can soak up the sun while sipping a coconut on the sandy beaches of Krabi. Then, dip yourself into the waters and get your goggles ready. Krabi has fascinating underwater life, with colorful corals and exotic fish. You can also sail around the crystal-clear sea and see the gorgeous islands.


Seeing beautiful places with vibrant cultures is on the 2023 travel agenda. From artistic masterpieces to fascinating everyday life, we can marvel at many parts of culture. Check out these five countries with outstanding cultures for your 2023 trips.  


This European country is one of the world’s most important cultural hotspots. Italy offers a wide variety of cultural heritage, from a series of centuries-old buildings in Tuscany to world-class cuisines. Due to its long history of prominent civilizations, Italy preserves extraordinary cultural traditions, arts, and heritages. 

Visiting Italy means visiting a real-life museum. Besides that, cultural trips are a must-do if you visit this gorgeous country. You can spend a few days exploring Renaissance cities, like Rome and Florence. Then, you can take a look at the masterpieces of Italian artists, including Da Vinci and Michelangelo. Finally, you can end the day with authentic Italian dishes and Tuscan wine. Sounds amazing, right?


Diverse and vibrant – those are the words that can describe the culture of Mexico. From the colorful huipiles dresses to feisty mariachi music, Mexican culture has so many things to see. Thus, traditions and cultures collaborate perfectly with everyday life in Mexico. For that reason, Mexico is a special place to visit if you love cultures. 

If we talk about Mexico, we won’t forget Dia de Los Muertos or the Day of the Dead. It is a sacred event when people celebrate their deceased loved ones, believing they can be reunited on that day. The tradition is worldwide famous, as it is an iconic and beautiful celebration. You can easily recognize the ornaments of Dia de Los Muertos, from sugar skulls makeup to altars decorated with marigold flowers.


The Land of the Rising Sun is known for its iconic culture. Japan’s culture remains unique and extraordinary, from the popular anime to the traditional matcha drinking ceremony. Moreover, there are countless traditions and cultures that you can explore when visiting Japan. 

So, what is it look like to explore Japanese culture? You can start by visiting Kyoto’s traditional-styled temples, buildings, and palaces. Also, try the unique experience of wearing kimono, traditional Japanese clothing. Then, you can taste a more modern Harajuku culture in the bustling Shibuya in Tokyo. You can also try unique experiences like visiting themed cafes, cultural festivals, and arcade centers.

South Korea

best places to travel in 2023 south korea

You might have heard about KPop music or watched Korean dramas. That shows the large cultural influence of South Korea. However, this beautiful country also offers centuries-old traditions and fascinating cultures you can’t find anywhere else. Whether it is popular or traditional culture, South Korea is winning when it comes to culture. 

Reigned by powerful dynasties for centuries, South Korea boasts an authentic traditional culture. You can see how locals practice traditions in their everyday life in traditional villages like Bukchon Hanok Village. Also, watch cultural performances like folk dances and ceremonial music. Besides that, you can see buildings, palaces, and museums with traditional Korean architecture in several cities, including Seoul

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