Icaria the Greek Island of longevity, no stress, surf, good food and music! πŸŒ…

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Hey!!😁 I’m Irini from Greece and I’m organizing a trip with my childhood friend and TripLeader Alexandra. Check her profile here https://www.joinmytrip.com/en/profile/UbqkWm0KquMCL3w8bE1l89hgh0y1 The trip will take place at one of our favorite places, Icaria.🌊 We have spent our last summers on this majestic island. We discovered this place for the first time while we were on vacation and after that, we wanted to return. So the last years we spend our time there while having a summer job on the island. In this way we got to meet the locals that showed us the real Icaria. 🌻 Ikaria is a unique Greek island. The name is tightened with the myth of Icarus, a symbol of youthful enthusiasm and search for freedom. This may have influenced the warm hospitality of the Ikarian people that are also distinguished for their optimistic and carefree approach to everyday life. Ikaria is said to be the island of longevity, no stress, and no time. Everyday life here moves at a slow pace and the locals seem to enjoy every moment of their day! The island also belongs to one of the five Blue Zones.🌍 Dan Buettner, the founder of the Blue Zones, who is a contributor to National Geographic and the author of several New York Times bestsellers, identified 5 spots around the world with impressive longevity and called them "Blue Zones". This characteristic is said to exist because of their good diet, working out, and the healthy social ties that enhance good psychology. The old Ikarian people didn’t use to have a lot of money, so they were trying to make everything from scratch. They grow their own vegetables, feed their animals, fish with their small boats, and make their own wine, desserts, and cheeses. So that’s why there are many interesting delicacies to try! The island fascinates with its contrasts: wild landscapes and calm seas, clear blue waters and rivers, picturesque seaside villages, and traditional settlements hidden in dense vegetation. If you are a lover of nature and summer sports, then Ikaria is the destination for you. Surf at the beautiful sandy beach of Mesakti and climb the numerous rock formations that the island offers. If you want to spend a quiet holiday under the sun, then Ikaria again will not disappoint you. However, in the event that you are looking for a fiesta, the island can offer you this at the famous Dionysian festivals, where you will drink local wine and dance Ikariotiko until the morning!πŸ’ƒ Last but not least, we sure have to highlight the musical tradition in Ikaria. Two or three times per week, there are panigiria at different villages but every night at small local bars or taverns, different bands from around Greece gather and perform rempetika music. Lastly, a thing you should know about this place is that Ikaria is the capital of hitchhike in Greece. Everyone here gets around with hitchhike.πŸ‘ WAYS TO COME TO ICARIA: There are 2 ways to approach the island. - By airplane ✈️ - By ferry From Pireaus (the port of Athens) to Icaria.🚒 IMPORTANT NOTICE Icaria is a big island, and it would be more convenient to rent a car. Nonetheless, as we mentioned above, all the previous years we were moving around by hitchhiking. If someone is into driving, we could all together rent a car. (We are both new drivers, so we are not allowed to rent a car) What's included πŸŽ‰ - Accommodation in a shared apartment - Breakfast - Surf lesson πŸ„ - Wine tasting at Afianes Wines🍷. They have established themselves worldwide as unique and special in their kind, while they combine and utilize the ancient wine tradition of Ikaria, with exquisite grape varieties and innovative wine-making methods. - Health insurance for Germans and Austrian citizens - Welcome dinner 🍲 What's NOT included πŸŽ‰ - Transportation - Personal expenses If you have any questions, please ask me in the Q&A and send a message after reserving your spot!
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I spent a really good trip with Irini in Icaria. She really know the island. We have been in a lot of beautiful local places. We tasted a lot of local food. And I really enjoyed meeting all of Irini's local friends, everyone was nice to talk with and welcoming. Thank you for this wonderful trip !
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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-2
We will meet at the place we will be living for the next 6 days (5 nights). Depending on the time of your arrivals, we will settle down and then arrange the program of the day. We will have a welcome dinner to a traditional tavern to meet each other and maybe later attend a local bar with live music.


Day 2-3
The second day, we will start our morning by enjoying the sandy beach of Mesakti. After that time, it's time for some action!!! That means time for surfing!! We will have a surf lesson with an instructor and all the necessary equipment will be included. Of course, after surfing we will all be hungry, so we'll go for lunch, in a beautiful local tavern. At night, we will go to our first panigiri where we will drink, sing and dance a lot!!


Day 3-4
The 3rd day will probably be a recovery day due to the panigiri! We are going to spend our time in the beach, catching some light, enjoying some cold beers, maybe surfing again. At the end of the day we are going to watch the sunset from Nas one of the most beautiful and peaceful places to see the sun go down.


Day 4-5
On our 4th day in Icaria, it's time to visit the other side of the island and the breathtaking beach Seychelles (you can understand from the name). We'll have dinner (of course) in a local tavern with delicious food. At night, we are going to have some drinks while listening to rempetika music in a local bar.


Day 5-6
On the 5th day, we will chill a bit at the beach for our breakfast and coffee, and then we will head to Christos Village to enjoy some of the most tasty handmade deserts from the local women's cooperative cafΓ©. After that, we will head to a near place for our wine tasting lesson!


Day 6
It's our last day on this beautiful island, so depending on your departure, we can decide together our program. We guarantee you will want to come back to this amazing island.
Trip Summary
Apartments & Hotel & Other
6 days trip
Icaria, Icaria & 4 more
Questions and Answers

Hi Irini, can you share more infor on the accomodation? Is it possible to have a single room? Thx, P... Read More

Hello,thank you for reaching out,we will stay in a hotel and yes you can have a single room!!

Heh all, I wanted a mix of beauty and a decent night life. Is this trip stull avaliable , im a frie... Read More

Hello, thank you for reaching out! The island doesn't has clubs or these kind of parties but it has beautiful fiestas and greek panigiria until early in the morning.

Hi Irini, I am interested in your trip. How much would a private room cost? Do you mind if I smoke?

Hello, thank you for reaching out. It depends, but its around 60-70€ per night. If you "save"the trip i will be able to text you in private!! No problem if you smoke. Greets, Irini.

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