Hiking 🥾⛺in ALBANIA ! Valbonë to Theth, Maja Rosit and The Blue Eye Routes. Experience the Best of the Albanian Alps! 🌟

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🌟 Why join this trip? It's a rare chance to explore the Albanian Alps, sleep by the river in the "Thailand of Albania," gaze at the Milky Way on a budget, and benefit from the expertise of a seasoned hiker and certified remote first aid leader with a satellite messenger. 🏞️ Our itinerary includes hiking the famous route from Valbonë to Theth National Park, kayaking on the secluded Shala River, swimming in the crystal-clear waters of Blue Eye Lake, standing on the mountain ridge bordering Albania and Montenegro, crossing beautiful Komani Lake on a ferry, visiting a real bunker, and much more. 🌌 Plus, we'll marvel at the Milky Way from the darkness of the Albanian Alps. 👣 Since I'll be hiking these trails anyway, feel free to join me! Bring your own camping gear, some hiking experience, and a passion for the outdoors. Our journey will be tracked online on Garmin's professional website, so your loved ones can follow our daily progress. 🥾 See you on the trail! ⛺

I'm an Adventure Designer with 10 years' experience in the adventure tourism industry. Expert in long-distance Epic drives and the 20 World's Best Hikes from the National Geographic list. Check my profile for more info! 🚗🌍

ABOUT ACCOMMODATION: At the beginning,  at the end and throughout the trek we will be camping in our own tents. Guesthouses nearby can be our food suppliers so we don't have to carry much food with us. You may be able to upgrade your stay to a guest house, however this is subject to availability. Tirana (1 night) - Guest house - bed in 4-bed rooms, shared bathroom, kitchenette and laundry. One last check of equipment before starting the hike. On the Trail (4 nights) – Camping – own tent, shared bathroom and water source. Tirana (1 night) - Guest house - bed in 4-bed rooms, shared bathroom, kitchenette and laundry.

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Hike 1, Hike 2, Hike 3 (guided)
Pre-hike package(Packing list, FAQ, etc)
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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-2
DAY 1. ARRIVAL IN TIRANA 👋 Get ready for an exciting start! Upon arrival, we'll synchronize our schedules to maximize our time in Albania's vibrant capital. Our rendezvous point will be at our first accommodation. 🚶‍♂️ Prepare for a day of exploration by foot and public transport, as we aim to visit as many of Tirana's attractions as possible. Ahead of our journey, I'll share a list of must-see spots and detailed directions to our accommodation, ensuring a seamless arrival. 🛒 While discovering the city, we'll make a pit stop at a local grocery store to stock up on snacks and provisions for tomorrow's journey. And remember, we'll be camping by the river tomorrow night, so come prepared for an unforgettable evening under the stars! 🏞️🏕️


Day 2-3
DAY 2. TIRANA – LAKE KOMANI - CAMP 1 🌅 Rise and shine! Today, we will wake up bright and early, as our shuttle bus is scheduled to pick us up at 5:30 am. Our destination? The renowned Lake Komani, often dubbed the “Albanian Thailand”. 🚢 The first leg of our journey will involve boarding a ferry. Since our campsite is not accessible by road, we'll enjoy breathtaking views of the rugged cliffs lining the lake as we cruise along. ⛺ Once we arrive and set up camp, it's time to explore! Whether you fancy renting a kayak for a leisurely paddle along the secluded beaches of the Shala River or prefer a leisurely stroll or beachside relaxation in front of the Island of Peace, there's something for everyone . 🏞️ Tonight, we'll be lulled to sleep by the tranquil sounds of the lake, surrounded by the serenity of nature. Get ready for an unforgettable evening under the stars! 🌌🏕️ THE LAKE KOMANI is a hidden gem nestled in the Albanian Alps, renowned for its stunning fjord-like scenery, crystal-clear waters, and rugged cliffs. Cruise through breathtaking landscapes and immerse yourself in untouched natural beauty. A must-visit destination for adventurers seeking tranquility and awe-inspiring vistas.


Day 3
DAY 3. CAMP 1 - KOMANI LAKE - VALBONË VALLEY NATIONAL PARK - CAMP 2 🏕️ Did you have a good rest? Today, it's time to put your hiking boots to the test! But before we hit the trails, we need to catch up with the bus at the opposite end of the lake. So, let's fuel up with a hearty breakfast, hop on our old friend "Ferry", and enjoy the scenic ride across the rest of the lake. 🚌 Once we disembark, our trusty bus will be waiting to whisk us away to our next destination: Valbonë Valley National Park, just an hour's drive away. Sit back, relax, and take in the breathtaking vistas of the so-called Albanian Alps from the comfort of your seat. ALBANIAN ALPS is a paradise for nature lovers, boasting majestic peaks, pristine rivers, and lush green valleys. Discover hidden waterfalls, charming villages, and untouched wilderness. Experience adventure and serenity in one of Europe's best-kept secrets.


Day 3-4
AFTERNOON 🚌 Our bus will take us to the charming village of Valbone, where we'll embark on a leisurely walk to our campsite. The remainder of the day is yours to explore: wander through the village, sample local cuisine at cozy restaurants, and soak in the scenic beauty of the surrounding valley. I've arranged a brief introductory walk to acquaint ourselves with the enchanting environment of the National Park. 🏕️ Let's set up camp, enjoy a delicious lunch, and prepare for our first short hike—a scenic 12 km loop that will take approximately 5.5 hours to complete. 🌄 We'll spend the next two nights in Valbone, nestled amidst the stunning landscapes of the Albanian Alps, at our cozy campsite. VALBONË VALLEY NATIONAL PARK is a pristine wonderland in the heart of the Albanian Alps, offering stunning landscapes, vibrant biodiversity, and authentic cultural experiences. Explore rugged mountains, crystal-clear rivers, and charming villages. A nature lover's dream destination awaits!

Rosni Peak

Day 4-5
DAY 4. CAMP 2 - HIKE 1 "MAJA ROSIT" - CAMP 2 🏞️ Do you remember I promised you the chance to stand on the border of Montenegro and Albania? Well, today's the day! Our first hike from the list of “Best Hikes in Albania” is Maja Rosit. 🥾 Trail Details and Information: Length: 19.5 km / 12.1 miles Duration: 9 – 10 hours Type of Trail: Out & Back Elevation Gain: 1,709 m 🌲 Hiking in the Albanian Alps is a truly special experience, and the Maja Rosit Hike through the Valbonë National Park is no exception. This trail is not only renowned for its natural beauty but also attracts bird watchers due to the diverse bird species found in the park. ⛰️ Maja Rosit offers a serene and solitary walk, away from the crowds often seen on the Valbonë to Theth hike. While the trail is challenging and consistently steep, the breathtaking views of the Montenegrin mountains from the summit make it all worthwhile. For the adventurous souls, there's even an option to ascend further to Rosni Peak. 💧 Bring plenty of water for the journey, but rest assured, there's a cozy hut along the way where you can replenish your water supply and enjoy a refreshing cup of coffee.


Day 5
DAY 5. CAMP 2 - HIKE 2 "VALBONË TO THETH" - CAMP 3 🏞️ This one has to be top of the list! It’s the most famous hiking trail in Albania because it crosses the Accursed Mountains, also known as the Albanian Alps. It’s one of the best places to hike in Albania because you get to see the incredible beauty of this spectacular mountain group. 🥾 Trail Details and Information: Length: 16.64 km / 10.3 miles Duration: 7-8 hours Type of Trail: Out Elevation Gain: 2,213 m ⛰️ Valbonë Valley National Park and Theth National Park are both national parks in Albania, so as you can imagine, the scenery and nature are incredible. 🚶‍♂️ The hike itself is fairly challenging. I’d rate it between moderate to hard as parts of the trail are steep. A good pair of hiking boots and poles are recommended for this hike. ☕ This is one of the best Albanian day hikes and is made even better by a couple of cafes to stop at for refreshments along the way. 🌅 So as soon as we finish our breakfast, we will start our hike and embark on this unforgettable adventure through the stunning Albanian Alps! THETH NATIONAL PARK is a breathtaking retreat nestled in the Albanian Alps, featuring dramatic peaks, cascading waterfalls, and traditional stone houses. Immerse yourself in pristine nature and rich cultural heritage. An unforgettable adventure awaits in this hidden gem of Albania!


Day 5-6
NIGHT. CAMP 3. NEW MOON, MILKY WAY! 🌌 Coming from a big city that never sleeps, the Milky Way is something that I can’t even imagine because even stars are hard enough to see. Therefore, we will have to go into the wilderness, where there is no light pollution and where people have not destroyed everything that nature has given us. 🌠 The best time to view the Milky Way is between midnight and 5 a.m. from a location with minimal light pollution on a clear night under a new moon. The photo you see was taken in the Theth National Park at 4 a.m. six years ago. 🔍 Guess what? The location, time, and moon phase are correct. If we are lucky with clear skies, we will see our Galaxy 👻 ⛺ Next two nights we will stay in Theth, surrounded by the tranquillity of nature and with the perfect opportunity to witness the beauty of the Milky Way above us. MILKY WAY is the galaxy of wonders, a cosmic masterpiece stretching across the night sky. Dive into a celestial symphony of billions of stars, nebulae, and planets, offering an awe-inspiring spectacle for stargazers and dreamers alike. Embark on a journey through the universe's most mesmerizing sights!

Blue Eye Kaprre

Day 6
DAY 6. CAMP 3 - HIKE 3 "THE BLUE EYE" - CAMP 3 🏞️ Our last hike is also in the list of "Best hikes in Albania". But for this hike, you need to have a swimming suit, because The Blue Eye in Shkoder is one of the best waterfall hikes. It’s not technically a waterfall, but rather a spring, but it’s definitely worth a visit. 🥾 Trail Details and Information: Length: 24 km / 14.9 m Duration: 5-7 hours Type of Trail: Out & Back Elevation Gain: 399 m 💦 The Blue Eye waterfall attracts many tourists, so it can be a little busier than we used to see. The views are amazing all the way up, so you won’t be short of spectacular scenery. There are also plenty of restaurants along the trail, so we can really take it at our own pace and stop whenever we need. 🩱 It’s a relatively long hike, so as I said, don’t forget your swimming costume. Especially, if you’re feeling like you may be brave enough to dip in the freezing cold water.


Day 6-7
🌟 Don't forget to check out two other well-known attractions in Theth National Park: the famous Theth Church and Grunas Waterfalls. The great thing is that these two are nicely integrated into our hike, so we can focus on our main route. 🏞️ Tonight, we'll be staying in Theth and celebrating the completion of three iconic routes: "Valbone to Theth," "Maja Rosit," and "The Blue Eye" (in Shkoder). These are recognized as the best hiking routes in the Albanian Alps. Congratulations! 🎉 THETH CHURCH is a charming gem nestled in the Albanian Alps, exuding rustic beauty and spiritual tranquility. Admire its picturesque setting amid majestic mountains and lush greenery, and immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of this remote village. A must-visit destination for seekers of peace and authenticity.


Day 7-8
DAY 7. THETH - SHKODËR - TIRANA 🚌 Our journey back home begins at 11:00. That gives us plenty of time to enjoy a leisurely breakfast, pack our backpacks, and explore any remaining activities while waiting for our transfer. 🌆 In the afternoon, our destination is Shkodër. Depending on our preferences, we can stroll through the city streets or spend some time exploring the historic Shkodër Castle (pictured above). 🏰 Once we're ready, our bus will transport us back to Tirana, where we'll spend another night. We're keeping our plans flexible for now, so we'll decide as a group how to spend our time. ✈️ For those catching flights home tonight, there's also the option of taking a direct bus to Tirana International Airport. SHKODËR CASTLE is a timeless fortress steeped in history, offering panoramic views of Lake Shkodër and the surrounding landscapes. Explore ancient ruins, medieval walls, and picturesque gardens, and uncover the secrets of Albania's rich heritage. An iconic landmark inviting you to step back in time and experience the allure of the past.


Day 8
DAY 8. TIME TO SAY GOODBYE 🎒 Our final day together! Booking extra days for outdoor activities is always a smart move. While we're at the mercy of the weather, if we've been fortunate enough to complete our program as intended, congratulations once more! 🛤️ From here, our paths will diverge, and each of us will return to our own lives. But mark ICONIC HIKES in Albania as DONE! That's quite the hiking achievement to be proud of. 🥾 See you on the trail next time!
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