History weekend in Albania; Museums, Castles, Chruches, Mosques, and Hiking Spots.

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Hiii👋 Ready for your next trip? Let's go to Albania!! The motherland of Mother Teresa-- With the old context of the Ottoman Empire's mosques, the wonderful medival-era castles and churches and it's amazing serene atmosphere. 🕌🏰🌅🕍 Prepare for an adventure of knowing the beauty of this country in 4 days. Journey will start by the capital , Tirana, to different historic places, beaches and hiking trails.🚵‍♂️ We will be residing in the capital, Tirana, which will be approximately 2 hours to each city 🧭🗺 What is included in the price? 1- Accommodation (Private hotel room for each) 2- Transportation (Buses and car) Doesn't include: 1- Food 2- Shopping Hiiii! I am Iman, Egyptian and 24 years old.👋 I have been to Hong Kong, Egypt and Saudi Arabia and I am completing my list of trips with you. I am very friendly, energetic and I could take good pictures of you since I am obsessed with photography 📸 If you get crazy towards history, landscape and skies, we will definitely vibe and connect. ☁️ We will have so much fun and we can exchange cultures!! I can speak a bit of Spanish, French and Cantonese since I have studied them at school and college.📚 My major in college was English literature so if you are also a language nerd and love classics I will be lucky to have you as a friend Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the trip! 🥰 Can't wait for you to join!
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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-2
Since we will be accommodating in the capital, make sure to come earlier in the day to have a rest and get going. Otherwise, if you come on the night of the 9th let me know and I will reserve a room for you! Explore the beauty of Albania by visiting Tirana historic monuments!! 🏰 Let's check out the National Museum and know more about the Albania's history.📚 We will also visit Et'hem Bej Mosque and pass by Skanderbeg Square both day and night to enjoy the city . 🕌 We can also try some food!😋


Day 2-3
Craving to seeing more of Albania? Let's take a bus of 1 hr and 40 minutes to Berat, the City of a Thousand Windows (mix of Ottoman and Albanian architecture). Check out the beautiful old houses and visit Berat Castle knowing more about the history of the place!

Llogara Pass

Day 3-4
Can't wait to check of the scenery in Albania ? Day 3 comes The Llogara Pass, one of Albania’s most famous places, with a 2 and half hour ride in nature. We will take a car and stop to take some photos of the amazing sights we will see along the way. Once we reach we will go to Llogara National Park where we will see some animals such as the golden eagle, European wildcat and fallow deer.


Day 4
Finally, let's head to Kruja and Apolonilla ! We will coordinate together to see which we will visit first if some of our tripmates will leave on same day whether earlier or later since Apolonilla is only 7 minutes from the capital. A 45 minute ride to Kruja to check the ethrongrapohic museum and the castle of krjua. We may also pass by the Pazar and go shopping. We will also pass by Apollonia, only 7 minutes from the city. We will check out the Apollonia Archaeological Park which consists of the Ardenica Monastery, Archaeological Museum and the ruins of Apollonia.
Trip Summary
Hotel & Hostel & Bed & Breakfast
4 days trip
Tirana, Berat & 2 more
Questions and Answers

Hi Iman, Which Hotel? is it 3 stars or 4 stars hotel?

Hi Mahmoud! Thanks for your interest in my trip and I hope you join us! :) The hotel is 4 stars hotel; I was thinking of Lord Hotel, VH Premier AS Tirana Hotel, Aurelis Hotel or Diplomat Hotel. (I wil... Read More

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