Ayurvedic Detox, Retreat, Workation in the Land of the Dalai Lama, North India

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Join me this summer for a Panchakarma retreat in Dharamshala, all while working remotely. It’s such a peaceful place, tucked away in the Himalayas where the Dalai Lama currently resides. We’ll start each day with meditation and yoga, surrounded by fresh mountain air. We will also receive daily Ayurvedic massages and Shirodhara treatments, providing a blend of holistic, physical, mental, and emotional benefits. Additionally, we'll enjoy delicious Satvic meals, customized for our individual doshas—the three fundamental bio-energies that govern our physical and mental processes. Our residence will be cozy and comfortable and perfect for unwinding. It will be ideal for working remotely, there will be plenty of quiet spots to get things done. You can stay connected while still taking time to detox and reset. In our free time, we can explore the amazing surroundings. We will enjoy short hikes through the Himalayan trails, soaking in the natural beauty. We’ll also get to experience local ceremonies and connect with the rich culture of the area and the neighbouring villages. This retreat is about finding balance and recharging. You’ll leave feeling refreshed, calm, and significantly healthier, with a renewed sense of well-being. It’s a chance to take care of your health, find inner peace, and have a bit of an adventure too. The recommended duration for a Panchakarma is at least 21 days to achieve optimal results. However, you can also choose a rejuvenating program lasting for 7, 10 or 15 days. The trip will be a minimum of 8 days, with one day spent in another villa included in the package. However, the cost of the Ayurveda center is extra, approximately $80 TO $90 USD per day. This covers accommodation, all meals at the residence, yoga, massages, and all treatments. If you choose the shortest package, plan to pay for 7 days, as the first day is included in the Join My Trip price. I'll be in the area earlier for a full 21-day Panchakarma. If you're interested in the full experience, let's connect and see how we can make it work.

Back in May, I took off on this adventure to Dharamshala, nestled all cozy up in the Himalayas. Little did I know that that trip would change my life. As I wandered around this little town, I couldn't help but get lost in its beauty and peaceful vibe. One of the highlights? Catching a speech by the Dalai Lama himself. His words about Buddhism and Hinduism really got me thinking. It made me curious about spirituality ayurveda and taking care of myself in a more holistic way. Ayurveda is all about treating your whole self, mind, body, and soul. I was hooked. I couldn't believe how good it made me feel. That's when I knew I had to share this experience with others. I've always been big on bringing people together and organizing trips. From sailing to skiing to wellness retreatsl. So, I had this idea to put together a Panchakarma retreat in Dharamshala, a mix of adventure, healing, and just hanging out with cool likeminded people. So, what do you say?Want to join me on a journey of self-discovery and relaxation, all while working remotely without using up your vacation days? We'll explore Dharamshala, dive deep into Ayurveda, and make some awesome memories along the way. Trust me, it's gonna be epic.

We'll be staying in cozy, comfortable rooms at a beautiful villa, and chances are, we won't have to share if there are five or fewer of us. Terraces overlooking the stunning mountains, surrounded by lush greenery and nature's serenity. There'll be WiFi available for those times when you need to catch up on work or just want to share your amazing experiences with friends back home. Any questions about the trip? You can let me know in the Q&A section!

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First night Villa stay with pool
Hike & Overnight stay and meals
Transportation on weekend for activities
Transport from DHM Airport to residence
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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-2
Day 1: Welcome and Opening Circle at a unique Villa Arrive at our beautiful villa with stunning views and beautiful swimming pool. Welcome and opening circle in this unique venue to set intentions and get to know each other. Enjoy a delicious dinner with general foods and a little celebration with optional alcohol before the detox begins.


Day 2-8
Day 2 to 7: Detox Begins 7:00 AM: Yoga session 8:30 AM: Dosha diagnosis 9:00 AM: Breakfast 10:00 AM: Ayurvedic massage 10:45 AM: Shirodhara treatment 11:15 AM: Steam bath 1:00 PM: Lunch 5:00 PM: Herbal tea (customized to dosha imbalances) 7:00 PM: Meditation 8:00 PM: Dinner

Himalayan Mount Start

Day 8-9
Himalayan Guided Hike and Overnight Stay After our usual activities and treatments. We will set off at 3:00 PM for a guided hike in the Himalayas. Our hike will be a moderate 2-hour journey through stunning landscapes, offering breathtaking views at every turn. By late afternoon we'll reach our mountain refuge, a cozy haven surrounded by nature's beauty. Here, we'll settle in, enjoy a picnic lunch, and have some free time to relax or explore the surroundings. As evening falls, we'll gather around a bonfire, sharing stories and enjoying the tranquil atmosphere. Our overnight stay in the refuge will be a memorable experience, allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in the serenity of the Himalayas. The night will be filled with the sounds of nature, and the sky will be a canvas of stars, making this a truly magical end to our day.

Dalai Lama temple

Day 9-10
We'll begin our return from the mountain refuge with a hearty breakfast, then hike back to our villa. Once we arrive, we'll dive back into our Panchakarma treatments to rejuvenate after our adventure. After treatments, we'll head to the nearby village of McLeod Ganj to visit the Dalai Lama temple, soaking in the spiritual atmosphere and learning more about Tibetan culture. In the afternoon, we'll participate in a few workshops to deepen our understanding of local traditions and practices. The day will conclude with some lively, non-alcoholic parties featuring ecstatic dance, allowing us to express ourselves and freely and connect with each other in a fun, energetic environment. It’s the perfect mix of healing, cultural exploration, and joyful celebration.
Trip Summary
Bed & Breakfast
10 days trip
Khanyara, Khanyara & 2 more
What's excluded?
Flights to Dharamshala
Any meals outside the program
Additional activities outside progrm
The stay at the center
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