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I'm the skipper, Ben . With a friend, I sailed around the world for almost 5 years. We experienced a lot on our trips, we got to know great people and created a lot of music (we are musicians and studied sound engineers). We filmed the whole thing and in 2019, our travel documentary "Blown Away" was shown in many German cinemas.

Benjamin Schaschek
And I am Elena. One day I onboarded a boat, after that I never left the sea. Now I live with Ben on our beautiful catamaran in the most beautiful place in the world in the South of Portugal. "Life is too short for someday" - I just love being able to live a crazy, free and different life and to be able to walk a path that fulfills me. I have been working in social media for 3 years and I capture our slightly different life in photos and videos. Curious? Then stop by here.

Elena Dostal
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SAIL, SURF & FLY auf Fuerteventura
Join our our special sailing and paragluiding trip along the coast of Fuerteventura. We'll swim, snorkel and drop anchor in the most beautiful bays and sleep outside on deck under the stars 🙂 If you are lucky, you might even watch dolphins or whales. Our Guitar and the ukulele are definitely on board!

When? 06.02. - 13.02.20
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SAIL & SURF auf Gran Canaria
Come with us on our adventure sailing trip, sail along the coast of Gran Canaria and find the most beautiful beaches and the perfect spots for surfing. We anchor on uninhabited islands, surf in secluded bays and sleep outside on deck under the starry sky!

When? 06.03. - 13.03.20
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SAIL, HIKE & YOGA auf Teneriffa
Join our our special sailing, hiking and Yoga trip along the coast of Fuerteventura. We'll swim, snorkel and drop anchor in the most beautiful bays and sleep outside on deck under the stars 🙂 If you are lucky, you might even watch dolphins or whales. Our Guitar and the ukulele are definitely on board!

When? 03.04. - 10.04.20
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SAIL, SURF & SKYDIVE an der Algarve
You are an adrenaline junkie? Then you are in the right place! Action is preprogrammed on this trip! We will discover the beautiful bays and beaches of the Algarve with our catamaran. We will catch perfect waves with our surfboards and go skydiving! In the evening we will watch the documentary "Blown Away" in our outdoor boat cinema, look at the starts in the sky and make music. Are you joining?

When? 17.05. - 24.05.20
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SAIL & YOGA on the Algarve, Portugal
On the Algarve you can expect breathtaking beaches, high cliffs, caves, beautiful bays, picturesque fishing villages and a wonderful climate. Surround yourself with a crew of like-minded yoga fans for a real yoga outdoor experience! On board is Iris! She has been self-employed for over 10 years and offers various yoga classes and trips.

When? 12.06. - 19.06.20
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I wanted to learn to sail, so I simply booked a trip with Ben. He was really relaxed and actually let me do everything myself. In the end I could steer the boat almost by myself! What an incredible experience! And to share all these moments together - sun, time on the boat, music ... Just wow :-)
The Croatia sailing trip with Captain Ben was an absolute highlight! Swimming, stand up paddling, diving, jumping from the mast, exploring cute harbor towns, chilling in the hammock, sleeping under the starry sky and making music together. Thank you Ben and the crew for the bombastic atmosphere on board, it couldn't have been nicer...preferably right away again!
What a journey! I have never been sailing or paragliding before. So this was a real adventure :-) And even if the crew was sometimes a bit chaotic, our captain always stayed calm, always kept his positive energy and was always there for everyone. The week went by super fast but it was a lot of fun!
Ben & Elena's Former TripMates
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