Best time to visit Italy

A beautiful country like Italy can be visited at any time of the year wether its because of its incredible history, culture, landscapes, blue waters, vineyards or food. Italy is a very diverse country not just culturally and terrestrially but also climatically. If you’re wondering when is the best time to travel to Italy, you will find the answer here. 

When to go?

Italy has mostly a mediterranean climate that is characterized by hot summers and mild rainy winters but the 1200 kilometers from north to south makes the country have different micro-climates that sometimes differ from national norms. 

We recommend visiting during spring and autumn when the temperature is nice and the crowds are fewer.

High season: June - September

The high season in Italy is summer which begins in June and lasts until September and is known as the tourist season offering high temperatures. These are the busiest and most expensive times to visit.  If you’re planning to visit during the high season we recommend booking flights and accommodation a couple of months in advance. 


Shoulder season: April - October

The shoulder season in Italy refers to the months of April through mid June and October. Crowds are fewer in those months and the weather is considered as moderate. This is a great time to visit Italy as it combines the best of both worlds. 


Low Season: November - March

The low season in Italy starts mid November and lasts until mid March. The weather during this period is unpredictable and comes down to luck as it can be extremely cold and rainy or sometimes dry and pleasant. These are the worst months to visit Italy if you are aiming for a beach trip. The farther south you go the warmer the average temperature gets. 


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