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Are you and your USA travel buddies thinking about a trip to America? Unsure where to start or where to go? We’re here to help.

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USA travel buddy

The United States has it all — over-the-top casinos, amazing canyons, mysterious swamps, bold waterfalls, trend-setting metropolises, majestic mountain ranges, active volcanoes, deserts and serene beaches.

Because American films and television shows are shown around the world, most people think they “know” what to expect. You and your United States travel buddy may be surprised by the United States you meet. To reduce the risk of being overwhelmed, choose one region and a reasonable trip length for exploration. There is no reason to see all 50 states in six weeks. Why not tour New England or the Rust Belt for two weeks? There is no law against return visits.

In 2020, people who have an affinity for laidback cultures should head to the South and the Pacific Northwest.

  • South Carolina is cherished for a strong embrace of its history, well-preserved architecture, sweeping palmetto trees that provide a distinctive look and shade to the region. The food of Europe, the Caribbean, and West Africa meet in Low Country cuisine.
  • Washingtonians and Oregonians are famous for their progressive attitude, relaxed air, and love of nature.


If you and your USA travel buddy are adventurers, you should head to go west.

  • California, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Idaho and Utah boasts imposing canyons.
  • Alaska has North America’s highest mountain, glaciers, and volcanoes.
  • Hawaii has rainforests and volcanoes.

Even the most experienced adventurers like to stay safe. So we thought we'd collect the most useful travel gadgets for a safer journey and share them with you on our blog.

Wine lovers have a lot of options on the West Coast and in New York.

  • Napa Valley, Paso Robles, Los Carneros and the Central Valley are a few of the places in California that produce world-class wine.
  • New York’s North Fork of Long Island and the Finger Lakes are home to many award-winning wineries.
  • Washington was known for its delicious sparkling wines and rieslings. Now, it’s making reds that rival flowing out of California.
  • Oregon’s Willamette Valley is the source of fabulous reds.

The West Coast is a popular area for road trips. Road trips can be such a fun way of exploring a country so why not plan a fun road trip along the West Coast. If you need some help planning, read our blog on what to pack for your perfect road trip.

road in Washington DC

If you and your USA travel buddy are history buffs, you have to tour Pennsylvania, New York, Texas, Illinois, California and Washington, D.C.

  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is the home of many historic sites connected to the founding of the United States. The Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution were signed in the building now known as Independence Hall; the Declaration was read aloud outside the building in Independence Square. The city is about two hours away from Gettysburg, the battle site where Abraham Lincoln gave his famous speech that reminded visitors to a Civil War cemetery the reasons citizens of the North were fighting citizens from the South.
  • Illinois is an architecture buff’s dream. Frank Lloyd Wright demanding touch can be seen in protected and lived-in homes throughout the state and the country. There’s a concentration of his work in Oak Park. The midwestern state has projects by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Louis Sullivan, Daniel Burnham, Phillip Johnson, Sir Norman Foster and Jeanne Gang. Of course, the state with the motto, “Land of Lincoln,” has plenty of sites connected to the 16th president of the United States. Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky but spent much of his life in central Illinois, where you find a lot of information and sites dedicated to his life and work.

American can be very expensive. But with our blog on how to travel on a budget, you might just save an extra dollar or two.

Unique city trips to places like Miami Beach, New Orleans, Nashville and Portland will delight you and your USA travel buddy.

  • New Orleans is a unique place. It is a place that collected cultures but didn’t throw any bits away. Today’s New Orleans is a smooth blend of African, Italian, Native American, Spanish, and French cultures. Vietnamese touches have been added since immigrants arrived for opportunities in the fishing industry starting in 1975. This mixture can be seen in the food, the music, the holidays, the political structure, and the approach to life. People in the Big Easy like to party and create but they are strong. After the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, many lost everything but stayed in the city. This experience added another dimension to the New Orleans flavor.

  • Nashville calls itself Music City. Of course, it is the home of country, bluegrass, rock, pop, Americana, gospel, classical, jazz and blues. You and your USA travel buddy can experience live performances every night of the week at any time of the day at honky-tonks (small, gritty clubs) and concert halls. Recently, the national spotlight was put on Nashville’s local food. Hot Chicken is, well, very spicy fried chicken. The local favorite has been copied by national chain restaurants but you and your USA travel buddy need to try the real thing.

The United States is more than Sex & the City, La La Land and Disney World. It is all that but more.

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