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Find Travel Buddies for your next solo trip to the United States of America. The Land of Superlatives, crazy food, beautiful national parks, and fascinating cities. Book your ultimate US experience today.


Plan your next trip to the US

Whether you’re looking for the ultimate nature trip or an extraordinary city trip - the United States of America has it all! With our JoinMyTrip Guide, you’re 100% prepared to travel to this crazy country with your TripMates.

Forest Gump Point (view from the steeet)


Top 10 Things to see in the US

The States are huge and it would take forever to list all the beautiful things you can do in this amazing country, but here are our Top 10 things you should see at least once in your life.

Learn more about Native American history in Monument Valley

This Nationalpark is absolutely stunning and the land of the Navajo tribe. You can book tours from the visitor center. A member of the Navajo will take you through the park and tell you more about the history of Tse’Bii’Ndzisgaii.

The Mittens in Monument Valley.

Visit Elvis in Graceland

The Graceland estate once belonged to Elvis and his daughter Lisa Marie Presley turned it into a public museum in the early 80s. The interior looks like Elvis is still alive and is well kept. You can also visit the graves of Elvis and his grandmother on the estate grounds.

View of the Graceland Estate.

Discover Nature in Yosemite Nationalpark

Yosemite is one of the most visited Nationalparks in the US and well worth a visit. You need to plan ahead and get a permit ahead of your visit for a specific day. Enjoy the vistas and enjoy nature to the fullest here. 

Sunset Views in Yosemite Nationalpark.

Drink Coffee in Seattle

Did you know that Starbucks is from Seattle? The people here know coffee and drink more of it than any other US city (even L.A.). So grab a cup in town! If you’re not a coffee fan you might want to wander around the city and feel like you’re part of Shonda Rhimes’ Grey’s Anatomy

Coffee Sign at the Public Market Sign in Seattle.

Visit the Grand Canyon by Sunrise or Sunset

Views, views, views! Seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time in your life is something that you will never forget! You can hike here, do pony trekking tours or simply enjoy the views of this massive landmark (which can actually be seen from space).

Sunrise view of the Grand Canyon.

Eat good food and visit museums in New York

This one is a given. New York is famous for good (and crazy) food with new restaurants opening almost every day and new food trends around every corner. A visit to this massive city wouldn’t be complete without visiting the MOMA and the MET.

View of New York City Skyline

Feel like a politician in Washington D.C.

Washington is a must-visit for everyone who’s interested in history, politics, and/or the military. Visit the National Mall and see the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, and the White House. The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History and the National Gallery of Art are also worth visiting. Secret Tip: Visit the Spy Museum and learn more about the history of Spying.

Cherry Blossoms infront of Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.

Hit the road and discover Big Sur

This mountainous section of the Central Coast of California will provide you with unique views of the Pacific Ocean, and lead you past redwood forests and beautiful beaches.

Views on Big Sur.

Gamble in Las Vegas

 A city in the middle of nowhere with extraordinary casinos, cheap hotels, and wedding chapels. Get married by Elvis or hit the Roulette table - opportunities are endless here. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas ;)

The Las Vegas Sign infront of the city's skyline.

Feel the Blues in New Orleans

New Orleans is famous for its music, Creole cuisine, and unique dialects. Life is just different here. Party through the night and feel a unique vibe. Or just discover the interesting history of Lousiana in one of the many museums.

Colorful Street in New Orleans.


The 10 Best Instagram Spots in the US

Let's be honest - we're all here to create content! So here's our JoinMyTrip approved list of the best Instagram Spots in the US.

Urban Light and LACMA in Los Angeles, California

Lamps in Los Angeles

Disney World, Florida

Disney World in Florida

Central Park, New York City

Fall in Central Park

Every Angle of the Brooklyn Bridge, New York City

View of the Brooklyn Brdige leading to Manhattan

Death Valley, California

Salt desert in Death Valley.

Horseshoe Bend, Arizona

A Canyon with the Colorado doing a horsehsoe bend.

Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Unusual rock formation in Antelope Canyon, Arizona.

White Sands National Monument, New Mexico

Perfectly white sand dunes in front of the mountains in New Mexico.

Hollywood Sign, Los Angeles

The back of the Hollywood sign overlooking LA.

Golden Gate Bridge Overlook, California

View of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco in the fog.


One of the Best Travel Itineraries in the US

Discover one of the most epic road trips in the US - Pacific Coast Highway


Duration: 12 days

Stops: 9 including L.A., San Francisco, and Seattle



Day 1 - San Diego

Start your journey in San Diego. This city in Southern California is known for its beaches, parks, and warm weather. You can visit Balboa Park and the San Diego Zoo, browse through art studios and galleries, or learn more about US military history by visiting the USS Midway Museum.

Palm Trees and fascinating architecture in San Diego, California

Day 2 & 3 - Los Angeles

Drive up to the City of Angels, the center of the US American film industry with all its glitz and glam. While strolling down Sunset Boulevard or driving through Beverly Hills you will definitely feel like a movie star.
Visit Santa Monica Pier and have some fun at the amusement park and eat some typical American food at one of the restaurants. For the perfect sunset view, you should head to Griffith Observatory. You'll have the perfect view of the city and learn something about space in a spectacular building.

Other Attractions in L.A. include

  • Hollywood Walk of Fame
  • Rodeo Drive
  • Venice and its Canals

Los Angeles skyline during sunrise

Day 4 - Big Sur

This is part of the road trip where it will feel like the most epic road trip ever, just stop wherever you want and it feels right. Use Google Maps to identify photo spots but definitely stop at these locations:

  • Bixby Creek Bridge is a perfect photo opportunity
  • McWay Falls is a waterfall onto a small beach 
  • Pfeiffer Beach, there’s also a campground there if you’re driving a campervan 
  • Point Lobos State Natural Reserve

Bixby Bridge is a perfect photo opportunity

Day 5 & 6 - San Francisco

On your way up from Big Sur make sure to stop in Monterey. You can visit a really nice aquarium here or go on a sea elephant walk around Monterey Bay.

In San Francisco, a must-see is the Golden Gate Bridge (of course) and Alcatraz, an infamous prison that is now a museum.
Other things to do in San Francisco:

  • Visit Lombard Street for typical San Francisco Street Views
  • Ride a Cable Car
  • Visit the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
  • Get a taste of the Redwoods in Muir Woods National Monument

View of a street in San Francisco with view of the harbor and a cable car.

Day 7 - Redwood Nationalpark

Just explore here - these trees are older than mankind and are absolutely beautiful. Wander and drive around to discover beautiful parts of the park.

Kids infront of a giant Redwood tree

Day 8 - Florence, Oregon

Florence is a good spot to take a short break before heading further north. A whale exploded on a beach close to the town and now there's a memorial plaque. Otherwise, there's not much to discover except resorts golfing, and the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area.

Nature and beach close to Florence, Oregon

Day 9 - Cannon Beach

Visit Cannon Beach to see Haystack Rock and spot some sea lions. Close to the small town you will also find Ecola State Park with some nice hikes and beautiful views.

Haystack Rock at Canon Beach, Oregon

Day 10 -Olympic Nationalpark

Visit Hoj Rain Forest - yes there are actually rainforests in North America and discover other beautiful spots and vistas throughout the whole peninsula:

  • Hurricane Ridge
  • Lake Crescent
  • Ruby Beach

Misty Mountains in Olympic Nationalpark

Day 11 & 12 - Seattle

Visit the Space Needle and drink some coffee in the original Starbucks at Pike Place Market. Other activities, besides wandering through the town include:

  • Take a ferry to feel the breeze on your face and get a spectacular view of the city
  • Visit Seattle Art Museum and the Discovery Park

View of the Seattle skyline featuring the Space Needle and Mount Rainier.


Best Time to Visit the US

The United States is massive and you can actually find around 5 climate zones, ranging from tropical temperatures around the Gulf of Mexico and snow in July in the Rocky Mountains.

Spring and Fall

Of course, it depends on where you want to go, but generally Spring (End of March until the end of May) and Fall ( End of September until the end of October).

Spring will provide you with warm temperatures and beautiful scenery in almost every Nationalpark.

Fall is perfect for a city trip to New York, Chicago, or, Los Angeles. A must-see in Fall is the so-called Indian Summer, where it's unseasonably warm and the foliage, especially in the New England area, is absolutely stunning.

Indian Summer in New England.


Hidden Gems in the US

Garden of the Gods, Colorado 

Wonderful views with greenery and rocks, really feeling like paradise. 

Garden of the Gods with beautiful landscapes and rocks.

Kodiak Island, Alaska

The second-largest island in the US with dense forests that is home to the Kodiak Bear and the King Crab 

A tent on the wild coast of Kodiak Island in Alaska

Apostle Islands, Wisconsin 

These little islands scattered around Lake Superior are beautiful year-round. In winter the cliffs are covered in frost giving them a gloomy vibe, in summer the water is nice enough to go for a swim. 

On the left: summertime on the Apostle Islands and on the right: the frosty cliffs of the Islands in winter.

Byodo-In Temple, Hawaii 

This temple is modeled after the temples in Japan and offers wonderful scenery with beautiful koi ponds and trekking opportunities. 

A koi pond with a japanese temple in the background in Hawaii

Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska

You walk inside the ice of this glacier and enjoy the view of the ice that is older than humankind.

View of Mendenhall glacier from the sea with a view of the mountains in the background.


Getting Around the US

The US is the 4th largest country in the world by mass and tackling all that in one go is a big adventure. Here’s how to get around this beautiful country: 


If you want to go somewhere fast take a plane. There are hundreds of airports and thousands of planes all over the country. Almost every state has an international gateway like JFK, Dallas, or Chicago. 


Roadtrips are as American as Apple Pie or Burgers - so get yourself into a car and drive around this massive country. Decide on a route beforehand and book accommodation accordingly. Also, make use of the cheap gas prices outside of big cities and weekly rates when renting a car. 


Amtrak is famous for its extensive train network, if you have time and money take advantage of this network. It’s worth it because of the views and things you wouldn’t see from a plane or a car.

A van taking a roadtrip through the desert of Nevada.


What does it cost to travel to the US

Traveling around the US can be done on many types of budgets. Depending on yours, you should plan for a daily budget of $75 - $300. 

Budget: $50-150

Mid-Range: $150-300 

High-end: $300+ 


Budget: $50-100 

Mid-Range: $100 - 200

High-End: Sky’s the limit here, hotels will start a $300 


Budget: $200-500 / week for a budget car, that will fit two people and luggage. 

Mid-Range: $500-800/ week for a mid-range car that will fit 4 people and luggage

High-end: $800+ for SUV

Sightseeing & Activities 

Depending on the region and what you want to do: $10-75 per person per day


Budget: $5-10 per person per meal at a fast-food restaurant, food truck, or diner 

Mid-range:  $15-35 per person per meal at a reasonable restaurant or pub 

High-End: $50+ per meal at a nice restaurant


Must-Try Food in the US

Apple Pie 

Apple pie made with apples, spices and crispy dough.

This sweet treat is considered a national institution and you will be able to get it in almost every bakery, dinner, or restaurant. Definitely worth a try, even if you don’t normally like fruit cake and pies. 

Texas Barbecue 

Smoked brisket with a side of toast and beans.

Smoked meats, ribs, and sausages - an absolute classic. Dinners and BBQ joints all around the Southern states are worth a try. 

Macaroni & Cheese

Mac & Cheese in a black skillet.

This is the ultimate comfort food - pasta and cheese made American. Every family has its own recipe and most American restaurants will have some sort of variety of mac & cheese as a side dish. You can try them as a premium version with lobster as well. 


A two-tier burger with lots of cheese.

You saw this one coming - Americans love their burgers. We do recommend stopping at an In&Out to get the real American Cheeseburger feeling. It’s fast food yes, but so worth it. 

Philly Cheesesteak 

Philly Cheesesteak on a cutting board.

Greasy, cheesy, meaty - we’ve got nothing more to add. Just try it.


Travel Tips for the US


One of the most important things when traveling and eating out after a long day in the car is tipping. Waiters make most of their income via tips. The waiting staff will expect at least a 15% tip, 20% for very good service. Don’t forget to add this to your budget planning. 

Make use of Outlet Malls

Get last season’s designer fashion for far less money in these Outlet Malls. You can find them outside of major cities and discounts can be insanely good. 

Taxes are added at checkout 

For most of us, this will come as a surprise but the price declared on the shelf is not the final price in many states. You will either need to do the math yourself or just be surprised at the counter. 


The consumption of alcohol is legal after you turn 21. Also, be careful when transporting alcohol in the car. A bottle of wine cannot be anywhere close to the driver or underage people in the car. Best put it in the trunk and do not drink it in public. 


Carrying a gun in public is legal in most states. Be prepared to see people openly carrying a shotgun in rural areas or even a pistol on the belt in Las Vegas. Also do not enter private property if you have no business being there (especially in rural areas).