Top 7 UFO Spotting Destinations

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Make all your alien-like dreams come true by visiting these spots…

Have you always wanted to spot a UFO? Are you a skeptic or a believer of the alien world? The world is full of intriguing mysteries that can’t be missed. Take your TravelMates and visit these amazing locations around the world where you just might spot alien friends…


7. San Clementine, Chile

This location has a stretch of road called the UFO trail where curious researchers and alien believers gather together to monitor the sky. Moving UFOs have been recorded by visitors, and many of the residents of this tiny town have also claimed to see UFOs. Another Chilean mystery island is the Eastern Island… discover interesting facts about this mysterious land!


Jeep driving in dry desert-like landscape

Discover Chile’s alien-like landscapes

6. Nazca City, Peru

The Nazca Lines hold many possible explanations, one of the favorite ones being that these lines are landing strips for aliens since the Nazca people could not fly at the time that this artwork was made. Do you think these geoglyphs made between 500 BC and 500 AD hold a secret inside? Tell us in the comments! Pack your bags for Peru and get ready for your trip with this all-inclusive Peru Travel Guide

Geoglyph art made into a large area of sand

Alien landing strips or just a work of art? 

5. Extraterrestrial Highway, Nevada

This highway, also known as Route 375 was officially named Extraterrestrial Highway after multiple UFO sightings in the area. A cause for even more speculation is that this route passes through one of the most secret U.S.A Air Force bases. Hmmm… Are you suspicious? Start discovering mysteries with friends you haven’t met yet by creating a trip now!


Highway in a dry flat landscape

The Extraterrestrial Highway looks its part, too!

4. Wycliffe Well, Australia 

Wycliffe Wall is considered to be Australia’s UFO capital. It’s considered bad luck if you do not spot a UFO here because sightings are so common. You’ll also find Wycliffe Well Holiday Park nearby, with lots of UFO-themed things to explore. 

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3. Bonnybridge, Scotland 

Bonnybridge receives around 300 UFO spotting reports a year, and locals and visitors alike have tried to put their finger on what the unknown objects flying in the sky are… If only they knew. 👽 Curious about traveling to Scotland (especially now)? Make sure to check out our blog on how you can experience Scotland like a local.


2. Manitoba, Canada

The most famous UFO sighting in Manitoba is the Charlie Redstar UFO spotting in 1975-1976. The sighting was best described as being a red fireball 🔥 shooting across the sky. The area reports thousands of UFO sightings per year! 


Fire ball shooting across starry sky

Are you still a skeptic?

1. San Luis Valley, Colorado 

One of the most famous spots for UFO sightings is Colorado’s San Luis Valley. So much so, that it is referred to as America’s UFO hotspots. The valley is also home to mutilated cattle, so people have even more reason to believe that there’s something fishy going on in the area. 


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