The Most Beautiful Places in Turkey for You to Visit

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What do you think about when we mention about Turkey? Probably, you’ll start thinking about the delicious Turkish coffee, the magical hot air balloon experience, and historical places. Furthermore, one iconic thing about Turkey is its wonderful landscapes. From the historical Istanbul to the picturesque Antalya, there are countless beautiful places in Turkey.

In this blog, we will show you the most beautiful places in Turkey. Also, we’re going to sprinkle them with some travel tips that you’ll need when visiting Turkey. We will show you the top three all-time favorites for all those who don’t want an all-inclusive, but also three real insider tips.


  • Cappadocia
  • Istanbul
  • Ephesos
  • Cirali
  • Bozcaada
  • Akyaka

The Most Beautiful Places in Turkey: All-time Favorites


A hot air ballon flying over a city in Turkey
Explore Kappadokien in a hot air balloon

The city of Cappadocia is located on the Asian side of the country, specifically right in the center. The first settlements in the region date back to 7500 B.C. Various occupations, unique culture and landscape have developed there and created a fascinating culture. Moreover, through numerous persecutions of individual population groups, incredible cave constructions have formed, which can be found underneath the huge rocks. The National Park Göreme shows you 150 impressive cave churches. In the whole region of Cappadocia, you will find houses carved into the rock, cave architecture and frescoes of numerous inhabitants.

This region is also perfect for hiking because of its impressive mountains and unforgettable hiking trails. But you surely know Cappadocia for something else: the hot air balloons. Cappadocia is also on the list of beautiful places in Turkey because it is the world’s largest flying area for hot air balloons. These balloons take off at sunrise and you can either watch them from the ground or climb to lofty heights with your travel buddies!


Panorama of Istanbul
Panorama of Istanbul

Istanbul is the melting pot of thousands of cultures in one place. Here you will encounter history from the time of the Romans and you can become a part of this vibrant past. Millions of people travel to this city every year and therefore it is definitely one of the most popular destinations in Turkey. So what can you experience in Istanbul?

Of course, some famous sights like the Hagia Sophia, which was a museum for a long time but is now an active mosque again. Nevertheless, you can visit it and admire the mixture of Christian and Muslim culture. We also find the Sunken Palace very interesting. It was built about 1500 years ago and served as a cistern, a water reservoir. The entrance to the palace is relatively inconspicuous because it is underground. To mingle with young people, you should go to the Kadiköy district. There you will find hip cafés and innovative stories for your souvenirs. Also, don’t forget to sample some Turkish food in Istanbul. From street stalls to classy restaurants, Istanbul offers an amazing dining experience!


Travel tips for Turkey: Celsus library
Celsus Library in Ephesos

Ephesus or Ephesus was an ancient city with about 250,000 inhabitants on the western coast of Turkey, near Greece. This destination belongs on the list of beautiful places in Turkey because all history fans get their money’s worth here. Moreover, it is also one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Today you can find the ruins of the former big-city. The symbol of the ruined city is the Celsus Library, which was built 1,900 years ago. From the library, you can walk on the Kuretenstraße to the Heraklestor. On this road alone you will pass dozens of impressive buildings. The culture of “bread and games” from ancient Rome can also be found here, more precisely in the Roman theater. Ephesus is definitely worth a day visit. You should make this excursion from Izmir, as this is the next bigger city.

The Most Beautiful Places in Turkey: Insider Tips


The beach of Cirali and mountains in Turkey
Beach of Cirali

The city of Cirali is located near Antalya, in the south of the country. Cirali belongs to our travel tips for Turkey mainly because of its nature. You will search in vain for big hotel castles and tourist attractions. Near the city is the Olympus mountain, in Turkish Tahtalı Dağı. You can take a cable car to the top of the mountain and have a breathtaking view over the coast. You should also walk from Cirali to the fire of Chimaira. This is a natural phenomenon, where the fire is beating out of the rocky ground on mountain slopes!

Of course, you will find certain tourist attractions too. At the southern end of the region, there are sweet restaurants under straw umbrellas on the long sandy beaches. Here you can also observe something that is quite rare in Europe: the turtle brood! Between July and August, about 60% of the small animals hatch and hurdle themselves into the water. Furthermore, Cirali is a destination for those who want to stay away from the hustle and bustle and relax.


Bozcaada in Turkey, a little harbor with landscape in the background
Bozcaada Kalesi

Bozcaada is an Aegean island and yet it is still hardly discovered by tourism. In the lovely island, it is very windy, so the hot temperatures in summer are very bearable and it gets quite cool at night. Wine, rosemary and thyme are grown here, so its nature will remind you of Greece a lot. Although the island has often been called the most beautiful island in Europe, there are still hidden places that you can discover.

Moreover, you will find numerous secluded bays, with clear water and fine sand in Bozcaada. It’s a great place to soak up the sun by the Aegean Sea. You can reach the island by ferry, on which you should take a rental car because a road trip is the best way to explore the island. Moreover, the island is dotted with fascinating historical places, like the Bozcaada Kalesi Castle. Looking for some tasty stuff in the island? You can head to one of the island’s lush vineyards and go wine tasting. You will be surprised with the unique taste of Bozcaadan wine.


Akyaka at sunset

The city of Akyaka is located in southwestern Turkey. It is untouched and pristine, making it one of the best hidden gems in Turkey. Although the city is not far away from the popular places Bodrum and Marmaris, you will find almost no foreign tourists here.

In Akyaka, you will mainly be stuck on the beautiful beaches. However, the special thing in the city is the river Kadin Azmak. It rises from the up to 1000-meter-high mountains and offers a welcome cool down in the hot summer. Here you can also watch turtles! You can explore the river with small boats. The old district Gökova reminds us of the long history of this region. Since 2.600 people have lived here and left their traces. Finally, if you are looking for a tranquil place to stay in, head to Akyaka. This lovely city allows you to really relax and escape your busy everyday life.

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