Top 12 Cities with the Best Architecture Worldwide

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Talking about a ‘work of art’ would directly bring us to a beautiful, award-winning painting or an intricate sculpture praised by respected critics. However, other pieces of art worth to be admired are architectural structures. From centuries-old churches adorned with Baroque-styled murals to towering skyscrapers designed from a futuristic blueprint, get ready to be stunned by an extensive list of architectural structures. If you are an architecture fan, traveling to a city or a country for its architecture is a must! Here are the 12 amazing cities with the best architecture around the world. 

Top Cities with the Best Architecture – Summary

  1. Athens, Greece
  2. Barcelona, Spain
  3. Florence, Italy
  4. Venice, Italy
  5. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  6. Marrakesh, Morocco
  7. Istanbul, Turkey
  8. Brasilia, Brazil
  9. Bordeaux, France
  10. Chicago, USA
  11. Portland, Oregon, USA
  12. Montreal, Canada

Athens, Greece

When in Athens, you’re not just exploring a city; you’re stepping into a time machine. As the home to one of history’s most prominent empires, Athens offers nothing more than alluring. The Ancient Greeks left their proud architectural structure all over the city. From the magnificent Acropolis that whispers stories of gods and legends to the Parthenon that showcases artistic endeavors, Athens’ architecture is immaculate. 

On the other hand, the city breathes with dynamic modern life. Contemporary buildings, such as the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, become a representation of Athens’ groovy and thriving culture. Local architects boast their artworks all over the city, bringing a wide range of styles from industrial to Bauhaus. As the city where the past and the present collide, Athens is one of the cities with the best architecture in the world. 

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a canvas painted by the genius of Antoni Gaudí. Vivid-colored mosaics, intricate ironworks, and out-of-the-box designs – you name it. Thus, the city is an open-air museum showcasing Gaudi’s distinctive collection. From the mesmerizing Sagrada Família to the surreal Park Güell, every corner is an architectural masterpiece. 

Whether you are a die-hard architecture fan or a dedicated photographer, Barcelona is your perfect playground. Besides the works of Gaudi, Barcelona boasts centuries-old Gothic and Art-Noveau buildings. It is one of the cities with the best architecture in the world. Get ready to fall in love with a city that seamlessly blends whimsy and innovation.

Florence, Italy

For those who appreciate the elegance of the Renaissance, Florence is a dream come true. This beautiful Italian city breathes with history, looking as if it is stuck in the 16th century. Thus, the buildings are nothing less than elegant. The cobblestoned streets take you to marvelous churches, ornate buildings, and beautiful towers which fit the phrase ‘architectural wonders’ perfectly. 

Roam around Florence and get ready to be stunned by the landmarks. Duomo Cathedral beckons travelers from all around the world with its iconic dome and alluring Renaissance-styled facade. Ponte Vecchio takes you to a dreamy nostalgia. Meanwhile, Piazzale Michelangelo stands as a representative of Italy’s brilliant beauty – an open-air museum packed with tourists. Therefore, Florence is one of the cities with the best architecture in the world. 

Venice, Italy 

Time suddenly stops in Venice, framing the city with centuries-old wonders. Tucked in the Adriatic Sea, this Italian city boasts the perfect blend between beautiful art works and sophisticated architecture. The canals are strongly built as the backbone of Venice. On the other hand, the city boasts stunning Venetian Gothic and Renaissance structures. From the Rialto Bridge to the Piazza San Marco, the buildings in Venice look ethereal. Every winding alley and picturesque bridge is a testament to the architectural brilliance that has stood the test of time. Therefore, Venice is one of the top cities with the best architecture.

Dubai, United Emirates Arab

cities with the best architecture in the world

Get ready to be swept away by the city that defies gravity. Everything in Dubai is described with superlatives. This Emirati city has become a testament to human ambition an architectural prowess. Skypuncturing buildings, futuristic structures, and artificial islands are scattered all over Dubai. So, get ready for an never-ending architecture galore as you land in this luxurious city! 

Dubai is home to the tallest building in the world – Burj Khalifa. The sleek skyscraper stands at 2,723-feet tall, offering a literal ‘on the top of the world’ view. Besides that, Dubai has a myriad of outstanding architectural structures, such as the artificial futuristic island of Palm Jumeirah, the rocket-like Burj Al-Arab, and the impressive Cayan Tower. With all it has to offer, Dubai is one of the most spectacular cities with the best architecture in the world. 

Chicago, USA

Chicago is an architect’s paradise. The city skyline, adorned with iconic structures like the Willis Tower and the John Hancock Center, is a testament to Chicago’s role in shaping modern American architecture. Don’t forget to take an architectural boat tour along the Chicago River!

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