Places and Countries Like Italy: 7 Affordable Destinations

by | Jun 6, 2024 | Destinations, Europe, Italy, Travel

Can you mention something more evergreen than summer in Italy? Hot days that will melt your gelato, getting your tan on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, fresh lemonade from the gardens of Capri, and the gaudy scene of Positano. With all it has to offer, Italy is irresistible. However, traveling to Italy also comes with sky-rocketing prices and large crowds of tourists, If you want quaint, less touristy, yet amazing destinations, these places and countries like Italy are worth checking out! 


Nestled in the Central Mediterranean, this small country stuns everyone who visits. Crystal-clear waters glimmer under the sunshine, ancient sites that have watched millions of sunrises, and astonishing coral reefs weave Malta’s unwavering charms. The country has witnessed different historical timelines, from the still-mysterious ancient period to the Ottoman reign. Moreover, Malta features a diverse marine scene consisting of underwater caverns, offshore reefs, and shipwrecks. It is one of the best yet affordable countries like Italy to visit.

Why is it a great alternative to Italy: Malta has a similar vibe and characteristics to Italy, from the flawless Mediterranean beaches to an abundant history. Besides that, Malta is fairly more affordable than Italy.


countries like Italy Montenegro

Step outside the Mediterranean and pay its dazzling sibling – the Balkan Sea – a visit. Among the countries sitting on the shores of the Balkan, Montenegro stands out as Italy’s doppelganger. Even better, a cheaper one. Montenegro is shrouded in history, recording the long reign of the Vatican Republic and Yugoslavia. Take a peek at their legacy in the Venetian-style churches, city squares, and buildings in the city of Kotor. 

Moreover, as a seaside nation, Montenegro has a lot of beach destinations. Budva Riviera is one of the best ones. White-washed yachts sail around the aquamarine sea while a medieval old town is standing on the shores. Budva Riviera offers a lavish modernity and delicate history, increasing its charm as a vacation spot. It will swiftly remind you of Portofino or Lake Como, just with a cheaper price. We’re talking about spending only €50 a day for a comfortable vacation. For that reason, Montenegro is one of the best countries like Italy to travel to. 

Why is it a great alternative to Montenegro: The country has kept pieces of Italy’s culture and history, especially its architecture. Also, it has sea and beaches similar to the Italian Riviera. 


Albania is the new shining star of Europe. This country boasts the best out of the Balkan Sea, highlighting its flawless beaches, the sea’s hues of blue, and breathtaking ocean cliffs. Albania offers a five-star vacation like what you can get in Santorini or Amalfi Coast with more affordable prices. The beaches of Sarande and Ksamil are Instagram-worthy, so put the coastal towns on your bucket list. Moreover, Albania is generally quaint. Take a relaxing stroll through the streets of Tirana or enjoy a crowd-free scene in the Ottoman town of Berat. Also, Italy is about tastebuds. So does Albania. It has spectacular wine regions and delectable cuisines. Therefore, it is one of the best places like Italy for you to visit. 

Why is it a great alternative to Italy: Cloaked in history and distinctive culture, Albania shares a similar vibe to Italy.  The Albanian Riviera, especially towns like Sarande, is a great option to flee from the crowds of the Amalfi Coast.

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