8 Best Hidden Gems in Australia to Visit

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Australia is a whole package of awesomeness! The magnificent country boasts both top-notch technology and outstanding nature, making it one of the most popular destinations to visit. Moreover, Australia is known for its spectacular wildlife that you can find nowhere else on Earth. Therefore, there are lots of untouchable and less-known sides of Australia. In this blog, we will show you some of the best hidden gems in Australia. They will take your trip to Australia to the next level!

Hidden Gems in Australia – Summary

  1. Pebbly Beach, New South Wales
  2. Oxley Wild Rivers, New South Wales
  3. Blue Mountains Waterfalls, New South Wales
  4. Dorringo National Park, New South Wales
  5. Hornby Light House, Sydney
  6. Carnarvon Gorge, Queensland
  7. Grotto, Victoria
  8. Big Drift, Victoria

Pebbly Beach, New South Wales

hidden gems in Australia Pebbly Beach
Cute kangaroos jumping around the area

There is nothing better than going to the beach in sunny New South Wales! If you are looking for a secluded spot in the region, head to Pebbly Beach. The golden sand, green meadows, and crystal clear waters define what an awesome beach looks like. Moreover, one of the most exciting things about Pebbly Beach is the wildlife. You can see several kangaroos jumping around the pristine shore. Sounds like an exciting place to be, right? 

Pebbly Beach is tucked inside the rugged terrain of Murramarang National Park. As the beach is rarely heard by tourists, it offers an unspoiled beauty that will take your breath away. However, you can still find facilities on the secluded beach. There are several resorts and lodge you can stay in. Alternatively, you can build the camp and sleep between the verdant trees of Murramarang National Park.

For more information, check out the official website here.

Oxley Wild Rivers, New South Wales

Oxley Wild Rivers amazing views

Within a single glance, you will be captivated by the landscape of Oxley Wild Rivers. This Australian national park boasts a series of dramatic hills, verdant gorges, and magnificent waterfalls. It is also brimming with remarkable wildlife. You can find unique Australian species like brush-tailed rock wallabies in the national park. Even better, Oxley Wild Rivers is rarely crammed with tourists. 

Oxley Wild Rivers is one of the best places in Australia to visit for outdoor fans. It offers a generous option of hiking trails. Whether you want a relaxing walk or an adrenaline-rushing hike, Oxley Wild Rivers has everything you need. 

Blue Mountains Waterfalls, New South Wales

hidden gems in New South Wales

Between lush bush lands and tremendous hills, stand extravagant waterfalls that people rarely heard of. Blue Mountains National Park is one of the most beautiful places to visit in New South Wales. It boasts spectacular sandstone structures, impressive hills, and unforgettable wildlife. However, the main deal about Blue Mountains National Park is its waterfalls. 

Waterfalls are scattered throughout the dramatic landscape of Blue Mountains National Park. Some of the waterfalls, like Katoomba Cascades and Empress Falls, have been in the spotlight for a long time. However, the hidden waterfalls are worthy of your curiosity. Head to the Southern part of the park and find stunning waterfalls like Terrace Fall and Lawson Waterfall Circuit. The trail to the secret waterfalls might be twice longer and more challenging. Yes, that means twice the fun! 

Dorrigo National Park, New South Wales

Hidden gems in Australia Dorrigo National Park

Next on the list is another spectacular national park in New South Wales. Unlike other parks in the area, Dorrigo National Park boasts a tremendous rainforest. It is home to hundreds of species of birds, flying around the ornate jungle. For that reason, Dorrigo National Park is the best place in Australia to experience bird watching. 

Visiting Dorrigo National Park means relaxing yet unforgettable strolls. You will get an exciting experience walking through a 70 meters long boardwalk. It extends above the jungle canopy, offering a clear view of the impressive forest. You can easily spot colorful silhouettes of the swift-flying exotic birds. It is one of the best things to do in Australia that should be on your itinerary. 

Hornby Lighthouse, Sydney

Australia secret spot hidden gems

The dainty lighthouse adds a splash of contrast to the earth-toned surroundings. It is painted with attractive red and white shades, standing tall as an eye candy of the area. Hornby Lighthouse is located at South Head, which is a part of Watsons Bay in Sydney Harbour National Park. Although it looks gaudy, the lighthouse is now around 200 years old. 

Hornby Lighthouse is a nice place to stop after your trekking adventure in the park. You will be spoiled with an outstanding view of the aquamarine sea and roaring waves from the lighthouse. Thus, in the winter, it is a great spot for whale watching. For that reason, Hornby Lighthouse is a hidden gem in Australia that you must check out. 

Carnarvon Gorge, Queensland

The spectacular gorge is a familiar destination for Queenslanders, but it is indeed a hidden gem in Australia for travelers. Tucked outside the heart of Queensland, Carnarvon Gorge shows the best of Mother Nature. It features a series of striking limestone structures, amazing hiking trails, and hidden waterfalls. Everything in Carnarvon Gorge will leave you in awe. 

The highlights of Carnarvon Gorge include a naturally-formed limestone maze. You can walk through the roughly-shaped limestone and admire its unique carvings. Additionally, you can head to Moss Garden. It is one of the most popular spots in the park, as it brings a splash of fresh green in the middle of brown-colored scenery. Therefore, it is one of the most wonderful hidden gems in Australia that you should visit.

Grotto, Victoria

Grotto hidden gems in Australia
Source: Great Ocean Road Australia

This striking stone structure is undeniably one of the best hidden gems in Australia. Tucked on the cliffside of the Great Ocean Road, Grotto is a unique geological formation. It is an enormous sinkhole that is shaped like a cave. On one side of the Grotto, a small pond of seawater is formed through the crashing waves. The eccentric shape of the Grotto makes it an Instagram-worthy spot. 

As Grotto is gaining popularity, it becomes more accessible to tourists. There are several stairs that make it convenient and safe for visitors to reach the spot. Furthermore, you can enjoy a wider view of the enchanting rock formation from a viewing deck. 

Big Drift, Victoria

Big Drift hidden gems in Australia
Source: Visit South Gippsland

We all know that Australia has abundant landscapes. However, a desert-like scene in Australia will still be a big surprise! Big Drift will remind you of the dazzling deserts in the Middle East. However, it is located just a two-hour drive from Melbourne. So, get a peek at a different side of Victoria in the beautiful Big Drift. 

Big Drift is one of the most remarkable hidden gems in Australia. The towering sand dunes, lavish golden colors, and lifeless scenery will leave you speechless. It is a unique sight in Australia, which is very different from the regular national parks. Moreover, Big Drift offers interesting things to do. You can snap gorgeous pictures, walk along the dunes, and go sandboarding.

These are only a few of hidden gems in Australia. Actually, the country has a lot more secret spots to offer! Make sure to walk off the beaten path and check them out during your next trip. Then, do you know that you can discover more hidden gems in Australia with locals? Find Australian-based travelers that will host you on an amazing trip in JoinMyTrip. Moreover, you will also get an exciting opportunity to travel with like-minded travel buddies without planning the itineraries. Your host, whom we call TripLeader, will make sure everything is perfect!

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