Co-Working for 15/30 days in beautiful villas with Nico and like-minded people from anywhere.
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I'm a lover of life, people, and interpersonal relationships,
one who faces everything with a big smile!
Check the video to know more about it
  • Communication

    Having good conversations is my passion. I'm a curious & emphatic person who loves having deep talks. As I always say - communication is key!

    EN - ES - IT

  • Open mindset
    Life is amazing because there are so many different things to do and people to meet.
    That's the main beauty of life, never stop learning and respecting what's different!
  • Culinary

    One of the ways to share my love and passion for life is by cooking traditional dishes with my new friends.

    It makes me happy!

  • La "Dolce Vita"
    As a good Italian boy, I love enjoying life! Take a deep breath, stay calm and relax while listening to good music with a glass of wine and a stunning sunset.

Homeoffice in CYPRUS (Paphos):

Big villa, pool, BBQ ...

We will be productive during the day, working in the villa, while we'll try to enjoy the rest of the day to the fullest watching the sunset from the pool with "una copa de cava" or having BBQ on the terrace. We will visit the island after work to then come back home and get crazy having fun with the whole group dancing under the sky of Cyprus!

05/11 - 19/11
  • Work & Travel
    from Anywhere
    Do you work remotely?!
    What's better than traveling in the meantime and making the most of every single day with a group of professionals ?!

    Life is today!
  • Flexible Itinerary

    My main goal is to change people's life.

    And we want to do so by giving the best experience we can offer to have fun together, explore new cultures, new cities, new behaviors, and new skills.

    We know all the best spots of our destinations but our plans are

    super flexible.

  • Lifelong Friendships
    If your will is to expand your worldwide network a create new mindful connections, this is the right experience for you.

    15 days on a Co-Working trip is more than 6 months of our daily routine.

    Everything is more intense and real!
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Who is Nico?!
" Ciao Ragazzi! I'm a lover of life, people, and interpersonal relationships coming from the south of Italy Naples - where the real Pizza comes from. I'm a digital marketing manager working as a freelancer and owning a business online.

In the last years, a lot of things have changed, not long ago a big tornado came into my life showing me the total bruteness of life but also teaching a lesson that I can never forget and that I will carry forever with me: TODAY YOU ARE HERE, TOMORROW YOU DON'T KNOW
So I began to breathe slowly, to take a look at the past trying to find advice, clues, and memories until I came to the most beautiful experience of my life: the Erasmus to Malaga in Spain. Here I discovered my crazy love for the new, for the different. Different cultures, different people, food, languages, experiences that shape you, that radically change you, that lead you to think about who you really are, experiences that help you to discover yourself - those where no one knows you, so you are obliged to show yourself for who you really are!

At Covid distance from that trip, I decided to take a few months off and travel! Living in different countries and collecting information, advice, and experiences living as a digital nomad, working in the Home Office from anywhere with my feet in the sand and the constant smell of the sea.

After that I felt reborn, from this experience I found many answers, I feel more aware and more confident, I see the world from another perspective, and more willing to want to do in my life only what makes me really happy - which is to TRAVEL, discover and fill my time with happy and memorable moments!
So I have changed many aspects of my life, I began to dedicate myself and focus only on things that would make my life happy so now... I don't want to waste time anymore procrastinating or following the “traditional structures".

I want to use every day to create as many moments of joy as possible.

I want to LIVE!!"

    My villas are always big enough to guarantee working space for everyone and a great internet connection.
    Usually, they have:
    4/5 Bedrooms - 2/4 Bathrooms
    Pool - Jacuzzi - BBQ - Terrace
    Great view and close to the city center.
    Our trips are planned directly by locals. We know the best places to visit, restaurants, bars, and secret places unknown to tourists.
    That's what we'll show you!
    Each TripMate will have private chat and at least one video-call with me. Through these calls we try to check the background and vibes of a person to see if he/her can fit well with the rest of the group and the type of trip.
    Our goal is to always create an international group of Digital Nomads!
    The biggest goal is to give unforgettable memories through a unique experience. Eight to twelve "strangers" from all over the world who connect perfectly and want to enjoy every day to the fullest.
    That's a Co-Working trip with Nico!
Feel free to contact me
Nico Estinto