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Worry less with JoinMyTrip Travel Insurance (powered by Allianz), including Corona coverage.

Currently included at no extra cost for all German and Austrian residents. More countries coming soon.
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Reviews from our TripMates
  • Kevin
    Backpacking Greece - 2 weeks experience
    "Mind blowing is the word!"

    I heard about JoinMyTrip from a friend, and I decided to give it chance. I shared my trip, and it was an incredible experience! I was not really sure about the idea of traveling with strangers but at the end I enjoyed every moment.
  • Laura
    5 days Morocco highlights
    "Unforgettable unique experience"

    I joined a trip organized by a student from Germany called Laura. The itinerary was flexible, TripMates were fun and arrangements were top notch. Love this concept of connecting like-minded travelers

  • Victoria
    Vietnam magic experience
    "Amazing customer support"

    I have done 2 trips already and I can tell that their customer service is first class. JoinMyTrip truly made me feel special each time. Creating my trip and finding travel buddies was really easy with their support.
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