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You're a professional tour guide or tour operator? You know your region like the back of your hand? You love meeting travelers and showing them a good time? Then we want YOU!

Offer your trips on our platform, give travelers a unique insight into your country and become one of our carefully selected local destination experts.
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Why should you offer a trip with us?

By posting trips on our platform, you are guaranteed to reach the JoinMyTrip community which has over 140,000 like-minded travelers, looking for unique experiences. We also help promote your trips through our social media channels and e-mail newsletters.
Flexible Trip Dates
With the current uncertainty of travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is very difficult to set fixed dates for your trips. This is why we offer the option of setting flexible dates for the trips that you create.
8% Commission Rate
Unlike many other platforms, JoinMyTrip only charges a 8% commission rate, which is paid solely by the committed TripMates joining your trip.
We've got your back!
Our team will support you before, on and after your trip. We have an excellent customer support that helps you and your TripMates if need be.
How it works
1. Plan and Offer
Create your trip on our user-friendly platform. Add your destination, stops, the number of people you want to travel with, and trip costs.
2. Publish & Chat
Publish your trip and we will share it with our 140.000 community members. Receive requests and chat with your prospective travel buddies. Select the ones you want to travel with.
3. Travel and Enjoy
Your travel buddies would pay you for organizing the trip through our simple and secure payment system. Travel together and enjoy a unique experience.

Reviews from our Local Destination Experts
James Miller
Professional Tour Guide
"Working with JoinMyTrip has been amazing. My trips get a lot of visibility because they share it in their newsletters and on their homepage. This makes it really easy and quick to find people who want to book my trips. They have so many eager travelers on their platform, ready to join in on the adventures that I offer."
Richard Hansen
Professional Skipper
"They only charge a tiny commission rate, paid by the travelers. I also really appreciate their cancellation policy which assures that I either have enough time to find a replacement or that I am secured financially. Would definitely recommend using JoinMyTrip!"

Maria Almas
Passionate Adventurer
"Their website and the way you upload your trips was the first thing that drew me to working with JoinMyTrip. The website is super nice, intuitive and my trips look so good! Their customer support is always available if I have any questions or concerns. All in all a great platform!"
TripLeader Stories
Make sure to check out the stories of Benjamin and Saman, two of
our TripLeaders who are now some of JoinMyTrip's
best Local Destination Experts.
Note Regarding COVID-19
We realize that these are unprecedented times and that the travel industry is suffering, however, our users are constantly planning ahead and searching for new adventures! Make sure to create your trip now and choose the flexible dates option in the trip editor, so that as soon as traveling starts to pick up again, you will be amongst the first ones to offer your unique experiences.

Our Secure Payment System
New cost planner
You plan your trip, organize accommodation and transportation between the stops. Our new cost planner helps you to calculate the trip cost for each TripMate.
Connect your bank account
Verify your identity with your ID card, passport or driver's license.
Fill out a few details so you can start receiving payments from your TripMates in the bank account of your choice.
Easily manage the payment
Once you confirmed a TripMate, you request a payment of 20% for the total trip cost. Use this money to cover organisation and reservation expenses. Set a due date to receive the remaining 80%, 2-6 weeks before departure.
4,000+ travelers are looking right now for their next trip.
Plan your next trip, find the perfect travel buddies amongst more than 140,000 passionate travelers.
Share your unique experiences with like-minded TripMates.
What is a Local Destination Expert?
A Local Destination Expert is either a professional tour guide, tour operator or someone who is very knowledgable about the trips that they offer.

As a Local Destination Expert you create unique experiences for your TripMates, and are required to travel with your group as well as organize accommodation and transportation.
Can I post a one-day trip or a trip that only lasts a few hours?
No, you may not post a single day trip or a trip that only lasts a few hours. Your trip should include at least a one-night stay, however, it is recommended that you offer trips of 3 days or more.

JoinMyTrip promotes group experiences where TripMates are able get to know each other as well as get to know their local destination expert. This is difficult to achieve with single-day trips, as such, we recommend trips of 3 days or more.
Do I, as a Local Destination Expert, have to plan the entire journey myself?
As a Local Destination Expert, you are required to plan the entire trip from organizing accommodation and transport to organizing all activities and destinations. For this, you can charge a TripLeader fee to cover your own travel expenses and to earn money for organising the trip.

An advance payment from trip mates creates commitment - so you make sure that nobody backs out.
Do I, as a Local Destination Expert have to travel with the group?
Yes, you are required to travel with your TripMates at all times.
Will JoinMyTrip support me if something goes wrong?
We are here for you! If something goes wrong, just let us know by dropping an e-mail at and we will do our best to help you out. Our community is big & growing. Members support each other in difficult times as we all know that travel can sometimes offer unexpected situations.
How do I create a trip?
Within a few minutes, you can put your trip online using our trip editor. Our trip editor enables you to add a day by day itinerary, activities, things to do etc. It's super easy & fun to use.

Customise your trip to your travel style - this personal touch makes your trip more interesting for the TripMates.
How do I find TripMates?
JoinMyTrip helps you in finding suitable TripMates. We are a growing, strong community of 125,000+ trustworthy members who are always looking for interesting trips. The moment your trip is reviewed by our team & goes online, we inform our members about your plans & within a few days, you will find members requesting to join your trip. You can chat with them to get to know them better, decide who you would like to travel with & ask your trip mates to pay you in advance.

When you post your trip on our website, you'll also get your own trip-link that you can share anywhere on social media - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, in forums or anywhere else. Your journey always looks good, no matter if it's on an iPhone, Android device or a laptop.
What is the cancellation policy?
Cancellation of travel components

  • A TripMate is to be refunded the price of the trip as far as possible, taking into account that other TripMates as well as the Local Destination Expert (LDE) must not be worse off by the cancellation.

  • Both the LDE and JoinMyTrip will make all reasonable efforts to find a "replacement LDE" and thus enable a full refund of the travel price.

Cancellation of the accommodation

  • Costs for accommodation not yet booked are to be refunded in full

  • Already booked single rooms are to be refunded to the extent that the cancellation conditions of the respective provider allow it

  • Already booked double/multiple rooms/accommodations are to be refunded to the extent that the cancellation conditions of the respective provider allow and the other TripMates of the group are not put at a disadvantage. E.g. double room: if there is no other accommodation available, the cancelling TripMate will be refunded the difference between a double room and a single room.

Cancellation of the transport

  • Costs for not yet booked means of transport (car, train, plane, etc.) are to be refunded in full

  • Already booked tickets for transport are to be refunded to the extent that the cancellation conditions of the provider allow it

  • Already booked means of transport are to be refunded to the extent that the cancellation conditions of the respective provider allow it and the other TripMates of the group are not put at a disadvantage. E.g. car rental: if there is no other possibility of transportation, the cancelling TripMate will only be refunded to the extent that it does not cost the other TripMates of the group any more.

Cancellation of activities and other things

  • Costs for activities not yet booked (sightseeing, sports activities, etc.) and other costs are to be refunded in full

  • Already booked activities and any other things are to be refunded to the extent that the cancellation conditions of the respective provider allow it

Buffer included by the Local Destination Expert

  • Up to 40 days before departure: 100% refund

  • Up to 20 days before departure: 50% refund

  • From the 20th day before departure: no refund

  • If there is a refund of the buffer included by the LDE, the LDE has to refund the buffer directly to the TripMate within 10 working days.