Exploring North Macedonia: Mother Theresa's Hometown, Oldest Lake in Europe, the Biggest National Park, Heraklea Lynkestis and the Amazing Canyon with Underwater Caves

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Hi! I'm Vanessa and I would love to show you the natural wonders of North Macedonia 🤩 I've always been passionate about travelling and this is one of the most convenient countries compared to what it has to offer, the nature is amazing! I am currently living here, and I can assure you, if you choose to travel here you will not regret it! During this trip, we will visit the following sites: - Skopje: the amazing capital has a very unique architecture, rich of many statues from Alexander the Great. In here we will find The Old Bazaar, the Memorial House of Mother Theresa, the Skopje Fortress, the Macedonian Square and the Stone Bridge. - Matka Canyon: easily the most beautiful natural attraction in the country, with the Matka Lake being the oldest artificial lake. It is populated by many monasteries and numerous underground caves. Vrelo cave is speculated to be among the deepest underwater caves in Europe! - Mavrovo National Park: it is the largest national park in the country, with a diverse wildlife (the only park where you can see lynxes) and Mavrovo Lake - Heraklea Lynkestis (archeological site): an ancient Greek city (today named Bitola or Manastir), it used to be a waypoint for the Via Egnatia, the road that once linked Byzantium with Rome - Struga/Ohrid Lake: the biggest lake in the balcanic penninsula, with its crystalline waters it is the oldest lake in Europe! The price includes ✅: 🏨 Shared accommodation (3 apartments in Skopje, Mavrovo and Ohrid) 🚝 Transportation (Car Rental) 🎟️ Entry to free museums, archeological sites, natural sites 📱24/7 internet connection provided (5G) by me outside of apartment WiFi 📸 You can have up to 4 polaroid pictures taken in your favourite places🤩 ⛽Fuel and pay toll costs 🌸GADGETS AND TOOLS WE CAN SHARE🥰 I am a very organized and careful person by nature, so I always have useful gadgets with me: 🧯Self defense gadget (pepper spray) 🔭Mini telescope 📷Phone camera lenses (for cool photographers😎) 🔋Power banks 🌡️Ionic power hairbrush/straightener replacer (for damaged hair ladies like me😭) The price does NOT include ❌: ✈️ Flight tickets 🍝 Restaurants 🎫Additional personal expenses, tickets and activities not included in the itinerary Looking forward to travelling with you!
Trip Itinerary


Day 1-3
We will be exploring all the historical and natural wonders of the capital of North Macedonia. From the Old Bazaar, to the house of Mother Theresa, we will see and admire Alexander the Great statues all over the city and trying the best local foods.

Canyon Matka

Day 3-4
We will be immersed in the nature and caves of the Matka Canyon, where we can enjoy different activities, from which kayaking, boat trips, underground cave tours and enjoying a lunch with view. In certain spots, there's also possibility for organizing hikes!

National park Mavrovo

Day 4-5
We can explore the unique nature by immersing ourselves in the biggest park of the country, inhabiting rare species and camping for a full nature experience! We can spend time at the Mavrovo Lake and visit the nearby monasteries.


Day 5-7
Ohrid Lake is the oldest natural lake in Europe. Surrounded by a breathtaking nature and a lively city, it is one of the top attractions in North Macedonia, attracting both lovers of nature and history. There are many spots for sunbathing and fishing, and we can also taste delicious local foods while enjoying the view!

Heraclea Lyncestis

Day 7
Heraclea Lynkestis is an ancient town founded by Philip II of Macedon; it is currently one of the most visited attractions in Macedonia, narrating the history of the Hellenistic, Roman and early Christian era. There are lots of different sites to visit there, such as the basilicas and the Roman Amphitheater. At the end of this journey, we will all head back to either Skopje or Ohrid airports, where each TripMate will depart back to their flights.
Apartments & Camping
7 days trip
Skopje, Canyon Matka & 3 more
Questions and Answers

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Hi Ashley! We can talk in private as well, I would love to help you and have you on our trip! This is the last spot so there's not much time left! If you tell me where you'll be departing from I can h... Read More

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Hi! We will move to 3 different apartments, each tripmate has their own bed, bedrooms (divided in male and female) are shared.

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Hi Mateusz! It would, of course, be better for the TripMates to be able to spend the 7th day until evening hours, when we will head back towards the airport. Two of my TripMates both decided to depart... Read More

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