Figo made a dream come true with TripMate and editor Carsten Thomas by sharing their Madeira trips on JoinMyTrip. Showing you the most beautiful spots of the flower island. Carsten writes books and Figo is involved with animal protection.
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"Come on, let's just do it!"
This is what Figo and Carsten said to one another when they met through JoinMyTrip to go hiking together on the dream island of Madeira. The whole thing didn't only go well, but spectacularly. Because now the two of them are offering fantastic vacation trips on Madeira through JoinMyTrip. We would like to introduce the two buddies and their trips to you. The reviews speak for themselves.
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Who is Figo?
Since I first came to Madeira, I knew what I wanted to do; share the experience of this beautiful island with others. Ever since, I have been exploring the island year after year, getting to know all its routes, paths, and secret spots. Thanks to JoinMyTrip I now have the opportunity to show you this beautiful island with its mountains, valleys, flowers, spectacular views, sunrises, and sunsets. I invite you to escape the daily routine, forget everything for a week and enjoy the nature. Most importantly to join us doing what we love to do so much; to discover Madeira.
Who is Carsten?
I am originally from Pforzheim, Germany. I live and work as an editor and author in Stuttgart. So, here I introduce myself at least "officially". The truth is that I am a permanent traveler, who tinkers around the world and wants to learn more about its countries, cultures and people. When I am not traveling, I like to meet new people and deal with profound topics like philosophy, Buddhism and self-discovery. Currently I am interested in one thing, in particular; Madeira and its history.
What were your first thoughts about traveling with "strangers"?
It is exciting for us to organize trips for people who are new to us. It's always exciting to get involved with different kinds of people. We are open-minded by nature and it is easy for us to make friends with strangers. One of us talks to each potential TripMate on the phone in detail, setting the right expectations so that both sides can assess whether the interpersonal aspects of the group are right in the end.
How did Carsten and Figo meet?
When Figo organized the first hiking trip to Madeira via JoinMyTrip, is where they met each other for the first time... Admittedly, this is not quite true. The two of them actually met 5 years ago, when planning a trip to Kyrgyzstan. Long story short: the trip never happened, but the two stayed in touch and over the years followed each other's travels and adventures on social media. What happened is that Carsten heard about Figo's travel plans for Madeira with JoinMyTrip and this time it worked out. The group trip to Madeira was a unique experience for all participants. But, for Figo and Carsten this trip was more than that. On the last evening in Madeira, Carsten woke Figo up at night and they talked until the early morning hours. The result was that from now on they would organize the trips together. "Come on, let's just do this" was not only the slogan of the evening, but it became the new motto for the upcoming joint Madeira tours with JoinMyTrip.
Why hiking?
"Paths are made to walk." Hiking is more than just walking around in the forest. Especially in the present time, where it is only important to get from A to B as quickly as possible. Many have lost the feeling of what it is like to spend time outdoors in the nature to relax with oneself. Achieving the goal is not important but, the way there and what there is to discover. Hiking is not only healing for body and soul, it also makes it possible to reach places you would never reach otherwise. Especially in Madeira there are many secret places that can only be reached on foot.
Why Madeira?
Madeira is a true wonder of nature, the island has been awarded several times as the most beautiful in the world. The eternal island of spring and flowers is a dream for anyone who wants to escape from everyday life to relax in the nature and go on adventures. The multi-faceted landscape, variety of sporting activities (hiking, diving, surfing, climbing, canyoning, etc.), the hospitality of the locals, the maritime cuisine with local highlights such as the sweet potato bread Bolo do Caco or the worldwide popular Madeira Wine, the island is a treasure chest of surprises.
How did the search for TripMates work?
Figo: "I actually just wanted to go on a cool trip with cool people, so I signed up for JoinMyTrip and it just started. It was all very easy and intuitive. But, the feedback overwhelmed me completely. I had so many requests, so I made a video call with all the interested people one by one to introduce them to the trip and to discuss what to expect and what they want to do. If everything worked out, they would already be on Madeira."
Was your first experience with JoinMyTrip, a TripLeader or a TripMate?
Figo: "It was just great to have found something with JoinMyTrip that gave me the chance to share all the beautiful moments of Madeira with the world. I love sitting at a table with different and inspiring characters. I love to walk through nature and see how our Travel Buddies can't stop being amazed. Through the JoinMyTrip website I got the opportunity to quickly and easily find great people who are in the mood for an unforgettable trip. From an organizational point of view, I'm thrilled; from the first contact, to payment and support. I can always rely on JoinMyTrip, just like I can with my TripMates".
Why do you offer your trip on JoinMyTrip?
Quite simple: it's very easy to find suitable travel partners. We love to travel and meet unique people. Every traveler has his or her own idea of an exciting trip. This makes it all more important to cater to the individual needs of each person, so that everyone experiences extraordinary moments that will be remembered. With JoinMyTrip we could easily get in contact with many people and tell them about our travel ideas right away. It was easy to find "strangers", who finally became friends on the journey together :)
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