Where can we travel in europe?
Many countries are easing their restrictions regarding the lockdowns. We show you where you might be able to spend your vacation in 2021.
How can you carry on planning your travels?
The best pastime at home is planning your next adventure. Many providers, such as Flixbus, SAS or Booking.com, allow
flexible booking.
We have put together some exciting tips to inspire you:
At the moment it looks like the regulations are getting eased bit by bit in various countries all over Europe. Therefore we have gathered all of the info needed when we get the green light to cross the borders again. Be prepared and get the best out of the summer 2020 in Europe with our tips for traveling after Corona.
You know what is even better than traveling after the regulations ease up? Well, traveling in a group after the regulations ease up, of course! Traveling with other people has various benefits which don't only come down to the financial savings but also the possibility of making new, life long friendships! Look up our 5 biggest benefits for traveling in a group here.
In case it still takes a few days to get the borders opened to other countries and really get traveling started, we have gathered up a fair list of things to get you mentally prepared for the upcoming adventures. Look up the best traveling themed books and movies and get inspired for your next destination!
Are you already one step further and you want to travel in winter 2020 whatever may come? No problem! Here is a selection of 10 places that will step up your winter plans. We will take you on a journey from Guatemala to New Zealand. As part of our community you will quickly find fellow travellers for your upcoming winter adventure!
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Want more information?
No worries! Have a look at the page below for more information about travelling during Corona and Europe in crisis.
What is the situation in the world? What countries are 'halfway' open? How can we plan trips and be inspired despite Corona? You would like to get more information about traveling during Corona and how JoinMyTrip is dealing with the crisis? We have put together these and other articles for you, so that you have the most important information about the Corona crisis at one glance.
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  • Kevin
    Trip- Discovering Spain
    "Mind blowing is the word!"

    A very well organised, low-budget backpacking trip, coordinated by our lovely TripLeader Anna. I enjoyed every moment with amazing travel buddies; exploring, eating and having so much fun together. I can't wait for my next trip.
  • Laura
    Trip- Unique Mexico experience
    "Unforgettable unique experience"

    "I've travelled a lot but it has never been as intense & as exciting as this one. The itinerary was flexible, trip mates were fun and arrangements were top notch. While parting our ways we were hugging and crying. Love this concept of connecting like-minded travellers"
  • Victoria
    Trip- Peru culture, India expedition
    "Amazing customer support"

    I have done 2 trips already and I can tell that their customer service is first class. JoinMyTrip truly made me feel special each time. I often find it difficult to approach strangers but with such great fellow travel buddies in both the trips I was thrilled how easy it was.