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Studying remotely became your new normal! So are you ready to start exploring the world at the same time? Home can be anywhere now days, so NOW is the time to start searching for your dream study trip!
Want to explore the world and be productive at the same time? Maybe, your studies have always been online or studying remotely is still quite new to you. Home can be found anywhere, so welcome to the best of both worlds. Here you can discover or create your own study trip to explore with like-minded students. Making studying and traveling easy for everyone!
The Best of Both Worlds
Boost in Creativity & Productivity
Being able to surround yourself with students that give you a new fresh perspective, that helps boost creativity, productivity and innovation.
Cultural Experience
Compared to a normal vacation, you're immersing yourself into the culture, by living and studying there you get a true insight to how the locals live.
Skill Sharing
Share your knowledge and skills with one another. You will be surprised by how much you have learned by the time you come back home!
Freedom to Explore
There's no need to feel guilty for wanting to explore the world, as this makes It easier to see the world while studying.
3 Steps To Create Your Remote Study Trip
1. Add a Catchy Name & a Clear Description
  • Imagine yourself as one of the travelers, what would you want to see? Be creative with the name of your trip, and make sure it stands out.
  • State key aspects such as if it's a "Boys only" or "Girls only" trip.
  • When writing your description, clearly describe your study style, planned activities, and expectations.
2. Add Remote Study Details
  • Ensure to Include details about the study area itself, the living space, the location, and the internet connection, for example, if the study space is at your accommodation or nearby?
  • Clearly specify what you are studying and your study style, so the expectations are clear across your new StudyMates.
  • And, don't forget to add pictures so your potential StudyMates can have a clearer idea of what they're signing up for!
3. Calculate Your Trip Costs
  • The costs of your trip should include the study space, and accommodation, depending on the trip.
  • Understand the costs of your trip and calculate accordingly. Use our cost calculator as a tool to help you determine the trip costs.
  • We recommend including a buffer for your trip, as you never know what other costs may occur.
6 Tips to Remember
  • Like-Minded Students
    Choose to surround yourself with like-minded students that can continuously inspire you and learn from one another.
  • Suitable Study Tables
    To ensure maximum productivity make sure you have enough space and necessary study tools for your time there, this way you won't feel like you're out of class.
  • Internet-Connection
    If you're not wanting to carry your portable Wi-Fi, make sure there is strong internet-connection where your staying. This way you avoid having inconveniences throughout your study day.
  • Living Space
    This may be your study area but this will also be your new home so, at the end of the day keep in mind what you need for day-to-day living. For example, laundry or kitchen necessities.
  • Feel Comfortable
    As this is your new home, it's important that you feel comfortable for the whole duration of your study day.
  • Room For Deep Concentration
    Make sure there's enough room or space for people to take meetings or calls, this means each person has their own privacy and maximum concentration.
Discover our Coworkig Trips
Share living and working/study spaces with other studens and professionals, exploring the surroundings in your freetime.
Home office? Working together from Madeira

29 NOV 20 ~ 13 DEC 20

Per TripMate

2 Weeks Coworking from Lagos (Portugal) 🇵🇹 - Work, Beach, Surf, Sun☀

29 NOV 20 → 12 DEC 20

Per TripMate

Remote Work from Teneriffe - Escape the Winter ☀

21 NOV 20 ~ 05 DEC 20

246,75 €
Per TripMate

Coworking on Gran Canaria 💛 Work, Beach & Tapas!

21 NOV 20 → 05 DEC 20

376,95 €
Per TripMate

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