We at JoinMyTrip have partnered up with Socialbnb to provide you with a unique local experience while at the same time supporting local aid organizations. Take advantage of our collaboration and discover the best way to get in touch with the local culture.
What is Socialbnb?
SocialBnB is a unique online platform that connects travelers with local aid organizations from all around the world! Providing a way for local aid organizations to becoming financially independent by listing their unused rooms. At the same time, giving the opportunity for travelers to experience and discover the world from a true local point of view.
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Socialbnb benefits
  • Local experience
    You have a direct connection to the locals and get to experience their culture while discovering the world in a way you never have before.
  • Support local aid organisations
    By traveling with Socialbnb you help local aid organizations become financially independent from donations.
  • Sustainable travel
    Socialbnb is a great way to travel sustainably in the hospitality market, supporting local businesses.
Why did we partner with Socialbnb?
Get in touch with local culture
We at JoinMyTrip believe that there is so much to learn and experience from others. By partnering with Socialbnb we give you the opportunity to see the world from a truly unique point of view.
Enhancing your experience
We are constantly trying to partner with companies that will make your experience with us that much better. We believe Socialbnb will add that extra sparkle to your trip!
Growing community
We love to welcome new partners to join our lovely community of like-minded travelers, to continuously grow together as a community and share their passion for traveling.
How it works?
It's simple! Travelers book accommodation that has been listed by an NGO, which in return socially and/or economically helps them finance projects. The price you pay for your overnight stay goes directly to the local aid organizations and supports their aid projects.
Available destinations
Exclusive Discount!
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Get xx% off your stay with Socialbnb.
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