We at JoinMyTrip have partnered up with Journi to provide you with quality photo books that you can customize quickly with photos from your travels. Take advantage of our collaboration and discover the best way to print your memories.
What is Journi?
Available on iOS, Android, and web, Journi enables you to print all your travel memories as a photo book in an instant. Journi's lightning-fast algorithm designs your travel album for you. For as many as 1,200 photos you will get a preview that you can further personalize in less than a minute.

What's more, Journi believes in minimising its footprint on the world - producing in a carbon-neutral factory in Germany with sustainably sourced paper, and planting a tree for every order received!
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Journi Benefits
  • Beyond Easy
    Photo albums designed for you in seconds, and delivered to your door
  • Automatic Maps & Timeline
    See where your adventures have taken you with auto-generated maps & timelines
  • Top Quality, Guaranteed
    Using the latest printing technology, books are quality checked before delivery
Why did we partner with Journi?
Fast and easy photo books
We at JoinMyTrip believe that memories are meant to be cherished. With Journi we allow our community to travel around the world and come back with great memories to print.
Enhancing your experience
We are constantly trying to partner with companies that will make your experience with us that much better. We believe Journi will add that extra sparkle to your trip!
Growing community
We love to welcome new partners to join our lovely community of like-minded travelers, to continuously grow together as a community and share their passion for traveling.
Protecting the Environment with Journi
  • One tree planted for every order & support of sustainability academies
  • Sustainable packaging using 100% recycled cardboard and 0% plastic
  • FSC-certified paper, produced out of responsibly managed forests
  • Zero-carbon production in Germany with fair working conditions and salaries
Join over already two million satisfied users!
See for yourself how quick and easy it can be to create photo books, photo calendars, or Polaroid photos with the Journi Print App!
Exclusive Discount!
Discount code: JMTBOOK
Save 20% on your order
*Enter discount code at check out
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