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It's never too late to learn something new; so are you ready to start exploring the world at the same time? Come home with a new skill that will benefit you for a lifetime!
Want to explore the world and come home with a new skill? We believe learning is a journey that never ends. Why learn yoga at home when you can be at the beautiful warm beach of Bali doing the exact same thing. Here you can discover CoLearning Trips to travel with like-minded people, while making learning fun for everyone!
We Make Learning Fun!
Mother Nature has gifted us with this beautiful land - let's enjoy it while biking, rock climbing, skiing... Or even going to a survival camp in the wilderness if you're feeling extra adventurous. When nature calls, we answer.

Surfing, sailing, scuba diving, kite surfing, wakeboarding... There might just be a water sport for every person - find yours and learn to master it at one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Who knows, you might even meet a mermaid.

Maybe you don't feel like sweating and want to spend your energy on something else instead... Our numerous wellness retreats are designed by our TripLeaders to allow you to find some inner peace, all the while enjoying the scenery around you.

3 Reasons to Join a CoLearning Trip
1. Learn a new skill
  • Yeah, that's kinda obvious - but you'll go back home with a sense of accomplishment, and a new skill to brag about.
  • Whether it be a sport, an art, cooking, or yoga, our TripLeaders are constantly preparing new trips that will allow you to hone your skills.
2. Make New Friends
  • That will be the case for any of our trips that you join, but it's especially true for CoLearning groups since you will have a common interest by default!
  • You can chat with your TripLeader prior to confirming your seat, that way you can get all the info you need and ensure that you are compatible.
3. Discover a Destination
  • Yes you're here to learn a skill, but you'll do much more than that! Our trips take to to fascinating destinations all around the world, there will be plenty of time for some sightseeing outside of learning hours.
  • Your TripLeader will make sure that you will never forget this experience, so don't worry about missing out on anything.
  • Violetta Kováč
    Homeopath, 35
    I went on a CoLearning trip to South Africa with 5 other hikers. It was an amazing experience, so great to meet other people with the same passion and at the same time discover the country. Will definitely do it again!
  • Tahira MacEntire
    Publisher, 24
    We went to Sri Lanka for a yoga retreat, and I will never forget this trip. The country is so beautiful, I met new friends for life, and learned some new Yoga skills. Plus, our TripLeader had taken care of everything, so all I had to do was breathe and enjoy.

  • Brad Piraino
    Paramedic, 27
    JoinMyTrip's concept is so smart. I've been traveling solo for 8 years, I wish I discovered them earlier! I went on a CoLearning trip to Mexico where we learned to surf on some of the most beautiful beaches I've seen. It was awesome!
Personal Growth
The experience of learning in a different country with other like-minded people is enriching and will allow you to grow.
Expand Your Horizon
You'll discover new learning styles that you may not necessarily be familiar with or that are out of your comfort zone.
See The World
What better way to see the world than by learning a new skill at the same time?
Skill Sharing
Share your knowledge and skills with others. You will be surprised at how much you have learned by the time you come back home!
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