Learn a new skill from anywhere in the world with like-minded people
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It is never too late to learn something new, so are you ready to start exploring the world at the same time? Come home with a new skill that will forever benefit you for a lifetime!
Want to explore the world and come home with a new skill? We believe learning is a journey that never ends. Why learn yoga at home when you can be at the beautiful warm beach of Bali doing the exact same thing. Here you can discover or create your own CoLearning Trip to explore with like-minded travelers, while making learning fun for everyone!
We Make Learning Fun!
Personal Growth
The experience of learning in a different country with other like-minded people is enriching and will enhance your personal growth.
Expand Your Horizon
Expand your horizon because "familiarity breeds contempt". This way you discover different ways of learning styles that you may not necessarily be familiar with or out of your comfort zone.
See The World
What better way to see the world than by learning a new skill at the same time.
Skill Sharing
Share your knowledge and skills with one another. You will be surprised by how much you have learned by the time you come back home!
3 Steps To Create Your CoLearning Trip
1. Add a Catchy Name & a Clear Description
  • Imagine yourself as one of the travelers, what would you want to see? Be creative with the name of your trip, and make sure it stands out.
  • When writing your description, clearly describe what kind of skill is they will be learning, planned activities, and any expectations.
2. Add CoLearning Details
  • Ensure to Include details about the CoLearning area itself, the living space, the location, for example, is the CoLearning space at your accommodation or nearby?
  • Clearly specify what is being learnt and your learning style, so the expectations are clear across your new CoLearning buddies.
  • And, don't forget to add pictures so your potential CoLearning buddies can have a clearer idea of what they're signing up for!
3. Calculate Your Trip Costs
  • The costs of your trip should include the teaching fee, any necessary tools that they may possibly need when learning, and accommodation, depending on the trip.
  • Understand the costs of your trip and calculate accordingly. Use our cost calculator as a tool to help you determine the trip costs.
  • We recommend including a buffer for your trip, as you never know what other costs may occur.
4 Important Tips to Remember
Like-Minded Travelers
Choose to surround yourself with like-minded travelers that can continuously inspire you and learn from one another.
Suitable Tools Available
To ensure maximum productivity make sure you have enough space and the necessary learning tools for your time there, this way everyone can fully learn to their hearts desire
Living Space
This will also be your new home for the time being so, at the end of the day keep in mind what you need for day-to-day living. For example, laundry or kitchen necessities.
Feel Comfortable
Depending on how long your CoLearning trip is, it's important that you feel comfortable for the whole duration of your stay.
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