Best Solo Travel Japan Experience
Explore the Land of the Rising Sun with a fun group trip of solo travelers

Why solo traveling in japan?
Zen, Modern, and Cultural
With its unparalleled mix of traditional charm and contemporary flair, solo traveling to Japan is an unforgettable journey through a culture unlike any other. Explore the fascinating history, enjoy mouthwatering cuisine, and immerse in the warmth of Japanese hospitality, all while experiencing a journey of self-discovery on a group of solo travelers in Japan.
Explore Our Solo Travel Japan Group Trips
Traveling with a group trip of like-minded solo travelers to Japan is a fantastic way to explore the country's rich culture and attractions while making new friends. Our group trips offer the chance to participate in traditional activities like tea ceremonies, temple visits, and kimono dress-ups, as well as enjoy modern experiences like karaoke and shopping. Plus, you will have the opportunity to savor delicious Japanese cuisine, soak in hot springs, and visit iconic landmarks.
Best Time to Visit Japan
Spring (Mar-May) for cherry blossoms and mild weather
Fall (Sept-Nov) for autumn foliage and cooler temps
Winter (Dec-Feb) for winter sports and hot springs
Avoid summer (Jun-Aug) due to high temps/humidity and crowds.
Must-Visit Places in Japan
Cultural and Historic Sites: Kyoto, Hiroshima, Nara, and Kanazawa
Modern and Vibrant Cities: Tokyo and Osaka
Natural Beauty and Adventure: Hokkaido, Miyajima, and Mount Fuji
Quaint and Charming Towns: Takayama and Shirakawa-go
Why should you go with JoinMyTrip for your solo travel in Japan?
  • Like-minded travelers: Join a group of similar interests for an enjoyable and memorable trip.
  • Local expertise: Connect with local organizers for invaluable insights on the best places to visit in Japan.
  • Shared expenses: Reduce overall costs by sharing accommodation and transportation with fellow travelers.
  • Hassle-free planning: Rely on JoinMyTrip for seamless logistics and planning.
  • Unique experiences: Choose from a wide range of activities and destinations that cater to different interests and budgets.
How to Travel Solo in Japan with JoinMyTrip
Browse Trips
Explore our top Solo Travel Japan group trips here! Refine your search by date, destination, style, and budget to find your perfect match.
Book Your Spot
Pay a 20% deposit to reserve your spot on your desired trip, and your TripLeader will confirm your request upon receipt.
Let's Go!
Yay, you are in! Your TripLeader will add you to a group chat for all the necessary details about your unforgettable Solo Travel Japan adventure.
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FAQ about Solo Travel Japan at JoinMyTrip
  • Is it safe to travel with a group of solo travelers in Japan?
    Yes, it is generally safe to travel with a group of solo travelers in Japan. Japan has a low crime rate and is known for its safety and security. By joining a group of solo travelers, you can have the support and companionship of other like-minded travelers, and you can also benefit from the guidance and expertise of knowledgeable guides. Furthermore, our group trips are designed to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants.
  • What should I know about Japanese etiquette in Japan?
    Japanese culture places a high value on politeness and respect, and as a visitor, it is important to be aware of certain cultural norms and customs. Learning about these customs before your trip can help you feel more comfortable and confident during your solo travels in Japan. Also, our TripLeaders are very experienced in this stuff, so they will share with you what the dos and don'ts in Japan are.
  • Is it possible to travel in Japan for cheap?
    Traveling in Japan on a budget is definitely doable, especially by traveling with a group of solo travelers. Traveling with a group can help you take advantage of group discounts and share expenses. And that is what we offer you at JoinMyTrip's Solo Travel Japan!
  • How can I make friends while traveling solo to Japan with JoinMyTrip?
    Our solo travel groups have a cozy size of 4-8 travelers, which makes it super easy to connect with other like-minded adventurers. You will be chatting, exploring, and making unforgettable memories together in no time!
  • What's included in JoinMyTrip's solo travel Japan?
    JoinMyTrip will take care of everything, including accommodations, activities, entrance fees, and transportation during your trip. However, please note that transportation to and from the starting and ending points of the trip, as well as flights, are not included. We will also give you all the details you need before booking your trip.
  • How about my safety traveling in a solo travel group with JoinMyTrip?
    We conduct thorough background checks on all of our TripLeaders and verify all of our TripMates to ensure your safety and peace of mind. Our 24/7 support team is also available remotely to assist you with any questions or concerns during your trip. Plus, our free JoinMyTrip Travel Insurance, powered by Allianz, is available to residents of Austria and Germany to cover any unforeseen situations, so you can travel with peace of mind and enjoy your adventure!