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Solo Travel in Australia

You and your Australia travel buddy will discover that the Land Down Under deserves all its hype because it has so much to do. Australia is the world’s smallest continent and largest island with some of the craziest wildlife on the planet. See for yourself!


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Dense rainforest, countless surfable beaches, endless natural beauty. It's safe to say there is something for everyone in Australia and we're positive you and your Australia travel buddy will find a lot to do.


Top Things to do in Australia


Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

In the middle of Australia is one of the most photographed natural wonders in the country and definitely one-stop that you and your Australia travel buddy should not miss. Here, you will find a striking red boulder poking out of the earth and forming as a centerpiece of Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. Not only is it beautiful to look at, but it holds immense significance to Australia's Indigenous people. Explore this magical rock by foot, by horse, or in style on a Harley-Davidson.


Great Ocean Road

Just a casual 243 kilometers of beautiful rugged coastline for you and your travel companions to soak up and enjoy. One of Australia's most picturesque routes, you will want to stop at every turn to snap photos of the towering limestone stacks below.

One really cool way of exploring the great ocean road and many other places in Australia is by car. The amazing coastlines and vast desert-like lands are best explored while looking out of a window, the music blaring and your Australia travel buddy next to you. If you need some help because you're a total road trip newbie, check out our blogs. We have concluded the 9 most important things to pack on a road trip and a blog about how to properly prepare for your road trip.

Blue Mountains National Park

Another park, but for good reason. This one, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, holds insanely beautiful views. Just 80 kilometers west of Sydney, making it an easy day trip for you and your Australia travel buddies. Named blue mountains because of the blue haze emanating from the eucalyptus trees in the distance, with over 600,00 acres of protected wilderness with 140 kilometers of a hiking trail. You can also find rock climbing, hiking, and horseback riding here.


Fraser Island

For adrenaline-seeking travelers. Fraser Island has something for you! Just off Australia's east coast, is the largest sand island in the world. You can indulge in four-wheel driving here. As well, you can enjoy Seventy Five Mile Beach, with stunning sandstone cliffs and Champagne Pools. This is the perfect place if you and your Australia travel buddy to enjoy a fun camping adventure mixed with amazing day trips. Funny tour guides included.


Kangaroo Island

The name says it all here, but there are more than just hoppy friends. Nature takes over at Kangaroo Island. Some of the wildlife you can expect here are sea lions, penguins, koalas, and of course kangaroos. Hiking is also an option here along the soaring sea cliffs and lush forest. You and your travel buddies will definitely be a minority here with all the furry friends outnumbering you.


Great Barrier Reef

Anyone serious about ecotourism should not miss the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Located close to the Queensland coast, this 2300 km of long reefs, is the house of countless fishes, turtles, and sharks. Especially, this can be even seen from outer space! Just dive into the marvelous undersea world and admire the greatness of nature. No more doubt, the Great Barrier Reef really is one of the best places to travel in 2020.

if you're a fan of the indoors, here are more things for you to do:

The Great Indoors

Culture vultures have a lot to love in the world’s smallest continent. The landmark Sydney Opera House is getting badly-needed improvements and renovations. Its Concert Hall closed down for two years in January 2020, but the rest of the building is open. Tours, performances, and special events like the daily artistic lighting of sails {the exterior) are still taking place.

The Museum of Contemporary Art Australia in Sydney highlights new art made by local and international artists. The free National Gallery of Art in Canberra is renowned for displaying art from indigenous Australians and artists from the rest of Oceania, Europe, and Asia from 2,500 B.C. to today. In Carlton, the Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre at Melbourne Museum celebrates and presents the work of the first peoples of Australia.

Both Melbourne and Sydney have thriving theater scenes. Touring musicals, classics and original works light up stages on opposite coasts of Australia. But be careful, Australia is not cheap. So make sure you and your Australia travel buddy have decided on a budget for your trip and try to stick to it. It will be difficult but with our blog on how to travel on a budget, it might be a little easier.

If the words “Australian wine” immediately bring up bad memories of mass-produced plonk, also known as a goon, you need to taste more Australian wine. Only four other countries sell more wine than the Land Down Under. Australia produces crisp, flavorful white wines, such as Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, and Riesling, and sharp reds, like Shiraz and Pinot Noir.

It’s wine o’clock somewhere in Australia. Australia has dozens of wine regions. The best of the 2,468 wineries in Australia can be found in the Margaret River, Great Southern, McLaren Vale, Riverland, Clare Valley, Barossa Valley, and Yarra Valley regions. You’ll have plenty of options for tastings and tours. A bottle of new favorite wine is a better souvenir than any magnet or t-shirt.


The 5 best Instagram spots in Australia


Brighton Bathing Boxes, Melbourne

you can spot the bright colors of these bathing boxes from a mile away!

There are 82 individual beach huts bordering the seafront of Brighton's Dendy Street Beach, an upscale neighborhood yet easily accessible from the CBD. They're a one-of-a-kind Instagram opportunity for the rest of us.

Vivonne Bay, Kangaroo Island

Vivonne Bay is only one of Kangaroo Island's stunning hidden beaches, and it's just one of the many opportunities to immerse yourself in this remote paradise. Dolphins, seals, koalas, penguins, kangaroos (obviously), sandboarding...the list goes on and on.

Dove Lake, Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park

Expect to see stunning views of Cradle Mountain, stumble across secret beaches, and get up close and personal with some of Australia's animals. We're talking echidnas, platypuses, and possibly even a couple of Tasmanian Devils!

Mona Vale Rock Pool, New South Wales

if you have a drone, definitely take it here! you can also swim in this rock pool and be surrounded by crashing waves.

This rock pool is less then an hour drive from Sydney and is one of the best rock pools in the country.

Devil's Marbles, Northern Territory

Devil's Marbles is without a doubt one of Australia's oddest and coolest attractions. How did these rock formations end up arranged so neatly? A lovely campsite is available for a few dollars per night, and there are various walking routes to explore the region.


The best Australia Travel Itinerary


Do you only have 7 days to explore Australia and are quite hesitant about where to start? we've got the perfect itinerary for you that includes:

  • a stroll around the beautiful city of Sydney
  • Experience the Aboriginal way of life
  • Snorkel Australia's greatest natural wonder
  • sample all the tasty snacks in Melbourne

Day 1-2: Sydney

We recommend staying at least 2 days in this beautiful city and enjoy some activities and attractions such as the Sydney Opera House, Bondi beach, and Port Jackson Bay.

Day 3-4: Port Douglas

Travel to Cairns on a direct domestic flight (3 hours, 15 minutes) and then transfer to Port Douglas. You can also rent a car and drive to Port Douglas.

This tropical resort town is an excellent place to visit if you want to see the Daintree Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef.

The Great Barrier Reef is a veritable rainbow of marine life. It's one of Australia's "must-do" excursions.

Set sail in a small group on the luxury catamaran, a specialized snorkel-only craft. Swim and snorkel at the green turtle and parrotfish playground. The peaceful waters of the Low Isles lagoon are a must-see. Before taking an informal island tour stroll, dine on excellent seafood aboard the Aquarius.

Day 5-6: Yulara

Return to Cairns airport and fly to Ayers Rock on a local aircraft (either direct or via Alice Springs). Discover Australia's true outback, where buildings are formed of rock and the night sky is breathtaking.

After a trip through Walpa Gorge in Kata-Tjuta (Olgas), visit the Aboriginal Cultural Centre. Listen to the Anangu People's Dreamtime stories and see their rock art. Visit the Mutitjulu Waterhole on a guided stroll.

Day 7: Melbourne

board a domestic flight from Ayers Rock to Melbourne and explore the city.

Spend the afternoon sightseeing, we recommend doing these activities to make the most out of your stay in Melbourne

  • Get lost in Melbourne's laneways
  • Take a look at the wallabies and wombats in the Wilsons Promontory
  • Browse around Queen Victoria's Market
  • if you want to extend your stay make sure to take the Great ocean road trip which consists of Koala sightseeings, Great Otway National park, the Shipwreck Coast, and so much more!

Best Time to Visit Australia

The ideal months to visit Australia are September to November and March to May. The majority of tourists visit Australia during these months.

The weather is ideal for a walk throughout Australia during these seasons, as it is neither too hot nor too cold. You can also skip the busiest summer and Christmas vacation periods, ensuring that you receive cheap flights to Australia.

Spring in Australia

Springtime in Australia starts from September to November.

Why you should visit during spring: This is an excellent season for the sea kayak, surf, and canoe in Australia.

Summer in Australia

Summer in Australia starts from December to February.

Why you should visit during summer:

it's one of the best times to visit the national park and vineyards.

Autumn in Australia

Autumn in Australia starts from March to May.

Why you should visit during autumn:

If you love the outdoors then you're gonna love camping along the Murrumbidgee River corridor or rafting along the Tasmanian west coast.

Winter in Australia

Unlike other parts of the world, winter in Australia is quite the opposite.

Lasting from June to August.

Why you should visit during winter:

Enjoy skiing and other skating in the Australian Alps.


Hidden Gems in Australia


North Stradbroke Island, Queensland

This island is 30 km southeast of Brisbane, it's where you can see whales, dolphins, and koalas all in the same place.

AC/DC Lane, Melbourne

ACDC Lane in Melbourne is named after the band and is one of the greatest spots to witness the city's graffiti. It also has restaurants and drinking establishments, including the notorious Cherry Bar.


Wave Rock, Western Australia

Of course, a country so intimately connected with surf culture would have a 15-meter-high and 110-meter-long rock structure shaped like a breaking wave.


Getting Around Australia


Flying is the most efficient way to go across Australia's vast distances in a short amount of time. All state capital cities and several rural locations are served by Australia's domestic airlines, which include Qantas, Virgin Australia, Jetstar, and Rex, making it easy to travel between Australia's renowned destinations.


Car rentals can be found at major airports and central metropolitan areas, so rent a car, 4WD, or caravan and get on the road.


In Australia, breathtaking rail rides such as The Ghan and The Indian Pacific sweep across the nation, providing comfort and a nostalgic romanticism.

Public Transportation

Use public transportation and hop-on-hop-off tourist buses to relieve the stress of getting around the city; they will take you to all of the major attractions without the difficulty of locating parking.



What does it cost to travel to Australia?

Budget Trip Cost

  • Accomodation:
    In smaller cities, hostels cost €11-13 a night, while in larger cities like Sydney or Melbourne, they cost €14-24 per night.
  • Food, and Travelling around: €15 to €20 per day for one person’s daily expenses

Average Trip Cost

  • Accomodation:
    €64 to €80 per night for one 2 or 3-star hotel room
  • Food, and Travelling around: €38 to €78 per day for one person’s daily expenses

Luxury Trip Cost

  • Accomodation:
    €90 to €200 per night for one 4 or 5-star hotel room
  • Food, and Travelling around: €75 to €160 per day for one person’s daily expenses

Must-Try Foods in Australia


1. Vegemite

Infamous to most foreigners, this spread consists of vegetables, yeast extract, and spices.

2. Fairy bread

this sweet breakfast staple is made up of white bread, butter, and sprinkles.

3. Meat pies

Hearty meat pies are always a crowd favorite in Australia, it's readily available in corner shops and most bakeries as well as supermarket

4. Lamingtons

if you're a fan of coconut you will definitely love this sponge cake filled with cream, chocolate, and coconut flakes.


Travel Tips for Australia 

if you're one of those lucky ones that get to visit Australia, here are some tips you might need for your next trip

1. How to spot wildlife

Kangaroos and koalas can be seen in the wild while travelling in Australia, but you'll have to go to a national park or reserve or go further inland, away from the city bustle, to discover them. However, you might get a glimpse of them in the suburbs or on a golf course.

2. Always prepare for the appropriate weather

Summer in Australia isn't usually as pleasant as it is in North America and Europe. It's scorching, to put it mildly. Bush fires have wreaked havoc on both humans and wildlife in recent years due to the extreme heat.

3. Cook whenever your can

When travelling in Australia, you don't have to eat out every meal because prices can range from $15-$20 AUD for an average meal to over $40 AUD for a meal at a quality restaurant.

4. Learn the slangs before going

There are several slangs and variances between Australian and American English. Here are a few instances of what you will most likely encounter while visiting Australia.

  • Thongs = flip flops
  • Bum bag = fanny pack
  • Ute =pick up truck
  • Fortnightly = every 2 weeks.

5. Tipping

Tipping is not a common occurrence in Australia. In restaurants, pubs, and cabs, gratuities are not expected. You don't need to add a tip to your haircut bill or give any money to hotel employees because they already charge a lot, and no one expects you to tip.

6. Drink like a local

When it comes to drinks for the evening, opt to drink like a local. While in Australia, you should taste some of the amazing local brands and microbreweries.