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Remote Working in Tulum

Tulum is the perfect vacation destination. Experience becoming a digital nomad in Tulum and you get to continue working while enjoying the perfect Mexican Playas! Meet digital nomads and remote workers around the world in Tulum. 


Plan Your Next CoWorking Trip to Tulum

What is the best travel and remote working guide in Tulum? If that’s what you are looking for, we are here to help you to have the best experience on your next CoWorking in Tulum! Meet like-minded travelers and digital nomads around the world with JoinMyTrip. We have the perfect trips with our amazing TripLeaders. Just sit back and enjoy the adventure!

Here is the perfect guide to your next trip to Tulum with some of the best recommendations on what to do in Tulum, or where to eat, and many other things that you might want to know!


Top Things to Discover in Tulum

Tulum has so much to offer and to see. Make sure to visit all the beautiful places around Tulum to have the best experience out of your trip! Here’s a list of all the breathtaking attractions in Tulum that you should visit. 

1 - Explore the Ancient Mayan Ruins in Tulum 


2 - Take a Dip into the Gran Cenote 


3 - Get Lost in the Jungle 


4 - Visit Xel-Ha Eco-Adventure park


5 - Discover the Caves at Cenote Caracol 



Top Things to do in Tulum

1 - Enjoy the Beach 

Tulum has some of the best beaches in Mexico. Spend your weekend relaxing at the beach while enjoying the crystal clear water! 

2 - Experience the Water Sports in Tulum 

Tulum is also famous for its water sports. You can take a kitesurfing class while you are there. 

If you are into water sports and diving, you can also experience scuba diving in Tulum! 

We have one more recommendation for the adventurous souls: swimming with the whale sharks! Whale sharks are extremely rare creatures and you get the chance to swim with them with other professional divers in Tulum. 

3 - Walk Around Tulum Pueblo 

Tulum Pueblo is the center of Tulum where you can find the grocery stores, the local restaurants, and other Mexican Shops. You also get to meet the locals here. You can have the best street tacos in Tulum while walking down the street! 

4 - Take a Yoga Class

Tulum is a popular destination for those who practise yoga and other wellness activities. You’ll find plenty of yoga classes, therapy sessions, and other kinds of health and wellness activities in Tulum. 

5 - Party Hard 

Tulum is one of the best places where you can enjoy the nightlife. Check out the parties and the nightlife in Tulum. Make sure to drink some local Mexican drinks like Mezcal or Tequila! 


Cost of Living in Tulum

If you’re considering  moving to Tulum or staying there for a couple of months as a digital nomad, you need to know how much you would spend there. Keep reading to find out the average living costs in Tulum. 

Average Living Expenses in Tulum 

- 1 Bedroom Apartment in the Center: €400 (month)

- AirBnb Private Room: €150 (per night) ~ €4500 (month)

- Hotel: €70 (per night) ~ €2100 (month) 

- CoWorking Spaces: €55 (month) 

- Meal: €7 (one meal for one person) 

- Beer: €1 

- Coffee: €0.80 


How to Get Around in Tulum?

Transportation in Tulum is quite easy. There are mini buses around the city. Many people prefer walking or biking in Tulum. Here is a list of the most convenient ways to get around Tulum for your next CoWorking Trip!  


Walking in Tulum is a popular choice because it is not a giant city and it is quite easy to walk in Tulum. There are sidewalks on the road which makes your life easier. If you like to walk from the city center to the beach, it will be like 3 km. It is not far away, but since it will be hot and humid, we recommend taking a bike or a bus when traveling between the city center and the beach. 


You will see so many people riding bikes in Tulum because it is fun and convenient! You can find many rental stores where you can rent a bike and it is quite affordable. 


Colectivos are basically shared vans. Many locals use colectivos to get around Tulum. They are available from morning until midnight. You can also take the colectivos to visit the ruins or Playa del Carmen. The best thing about it is that the one way ticket fare is less than €1! 


Driving in Tulum is not really recommended if you don’t want to deal with the nonstop traffic. If you think it will be more convenient for you to have a private car, you can find many car rental agencies around the city or at the airport. 


The Best CoWorking Spaces in Tulum

There are many digital nomads just like you working remotely in Tulum and you can find really cool CoWorking spaces to work with a high-speed internet. You also get to meet other digital nomads while working. Check out these cool places when you are in Tulum while you are working! 

Top CoWorking Spaces in Tulum 

1 - Work IT - CoWork 

2 - Nest Tulum 

3 - Meteora Tulum 

4 - Work Zone CoWorking 

5 - Bunker CoWorking 


The Best Food Spots in Tulum

Food is a big deal when you are traveling to new places and we want to make sure you enjoy everything on your next trip to Tulum. Here are some of the best places to dine-in restaurants in Tulum that will make your trip even better! 

1 - Arca 

If you want to spoil yourself, check out this fancy restaurant near the beach. Arca serves Maya-Mexican Dishes. The menu changes frequently, but they usually have the freshest food here. 

2 - Potheads 

You will find the best brunch in Tulum in Potheads. They serve all-day brunch from morning until evening. You can enjoy the breathtaking views on the beach while having an amazing brunch. 

3 - NÜ 

Having dinner under the stars in the jungle… Sounds like a dream, right? Well, it is not! You can enjoy a nice dinner at NÜ while watching the bright stars. They serve modern Maya-Mexican dishes which are yummy! 

4 - Safari 

If you are an outdoor and camping enthusiast, you will love this place! They prepare the food in a vintage caravan and cook it over an outdoor fire pit. They mostly have Yucatan dishes. They also have craft beers and signature cocktails. You can sit outside in the jungle. 

5 - Clan-Destino 

You should definitely visit Clan-Destino which serves amazing hamburgers. This restaurant is built around a private cenote in the jungle. It has a great relaxing atmosphere. They also have fresh and cool cocktails here. 


Travel Tips for Tulum

1 - Get Your Travel Insurance

The healthcare system in Tulum is not the greatest. All the good hospitals around the area are private and they will charge you for a good amount of money if you don’t have travel insurance. Purchase your travel insurance before your trip to secure yourself. 

If you travel with JoinMyTrip, your travel insurance will be covered by JoinMyTrip if you are a resident of Germany or Austria. Click Here for more information! 

2 - Currency 

The official currency of Mexico is Mexican Peso. However, you can see that American Dollars are widely used in Tulum. It is best to have Mexican pesos to avoid paying more because of the exchange rate. 

3 - Weather 

Tulum is hot and humid all year round. Make sure to pack light clothes and comfortable shoes. Bathing suits and slippers are also essential for your Tulum trip. 

4 - Wear Sunscreen

You need to wear SPF all the time, but it is specially recommended when you are traveling to a sunny place like Tulum to wear +50 SPF everyday to avoid sunburns. 

5 - Buy a Local SIM Card 

It’s best to have a local SIM Card if you are planning to stay for a longer period of time in a new country. You can find really good deals and get a local SIM card in Tulum.