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Remote Working in Auckland

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Plan your next CoWorking Trip to Auckland

If you are heading to the southern hemisphere to the see what New Zealand has to offer, then read the information below to help you to start planning your next CoWorking trip to Auckland.

In this guide you will learn about the best activities, getting around the city, living costs, the best places for digital nomads and remote workers, along with some tips and tricks for your upcoming trip. 


Top Places to Discover in Auckland

Auckland has a wide variety of places to discover for the perfect weekend city escape, including islands, volcanoes, and beaches. Take your pick of the top things to discover in Auckland for your next getaway.

Waiheke Island

There is no better way to spend a sunny weekend then with a trip to Waiheke Island. Stonyridge, Mudbrick, and Man O’War are just a few of the many wineries on Waiheke Island that you can visit, where you can take part in their wine tastings and of course indulging in a charcuterie board. 

Waiheke is also famous for its beautiful beaches and hiking trails. Follow the costal track around the island to see all of its natural wonders. You can then cool-off at Oneroa beach, a sheltered bay that you will love for its beautiful blue water and lush green surroundings. 

The way to get to Waiheke is by ferry and takes approximately 40 minutes. An adult one-way tickets will cost NZ$27 (16€).


Te Waha Lookout Point

About a one-hour drive from the city centre is Te Waha Point. The lookout here offers a stunning view of the rolling waves making their way to the wide beach. This is a great place for a hike and to enjoy the nature of the native New Zealand forest and coastline. 

Bethells Beach (Te Henga)

The black sand on the West Coast was caused by volcanic activity long before New Zealand was inhabited by humans. Now, locals and visitors get to appreciate the beauty of these unique beaches. Bethells Beach is favored by locals and is a popular spot to visit on the weekends from the city. 

Rangitoto Island

A fantastic day trip from Auckland is Rangitoto Island. You can choose to follow the trail around the volcano or climb to the summit for a great panoramic view of the Hauraki Gulf. You can take a ferry here from the ferry terminal in the CBD. 


Piha and Lion Rock

By heading out west you can hike or swim at Piha Beach and enjoy the vast coastline made of black sand. This beach is also known to locals from the TV show Piha Rescue. Be mindful to swim between the flags to ensure you don’t end up on this surf life saving show. However, the real star on this beach is Lion Rock. If you want a stunning view of the beach with Lion Rock, then hike up to Tasman Lookout.



Top Things to do in Auckland

There are a number of activities and places to visit both in the city and out. Make your way through this list to ensure that you have the most authentic kiwi experience while in Auckland.  

1. Climb Mount Eden

Mount Eden is a dormant volcano with a walk to the top where you can get a 360 degree view of Auckland. This is a great way to orientate yourself with the city as you can spot all of the major landmarks, including the Sky Tower and Harbour Bridge. 

2. Have a drink in the viaduct

Choose one of the many rooftop bars that overlook the marina and main harbour. Enjoy your favorite drink at Dr Rudi’s, Parasol & Swing, or Saint Alice and stay a little later in the evening to hear the DJs play and have yourself a boogie on the dance floor.  


3. Take the ferry to Devonport

Located at the end of Queen Street is the city ferry terminal where you can take a boat across to Devonport. There, you can hike up Takarunga/ Mount Victoria for a great view or opt for a leisurely stroll along the beach with a latte in hand. The ferry leaves every 30 minutes and takes 15 minutes to reach Devonport.

4. Eat on Ponsonby Road

You will find many cool bars, nightclubs, shops, and, most importantly, restaurants on Ponsonby Road. Take your pick of the many eateries and enjoy brunch, lunch, or dinner out with some friends.

5. Mission Bay

Mission Bay is a long, white sand beach that has a number of great cafes and restaurants nearby. Many use this long stretch of beach to run or walk and soak up the sunshine and get fresh air. Of course, if the sun is warm enough you must go for a swim here.

6. Sky Tower Observation Deck

Standing at 328 metres high, the Sky Tower is the tallest building in the country. The views from the observation deck are spectacular, so why not strap on a harness and do the Sky Walk or Bungy Jump?


7. Kitekite Falls

This waterfall is located towards the west coast and offers visitors an amazing escape from the city. Climb to the top and take some stunning photos of the water cascading off the rocks and nothing but native forest surrounding you. 

8. Watch a rugby match at Eden Park

With a bit of luck you will be in New Zealand during the rugby season and can go along to a rugby match at Eden Park. The atmosphere in the stadium will give you a better understanding of why rugby is such a huge part of New Zealand’s culture.  


Cost of living in Auckland 

Understanding the living costs of a city is an important part of planning your co-working trip. Because Auckland is the biggest and most populated city in the country, housing demand has been pushed up more than ever, meaning you will be paying a premium to stay here. However, once you see how great this city is, you will find that every dollar was worth it. 

Rent (single bedroom): NZ$960 per month (595€)

Airbnb Studio: NZ$1837 per month (1139€)

Coworking Spaces: NZ$546 per month (338€)

Meals: NZ$14-22 (8-13€)

Beer: NZ$11 (7€)

Coffee: NZ$5 (3€)



How to get to Auckland and how to get around

For international visitors, the only way to get to to Auckland is to fly…unfortunately, for many hours. New Zealand is a long way from the rest of the world, but the long journey is worth it. If you are not comfortable with long flights, there are many locations for a layover in Asia that can be incorporated into your trip. 


Auckland is New Zealand’s largest city and is very spread out, so walking between each of the city’s suburbs is sometimes not a viable option. For this reason, travelling by car is highly recommended for anyone visiting Auckland. Avoid traveling during rush hours to steer clear of the notoriously dense traffic. 


Purchasing an ‘AT Hop’ card will be very useful for your time in the city. Buses are a cheap and reliable way to move around the city and you can easily download the app to top up online. 

Uber or Ola:

The most convenient way to get around the city is by using either of the ridesharing apps, Uber or Ola. You will find similar rates between the two and is usually a cost-effective option if you are traveling short distances.



Best CoWorking Hubs in Auckland 

Remote jobs are becoming the norm for many kiwis are travellers alike. Workplaces are allowing work from home days or more concrete hybrid roles being advertised for those looking for work. The outcome of that being there are some modern Coworking spaces opening up all across the city to allow those remote workers a place to focus and to get away from the distraction of their own home. 

Here are some of our recommendations for good CoWorking Hubs to choose from:

CoWorking hubs in Auckland 

  • The Workshop Auckland: Located just below Ponsonby Road this coworking spot to be productive and make use of their high quality facilities.You will get the chance to meet nice people and form a small community.
  • The Village: This coworking space is located in Herne Bay and has captured beautifully the home away from home ambience. They run great events and activities such as yoga classes, member lunches, and business support sessions. 

  • Thinkspace: If you want a bright, open space to have a productive work environment then choose Thinkspace. This space is modern, clean and offer both shared and private work areas. Thinkspace is also 24/7 and has 5 locations across Auckland which your membership will give you access to all. 

  • Spaces: Right on K-Road is Spaces which offers another modern office desk to anyone looking for great a location. They have 3 private meeting rooms to choose from if you want to have a private call or work session. 

  • Studio TwentySix: Filled with lots of greenery and plenty of nice seating to choose from. Find a nice corner to park up and focus on your daily tasks at Studio TwentySix.



The best Food Spots in Auckland

Auckland is the top gastronomic hub in the whole of New Zealand. Whether you are looking for a cheap bite or high end restaurant or something in between, Auckland will have something for you. 

Take inspiration from the list below of the best of the best when it comes to food spots in Auckland. 

1. White + Wongs

Asian fusion restaurants are scattered all across the city, however a favourite for many is White + Wongs. This is on the nicer end of the scale when it comes to food spots but the prices are very reasonable for New Zealand standards. Must try dishes are the fried chicken and boa buns. Located right in the viaduct, close to a row of great bars and of course the beautiful harbour- perfect for a post dinner stroll. 

2. Dumplings from Dominion Road

Dominion Road connects from Mt Eden and is full of incredible asian food joints that will have you satisfied without breaking the bank. 

3. Knead on Benson

Right in the heart of Remuera is Knead on Benson- a haven for bread, pastry and coffee lovers. For a top notch brunch check this spot out and take an almond croissant with you to relive how amazing this place is later on in your day. 

4. UMU Pizza

Want to get an authentic Italian pizza on the opposite side of the globe? Head to UMU Pizza to find just that. 

5. Eden Noodles Cafe

Cheap and packed with big flavours. This place is a small family run business that is super popular for a good reason. Go early to avoid the line as you can often find people queuing to secure a table for their weekly noodles fix. 

6. Wander Cafe and Bistro

Enjoy a quality brunch, lunch, or after work happy hour at Wander Cafe and Bistro. Their location couldn’t be more perfect right in the harbour surrounded my many great eateries. 

7. Hotel Ponsonby

Great service, cosy atmosphere and even better food. Hotel Ponsonby is a cool hangout spot for the young locals who go for amazing food and of course drinks. Grab a cocktail with a friends and explore their delicious menu for a great evening out. 

8. East St. Hall

Known for providing great food and hosting gigs this is a lively spot to visit on the weekends. You will find East St. Hall off Karangahape Road, or as the locals call it ‘K Road’ which is full to the brim of amazing bars, eateries and shops. 

9. Richoux Patisserie

If ask any New Zealander what is the must try food while in their country the top answer would be a mince pie. Almost every bakery, petrol station and corner dairy will have pies that will hit the spot almost every time but if you want to experience a highly acclaimed pie then head to Richoux Patisserie. 

10. Burger Fuel

A kiwi favorite when it comes to takeaways. Burger Fuel will certainly impress you for a quick, easy, cheap meal. There are 18 different locations across the city so you won’t have to go far to find these great burgers. Pro tip… take yours to the beach for a lovely view.

11. Gemmazye Street

If you want to try amazing Lebanese food in a nice setting then book a table at Gemmazye Street. Centrally located and worth every dollar, this is a must try place.



Tips & Tricks for CoWorking in Auckland

WIFI and Internet Connection 

You will typically find good internet connection most places that you go. You can get a SIM card to ensure you are always connected. The best are Vodafone or Spark.

Type I power plugs and sockets

New Zealand uses the type I power plugs and sockets, so it is important to pack an adapter.

Left-hand traffic

It is important to know that New Zealand is a left-hand driving country. If you are planning to rent a car it will be a good idea to choose an automatic to make it easy for yourself. 

Written by Annelise Roadley