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Find a Travel Buddy in France

France is the dream destination in Europe and it has visitors from all over the world. Enjoy the French Culture, the museums, the historical buildings, amazing Mediterranean Beaches, and many other unique experiences in France with your new travel buddies and friends that you haven’t met yet! JoinMyTrip is here to make the best of your travel experience while meeting friends all over the world and visiting the most beautiful places in France. Join a trip with our Trip Leaders and enjoy your French Dream! Keep reading to find out more about the best travel guide for your next trip to France! 


Plan Your Next Trip to France


Travel to the most exciting and iconic country in Europe with JoinMyTrip! Planning a trip can be overwhelming, but JoinMyTrip is here to save you! Travel with our great Trip Leaders and enjoy your journey even more while meeting friends all over the world. Our Trip Leaders plan everything for you so you will not need to worry about a single thing! Just sit back and enjoy the adventure. Check out our upcoming trips to France and enjoy your holiday! 


Top Things to do in France

1 - Visit the Iconic City, Paris


Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world and there is a reason for that. It is a city where everyone falls in love with the beauty of it. The streets with the historical buildings, the museums, the castles around the city, and the absolute landmark the Eiffel Tower make Paris a great destination to start your France Journey! 

2 - Enjoy Life in the South of France 


South of France is the perfect place to have a nice holiday where you can explore the amazing beaches, the perfect Mediterranean weather, the cute villages around the region, and the amazing French Food! The best places to visit in the South of France are Nice, Cannes, Saint Tropez, and Eze, and you can also visit another country while you are here: Monaco. The best thing about these places is that you can easily travel between them because they are all so close to each other. Make sure to plan your perfect holiday and enjoy life in the South of France! 

3 - Explore the Culture in Bordeaux 


Bordeaux is a UNESCO World Heritage city of France thanks to its amazing culture and the historical buildings all around the city. It is an underrated city in France and it is pretty much like a hidden gem for the tourists because they usually skip this beautiful city when they visit France. You should also taste the famous French Wine while you are in Bordeaux. You can also make daily trips to vineyards and experience the process of making one while having the tastiest wine you can ever have! 

4 - Admire the Scenic Views in the French Alps


The famous mountain range, the Alps, is also a part of France. You can plan a perfect winter holiday near the Switzerland and Italy border in France and you get to enjoy the scenic views in the French Alps. There are many resorts around the area where you can stay for a few days and relax. Make sure to have some hot chocolate while you are there and it will warm you up! 


The Best Instagram Spots in France

Taking the best photos while traveling is something that we all want. France has many beautiful surroundings and sights so you will get amazing photos everywhere you go, but these places are made for Instagram! Take some of the best photos at these great Instagram Spots in France and share them with all your followers. It will make your Instagram feed even better! 

1 - Eze Village 


2 - Château de Villandry Gardens


3 - Beaune 


4 - Semur-en-Auxois, Côte-d'Or



Hidden Gems of France

France is a popular destination among travelers, but many hidden gems are pretty much known only by the locals. Here is a list of hidden gems of France that you should visit during your trip. 

1 - Eguisheim 


Located near the German Border, Eguisheim is a place that just looks unreal like a fairytale. You can stay for a few days here to enjoy the breathtaking views of this cute little village. It is a 15 minutes drive from Colmar and a 1-hour drive from Strasbourg. You can take a train or a flight from Paris to come to visit this amazing little town. 

2 - Menton 


Near the Italian Border, you can find this beautiful place surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. It is a 1-hour drive from the Nice Airport and it is easily accessible. Spend some time here to relax and enjoy the Mediterranean life in the South of France. Since it is a gem, you will also get to avoid the crowds and the tourists so you can enjoy life even more with some quiet and relaxed time in Menton. 

3 - Cancale 


If you want to visit some of the best beaches in France, then Cancale should be on your list! What it offers to you is the crystal clear turquoise waters, the best seafood, and the breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean! 

4 - Riquewihr, Alsace


Riquewihr is located in Alsace, near the German border. The colorful streets and the amazing architecture make this small village an absolute must-see! It is near Colmar and you can easily travel to this magnificent small village. 


The Best Travel Itinerary Guide to France


How many days do you need to travel across France? Well, France is a big country and every corner of France has something different to offer to you. If you are looking for the best travel itinerary guide to France, then you are at the right place! Here are two weeks itinerary to France to visit all the beautiful cities and see the main attractions. Keep reading to find out the best travel guide to France! 

Start your Journey in Paris 
Day 1-4


Paris is a beautiful city, and it needs at least four days to explore everything around the city and see the most beautiful sights. Stay in Paris for four days and enjoy the culture, the historical buildings, and the amazing French Food there. 

To the South, Bordeaux 
Day 4-7


Bordeaux is a breathtaking city with beautiful sights and surroundings. It needs to be explored for at least three days to enjoy everything that the city has to offer. Make sure to visit some vineyards during your stay in Bordeaux to have a unique experience in France. 

Enjoy the Mediterranean Life in Nice 
Day 7-11 


Nice is the perfect place to stay for a few days while exploring the South of France. The location of Nice makes your life even easier because it is so close to Cannes, Saint Tropez, Eze, and Monaco. You can cover all these cities in four days and you also get to enjoy the perfect Mediterranean Dream in Nice. 

Up to the North, Colmar
Day 11-14


Colmar is a unique city in France with a different type of amazing architecture. It is also located near some of the hidden gems of France like Eguisheim and Riquewihr. You can easily visit these two fairytale lookalikes during your stay in Colmar. 


Getting Around France


Public Transportation is quite easy to use and affordable in France. Most of the cities have buses around that you can easily take and travel around the city. It is also quite cheap. You can get a ticket for a few days which is usually around €10 and you can use it on all means of public transportation. Buses are usually slower than subways and trams. 


Big cities like Paris have subways and small cities have trams. It is easy to use and affordable. It is the same as using the buses. You need to get a ticket that you can use for several days during your stay and you can use it on the subway, bus, or the tram. 

If you want to travel around France by train, it is a little bit more expensive than taking the bus, but it is way faster. So if you are not on a budget and travel easily and fast, then we can recommend you to get the train when you are traveling between the cities. 


Renting a car is the most convenient way, but it is also more expensive than taking public transport. If you don’t want to stick to the schedules and be more flexible then we can recommend you to rent a car during your stay in France. You can find many rental car agencies at the airports or around the cities easily. 


Cost of Traveling to France

Is France expensive to visit? Or Is France affordable to visit? These are all the questions we think about when we are planning on going on a trip abroad. Creating a budget and sticking to it is one of the most important things when planning a trip. So, here are some average costs of traveling to France on different types of budgets so you can have some idea about what it costs to travel to France. 


Budget-Friendly: €39 - €79 (per night)

Mid-Range: €120 - €240 (per night) 

High Budget: €445 - €890 (per night) 


Budget-Friendly: €10 - €20

Mid-Range: €24 - €46

High Budget: €60 - €120


Budget-Friendly: €13 - €15 (one meal) 

Mid-Range: €33 - €50 (one meal) 

High Budget: €80 - €100 (one meal) 


The Best Time to Visit France


France is a popular tourist destination all year round. If you want to make the best of your trip to France, then you should plan your trip during the best season to visit France. France is a big country and the weather slightly changes in the different regions. Overall, the spring and summer months are the best time to visit France because you will get the best weather to explore the cities and outdoors. The South of France is pretty crowded with tourists during the summer months, so the best time to visit France is in April or in May. You get to avoid the tourists and crowds, the expensive prices for accommodation and flight fares, and you also get the perfect weather which will make your trip even better and more fun!  


Must-Try Foods in France

French Cuisine has one of the best world-class foods. French Pastries are something that you need to have when you are in France because it is just delicious. Here are some must-try French Pastries and desserts you have to try. It is guaranteed that you will love it because it is the best! 

1 - Hazelnut Dacquoise 


2 - Frangipane Tart 


3 - Tarte Tatin


4 - Souffle 


5 - Paris-Brest 



Travel Tips for France

Taking some travel tips before traveling to a new country is always a good idea. Here are some tips that might be useful for you before you start your new journey in France. 


1 - Visa 

For EU Passport holders, you can easily travel to France without getting a visa and you can stay up to 90 days in the country. It is also the same case for the US Passport holders. You can travel to France without needing a visa for up to 90 days. The only thing you need to make sure of is that your passport is valid for another 3 months after your departure. 

2 - Electricity and Plugs 

France uses the European Plugs which are two round pins also known as the Type C Plugs. If you are traveling within Europe, you will not need a converter to use your electronic devices. 

3 - Health Insurance

Healthcare is free for French Citizens, but as a traveler, you will need to get health insurance while you are in France just in case. If you don’t have travel insurance, then it is pretty much likely that you will pay too much at private hospitals. If you travel with JoinMyTrip, we also cover your Health Insurance if you are a German or an Austrian Resident! Click Here to find out more about it! 

4 - What You Should Pack 

Depending on when you travel to France, you will need to get an idea of what you should pack. If you are traveling in the winter months, you will need to get thick clothes to make sure you are not cold. It’s also wise to get an umbrella and a raincoat just in case. If you are visiting France during the summer or spring months, then it is best to pack light clothes, slippers, and sunscreen! 

5 - Language

The official language spoken in France is French. In big cities, you will likely find some people speaking in English because of the tourism, but it is always nice to learn a few phrases and it will be greatly appreciated.