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General Information

What is JoinMyTrip?

JoinMyTrip is a platform where everyone can offer, discover or participate in individual trips with other travelers. In other words: We connect travelers and enable them to discover the world in an authentic way.

Who is a TripLeader?

People who offer their planned trips on are called TripLeaders. They plan the accommodation and transportation at the destination and support the TripMates during the trip.

Who is a TripMate?

TripMates are people who join TripLeaders on their trips. TripLeaders are people who offer their planned trips on

What is the TripLeader Fee?

The TripLeader can charge a small fee for their efforts as a planner and guide of the trip. That's only fair since they have the work, after all. The TripMates have the advantage of being able to start their vacation relaxed and not having to worry about anything.

How much freedom do the TripLeaders and their TripMates have?

That depends on the trip. If the TripLeader offers a full-day program, the group won't have much free time (don’t worry, this is not the norm). If only transportation and accommodation are planned, the TripMates can spend the days as they wish.  We do expect the group to do activities together, though. After all, this is the best part of traveling. But if someone just wants to sit in a cafe for a few hours or wants to go on an extra round of sightseeing, there should definitely be time for that. That's actually one of the many advantages JoinMyTrip has over standard group tours.

Why should I travel in a group with JoinMyTrip?

Traveling in a group has so much to offer -- from new friendships and lots of fun to simply having someone to rely on. Not convinced? Then you should continue

reading . . . 

1. In a group, you experience more and can share experiences

In a group, you simply experience and laugh more. But the best part of being part of a group is being able to remember and relive the best moments together with your fellow travelers. This way the trip stays with you for a long time. With JoinMyTrip travel, you start your journey with a group of strangers and return with friends.

2. You see the bigger picture

When else can you meet such open-minded people with completely different backgrounds and experiences? The more diverse your TripMates are, the more interesting your trip is going to be. Everyone has something to contribute to an exciting story. In most groups, there will be solo travelers, couples and friends who all team up, so you’ll feel comfortable no matter what.

3. Share costs and save

With TripMates, you share costs for guestrooms, rental cars or, even, a private tour guide. No matter what you do, the costs will be lower than if you traveled alone.

4. Sit back and relax or earn money with your trip

Why would anyone organize transport, accommodation, sightseeing and so on for a group of different people? Actually, it's much easier when only one person takes on these tasks for a group. As a TripMate, you don't have to worry about planning transportation and accommodation.

5. An individual trip that can be experienced in a group

Unlike traditional group tours, JoinMyTrip gives you the freedom and space you need! No annoying tour guide drags you from one shop to the next or has a strict 24-hour program. With JoinMyTrip, everyone has their desired freedom and the advantages of traveling in a group!

6. You are not alone

Walking alone through a strange city at night can be scary or dangerous. There’s safety in numbers, so walking at night is less of a problem.

If these six points haven’t convinced you yet, all we can say is: Give it a try!

What happens if I don't like my group?

We're going to answer this question with a question: How often do you not like one person in a new group of people? How often does that happen with a group of people where everyone loves to travel and is open-minded?

We are convinced that TripMates and TripLeaders are real citizens of the world. They are open and relaxed. So why wouldn't you get along with someone like this? Also, there’s bound to be someone who you’ll get along with and who will make it hard for you to say goodbye at the end of the trip.

How can I delete my account?

If you wish to part ways and remove yourself from JoinMyTrip, you can go to edit your Personal Information, and at the bottom of the form, click "Delete Account".

You may also contact us directly at and we will ensure your account, and all related data, is removed for you.

Although we will be extremely sad to see you go, we would be very grateful if you would reach out to tell us why you don't want to use our service anymore, so we may improve JoinMyTrip for other travelers.

Do I need a foreign health insurance?

Yes! Everyone that's joining a trip on must have foreign health insurance. Sometimes the health insurance from your home country covers traveling to specific countries, please check before your trip which countries and services are included. 

Why may I need additional  health insurance?

Your health insurance may pay none or only a small part of your treatment costs abroad. Those costs can be very high and without insurance, you will have to pay these expenses. For example, one night in a Moroccan hospital without a single treatment costs 550€.

Luckily, JoinMyTrip Travel Insurance (powered by Allianz) is now included at no extra cost for all German and Austrian residents who travel with JoinMyTrip

How do reviews work? 

All the reviews on JoinMyTrip are written by TripMates or TripLeaders who have completed a trip using JoinMyTrip. In addition to a written review TripMates are also asked to provide star ratings. You’ll see the star rating out of 5 at the top which is an average of all reviews submitted.

Only TripMates who have officially booked through the platform and have successfully taken part in the trip are eligible to write a review. 

We display reviews on TripLeaders profiles to help TripMates learn more about the TripLeader and their trip offering and increase their trust and confidence. TripLeaders with a substantial amount of good reviews are promoted to SuperLeaders meaning they have proven to have led exceptional trips. 

Writing a review 

A TripMate can review their TripLeader once the trip has ended. TripMates will get sent an email with a link or can also see a link in chat with their TripLeader after the trip has concluded.

The TripMate is encouraged to write a review and give the TripLeader a star rating but is in no way obligated or should be forced into doing so. All reviews are voluntary and at the discretion of the TripMate.

Finding reviews 

To read TripLeaders reviews, check out their profile. 

Disputing a review 

Our community relies on honest, transparent reviews. If you would like to dispute a review please get in touch with us

Check out our review policy.

What is JoinMyTrip's business model?

TripLeaders pay nothing on our platform. Because we don't advertise on the site, we charge the TripMates a small service fee. 

Why does JoinMyTrip charge a service fee?

The fee is used to maintain the website, to continuously improve it and of course to offer you the best possible customer service. Our team works day and night to bring you the coolest experiences with travelers from all over the world. We do our best to provide you with authentic trips, trustworthy trip leaders and like-minded travelers. The service fee allows us to pay our salaries and keep us going :)

How can I reach customer support?

There are several ways you can get in contact with us.

Email us at
Call us, or chat over Whatsapp: +49 176 7729 0316
Or reach out over Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

Depending on the weather, we can also receive smoke signals or carrier pigeons.

Code of Conduct

We believe that people are equal:

  • We, under no circumstances, tolerate any discrimination or racism of any kind.
  • We, under no circumstances, tolerate any form of violence.
  • We, under no circumstances, tolerate any harassment of fellow travelers or any people.