9 Unbelievably Beautiful Cornwall Hidden Gems

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Cornwall is a historic county in the northeastern part of the United Kingdom. Besides its magnificent history, Cornwall offers spectacular natural scenery. As a popular destination, Cornwall has historical buildings and pristine beaches that are on the top list of must-visit destinations. Moreover, there are lots of beautiful Cornwall hidden gems only a few know.

We have compiled the best Cornwall hidden gems for you. They will be a perfect destination if you are looking for tranquil and not-touristy hidden beauties.

Hidden Gems in Cornwall

  1. Nanjizal Bay
  2. Gwennap Pit
  3. Port Quin
  4. Mayon Cliff Shipwreck
  5. Botallack Mines
  6. Gwithian Beach
  7. Stripple Stones
  8. Lost Garden of Heligan
  9. St. Nectans Glenn

1. Nanjizal Bay

cornwall hidden gems nanjizal bay

If you walk off the beaten path in Trevescan, you can find a mesmerizing hidden gem. Nanjizal Bay is a secret cove with turquoise waters and rugged limestone cliffs. The cove looks like a natural pond, perfect for a relaxing dip or swim. Moreover, it stays untouched and natural among all of the beautiful bays in Cornwall.

If you want to reach Nanjizal Bay, you have to take a 20-30 minutes walk. You will be served by a picturesque scene of green meadows, mild hills, and the glimmering Atlantic Ocean as you are reaching the site. However, you will also stumble on rocky roads with large stones to reach the bay. Finally, after a long walk, you can see the worth-to-visit Nanjizal Bay. 

How to get there: Drive to Trevescan and park your vehicle there. Then, walk towards Lands End and follow the village walkway to the hilly pathway. As you found a rocky small road, walk along it to reach Nanjizal Bay.

2. Gwennap Pit

The Gwennap Pit is a unique circular structure in Gwennap Village, about five miles southeast of Redruth. The site looks like a crop circle, but actually, it has a terraced, amphitheater-like structure. Although Gwennap Pit looks like a manmade structure, a natural phenomenon formed it.

The pit was formed by a natural depression of the land around the Gwennap Village. It happened due to the old mining activities and abandoned underground mines. In the 16th century, Gwennap Pit was a venue for religious gatherings by the Methodist church. Thus, legend says that the huge pit could accommodate around 2,000 people. Nowadays, the Gwennap Pit is a hidden tourist attraction that captivated visitors with its unique structure and lush surroundings. 

How to get there:

3. Port Quin

Port Quin cornwall hidden gems

Among the beautiful coves in Cornwall, Port Quin stays untouched. The port hides between the rugged cliffs of Port Isaac, Northern Cornwall. It is a gorgeous natural cove that overlooks the dramatic Atlantic Ocean and is surrounded by rugged limestone cliffs. Moreover, Port Quin has relatively calm water with mild waves that allow you to swim or do other water activities.

Summer is the perfect time to visit Port Quin. You can get sunny skies, calm waters, and warmer temperatures in the area. Last but not least, you can do interesting activities like cliff-jumping or kayaking in the alluring cove. 

How to get there: Go to Port Isaac and walk towards the tower of the Church at St.Endellion, then follow a small county leading down Longcross Victorian Gardens.

4. Mayon Cliff – RMS Mulheim Shipwreck

Mayon Cliff cornwall hidden gems

Cornwall is a great place to hunt for shipwrecks. One of the hidden gems you can visit is a shipwreck, especially the RMS Mulheim Shipwreck. The rusty yet elegant ship rests on the shores of Penwith Heritage Coast. It has a brilliant blue sea, roaring waves, and rugged cliffs, giving out a picturesque scene. 

Moreover, the shipwreck is situated on Mayon Cliff, a mesmerizing cliff in the Land Ends area. Besides its gorgeous limestone structure, the cliff has amazing wildlife. If it is your lucky day, you can see wild animals like colorful butterflies and gentle blacktip reef sharks around the area. 

How to get there: Go to Sennen Village and walk toward the Land Ends coastal parks. Take a short walk to Gamper Bay, then carefully climb down the steep cliff. You can see the shipwreck from the cliffs or walk towards it. 

5. Botallack Mines

botallack mines cornwall hidden gems

Situated on the rugged cliffs of Penwith, the Botallack Mines look dramatic. The century-old building is standing tall with thin meadows, the roaring Atlantic Ocean, and magnificent hills as its backdrop. Botallack Mines is a tin-mining site that operated in the Victorian era. Now, the mines are abandoned and re-functioned by the National Trust as a historical site. 

Moreover, Botallack Mines is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The reason behind the status is Botallack Mines’ fascinating history and important function. As you visit this heritage site, you can find an interesting arsenic labyrinth, engine houses, and stone houses. Furthermore, the historical site is a secret place that you should visit in Cornwall.

How to get there: Go to Port Isaac and walk towards the tower of the Church at St. Endellion, then follow a small county leading down Longcross Victorian Gardens.

6. Gwithian Beach

Gwithian beach cornwall hidden gems

Are you looking for a beautiful and secluded beach in Cornwall? Then, you must visit Gwithian Beach. The beach is situated on the shores of Western Cornwall, overlooking the vast Atlantic Ocean. Gwithian Beach is well-known for its wild waves that are perfect for surfing. Even though the beach is a great surfing spot, it is way far from crowded.

Gwithian Beach offers picturesque scenery. In particular, it has golden sand, a series of sand dunes, thin meadows, lovely purple flowers, and an aquamarine sea. Moreover, the beach is great for both surfing trips and relaxing sunbathing sessions. If you love tranquil and sunny beaches, Gwithian Beach is for you!

How to get there: Take the road to Gwithian from Hayle and turn left towards Towans. There is an asphalt road that will lead you to the beach.

7. Stripple Stones

Stipple Stones cornwall hidden gems

At first, the site will heavily remind you of Stonehenge. The Stripple Stones is a historical site with tall stones from the Neolithic period. The Stripple Stone is located in Bodmin Moor, an area dotted with magnificent ancient stones. Thus, the stones are scattered throughout a vast meadow nearby a farmers’ residence.

As an English heritage, Stripple Stones attracts lots of researchers. However, the site is open to the public. You can see its rugged and chunky stones arising from the ground, standing around 0.5-2 meters high.

How to get there: Head towards St. Breward and turn right as you find a crossroad. Park inside the Hawk’s Tor Farm and walk through the first gate close to the Trippet Stones. Then, follow the trail toward the Stipple Stones.

8. Lost Gardens of Heligan

There is an obvious reason for the title “Lost” in this garden’s name. Lost Gardens of Heligan was built in the Victorian era and abandoned when World War II erupted. After a long time of being ‘lost’, the garden was restored in 1990. It is now a fascinating themed garden in Cornwall.

Lost Gardens of Heligan is one of the most beautiful gardens in the United Kingdom. It is home to manicured shrubs, colorful flowers, and rare plants. The Lost Gardens of Heligan is designed with specific themes, like the Productive Garden and Italian Garden. Moreover, the garden is home to the ‘only’ jungle in England, due to its unique area of tropical plants. Although the garden is gorgeous, visitors rarely visit the garden. So, it stays as an untouched hidden gem in Cornwall. 

How to get there: The Lost Gardens of Heligan is reachable by foot, public transportation, and car. You can access the full information here.

9. St. Nectans Glen

St. Nectans Glens waterfall cornwall hidden gems

If you are looking for a magical place in Cornwall, you must visit St. Nectans Glen. Shrouded between lush verdant forest and damp ecosystem, lies a stunning waterfall of St. Nectans. Thus, the magical atmosphere of the waterfall will make you think that it is a hidden sanctuary of fairies, pixies, and other mythical creatures. 

St. Nectans Glen is located in Tintagel, North Cornwall. The site is considered a sacred place in Cornwall, as it was the settlement of St. Nectan, a holy man. You can also see churches and chapels scattered in the area. From the churches, you can take a one-mile walk to reach the alluring St. Nectans Glen waterfall. Its crystal clear waters and green scenery will give you a piece of mind. 

How to get there: Go to the West Side of the B3266 parking area, then take the signed trail and turn to the gate of St. Piras Chapel. You can walk through the forest trails that stretch around one mile long and lead to the waterfall.

There are a bunch of Cornwall hidden gems. Of course, many of them look spectacular! So, which one do you want to visit the most?

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