The New Co-Study Trend: Want to Study at the Beach?

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Plan your co-study trip now

You’re tired of sitting at home alone and doing nothing but listening to one online lecture after another? Then we have just the thing for you! Because now is the perfect time to turn your study day into an adventure – out of the cold wet and into the sun! Find other students at JoinMyTrip with whom you can share the rent for a new home in a dreamlike place for a few weeks. Besides studying you have the chance to explore the area together in your free time. We will show you all the advantages of remote studying and why you should plan your co-study trip with JoinMyTrip right now.

1. Explore the world

Many have given up their vacation during the semester break and stayed at home or even had to postpone their planned semester abroad due to the Corona Pandemic. The need to take advantage of the freedom they have gained and to discover the world is of course still there for many students. Co-Study Trips are the perfect opportunity to travel responsibly and without a guilty conscience.

The timing is ideal because at home you’re not missing out on anything. Student life as you know it does not exist at the moment and the majority of colleges and universities have switched to online events. Many students have therefore decided not to move to their new place of study and instead live with their families again. Whether at home or at the place of study, sooner or later we start climbing the walls and we all long for freedom and adventure.

Therefore, you should take the chance now to pack your bags and discover new beautiful and exciting places. You will have the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture of your new temporary home and live like the locals. “Slow Travel” has long been a widespread and valued trend that focuses on teaching experiences, sustainability and, above all, connections. Connections to the locals, culture, food and everyday life. Coworking trips for students are the perfect opportunity to take the pace and stress out of our everyday lives and, above all, the way we travel.

view out of the window of a plane
Exploring the world

2. Community

Also getting to know new people is virtually impossible under the contact restrictions. But we all know that many things are simply more fun together. And it is the same with traveling. After all, getting to know new people is an elementary part of traveling. The great thing about traveling in a group with JoinMyTrip is that you get to know new people, but at the same time, you travel responsibly because you are in a fixed group.

In addition to enjoying your free time together, a co-study trip is also the perfect opportunity for students to share knowledge and experience and acquire new skills.

group of people at the beach
Communtiy feeling

3. Increase motivation

If we are honest, we could all use an extra portion of motivation at the moment. Listening attentively is by far easier in the lecture hall than in the online lecture, where you can log in comfortably from your own bed. Whether writing your thesis or working on your next group project, a little variety and a change of scenery can work wonders – promise! A new environment also offers a new perspective, so learning while studying remotely in a nice new place makes it much more fun.

person at a desk writing
Motivate yourself

4. Get some sun

Not only the temperatures are slowly falling, but also the hours of sunshine are decreasing. Wouldn’t it be much more pleasant to be somewhere on the beach and get some more sun? On the Canary Islands, for example, the temperatures in November are still between 21 and 26 degrees!

So what are you waiting for? Escape the cold and wet weather and create your own co-study trip into the sun now!

sun across the sea
Go get some sun

5. Share the cost

We know that traveling as a student is often associated with a limited budget. The advantage of traveling in a group is that not only the experiences but also the costs can be shared. Whether it’s sharing accommodation or cooking together, as a group you can save a lot of money, which makes it possible to study remotely even on a small budget.

two people are cooking together
Share the cost

Destinations for co-study trips

We convinced you to start your remote study adventure and now you are just wondering where to go? How about these dream destinations?

Co-Study Destination 1: Canary Islands

birds eye view: Madeira
Tenerife, Spain

Co-Study Destination 2: Madeira

waterfall on Madeira
Madeira, Portugal

Co-Study Destination 3: Azores

the coast of the Azores
Azores, Portugal

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