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If you love Dubai, Turkey should be your next CoWorking Destination

Sand dunes, skyscrapers, underwater hotels, authentic Arabic food, what’s not to love about Dubai? Known for their iconic landmarks and beautiful architecture, it’s no surprise that millions of tourists and business travelers flock to the country every year, especially digital nomads. It has numerous activities and co-working spaces fit for a nomadic lifestyle but if you are starting to get bored of the hustle and bustle of Dubai and looking for another city that is also vibrant and filled with heritage for your next Co-Working trip, you will love Turkey!


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This country has so much to offer and it definitely would not break the bank, there are also multiple cafes and co-working spaces in Istanbul. Here are a few reasons why Turkey is the perfect destination for your co-working trip 


Multiple activities to do


  • Hammam
    Fancy a traditional Turkish bath (Hammam) after a long day of work? Then pamper yourself in this historical spa that is available all year round, these baths were once an essential part of the Ottoman Era,  you can find the best hammams in Istanbul. 

yura-timoshenko-wWvwgLnO9tM-unsplashTurkish Baths at Hagia Sophia, Istanbul 

  • Hot Air Balloon
    Hot air balloon rides over Cappadocia will never be boring! The panoramic views from on top of the air balloon will instantly transport you to a scene straight from a fairytale. Around 100 hot air balloons fly every morning and the activity would usually start before sunrise and yes, it is definitely worth it to wake up that early.


Hot Air Balloon, Cappadocia 

While you’re there might also slip in a horse riding session in the valleys of Cappadocia and enjoy the sunset. 

  • Yachts
    Hop on a yacht on a yacht in Fethiye and enjoy yachting trips along Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, you can opt for a day trip or a full-on 3-day trip, definitely on par with the Dubai Waterfront. feyza-dogan-waSXNtcGa3o-unsplashHarbour in Fethiye, Turkey
  • Culinary journey

    Home to the famous Doner Kebab, Going on a culinary journey is a must! Don’t be afraid to try the street food and sample the coffee and of course the Turkish delights! you can find a lot of rose-flavored water and sweets all around Turkey. 

Turkish coffee

  • Mevlevi Ceremony
    Enjoy the Mevlevi Sema Ceremony, which symbolizes stages on the path to accessing God, it is performed with traditional Mevlevi music. You can view the ceremony in Istanbul, Konya, and Bursa.

svklimkin-inJ0URyO-Ww-unsplashDancing dervishes, Istanbul, Turkey 

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2. Living in Turkey 


anna-berdnik-0n0AHB1fgTQ-unsplashGalata, Istanbul, Turkey 


Turkey is separated into 7 main regions: Eastern Anatolia, South-eastern Anatolia, Central Anatolia, the Black Sea, Marmara, Aegean, and the Mediterranean region.  The biggest ex-pat communities are located in Istanbul,  compared to other countries in Europe it is has a lower cost of living and not to mention the warm hospitality that the Turkish people are often associated with, don’t be surprised if you are invited for tea by the local residents. 

  • Istanbul
    Most visitors would usually visit Istanbul and use it ad their starting point, this historical city is the center of shopping, nightlife, and dining. The cost of living in Istanbul varies but a budget of  $1000 per month should keep you warm. 
  • Izmir

                                     Acarlar, Efes Antik Kenti, Efes Harabeleri, Selçuk/İzmir, Türkiye

If you prefer a more relaxed location to settle in then opt for Izmir, known for being the “The Pearl of Aegean” it is filled with exotic beaches and the must-visit ones are Ilica Halk Plaji, the one hour drive from the city center of Izmir is definitely worth it. There are also other ways to get around Izmir, you can access multiple locations by ferry, bus, subway, commuter rail, and tram.


  • Antalya
    Located on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast Antalya has an average of 300 days of sunshine, this city offers multiple tourist attractions such as Alanya’s red tower, Kekova sunken ruins and you can also ride in a cable car up to Mount Tahtali. If you’re a fan of trekking you might want to check out the Lycian Way, it is the country’s longest trekking trail, the trail itself overlooks historical sites dating back to the Lycian empire.

atif-zafrak-sVLaLi-2TpE-unsplashKalkan, Kaputaş Plajı, Kaş/Antalya, Türkiye

All in all this country is great for co-working, transportation is also not an issue since the public transportation is well advanced, the culinary experience is also amazing and not to mention the modern infrastructure as well as historical sites, friendly locals, and location wise being the only city that spans over both Europe and Asia has multiple perks and diversity. So start your next co-working here or create your own trip and find travel buddies to join you and save the cost. 

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