5 Sustainable travel tips for your next group trip

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For the eco-conscious traveler 

You don’t drive, you don’t fly, you don’t buy any item wrapped in plastic, you only buy second hand clothing, you only use solar energy, you live a zero waste lifestyle and you are a vegan. This is the definition of 21st century environmentalism. A lot of us don’t exactly live this lifestyle but genuinely do care about the environment.  It is really difficult to fully deep dive into this lifestyle. However, what is really important is that we take baby steps to begin living sustainably and inspire everyone around us to do so. Everyone should be a part of the solution in whichever way they can to make a difference and save the planet.  Each one of us aims to do good and give back to mother earth the best way we can.  This will be the greatest gift we give our future generations.  

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Pairing up sustainability and travel, the only option that we can think about is to fly less. This is going to be a difficult choice for most of us who want to see the world and explore. An Indian native now living in Germany, I am forced to travel thousands of kilometers every single year to be able to spend time with my family for just a couple of days. But what can I do?  Living this lifestyle, a few years back I came to a conclusion that I was not taking the right decisions and making enough sacrifices that needed to be done in order for me to be a good role model. So I started with baby steps to make my carbon footprint as small as possible wherever I can when I travel. There is no right or wrong here because all that matters is the time and effort taken. So here I am, giving you my tips to make your next group trip more sustainable. But before that, my colleague Mariellen has given a few tips on how to go green for your next adventure. So make sure you check that out to help prepare yourself. 


1. Choose the right destination 


Travel right

  • Of course, the most obvious option would be to travel closer to home in order to lower your carbon footprint. Our JoinMyTrip colleague Kira, has provided some amazing tips on how to plan the perfect group trip closer to home by finding local adventures, visiting cities and even driving to a nearby beach or forest area.
    • Amsterdam : Why has Amsterdam fallen under this list? This city is considered to be the only city that has an urban grid for bike infrastructure. This city is not only the capital of the Netherlands but it is also rightly called the ‘Cycling Capital of the World’.Traveling to destinations focused on sustainability and eco-friendliness: These are cities in the world that focus on climate change and try to create an impact and provide resources and platforms by partnering with the right companies. The aim is to reduce waste, facilitate recycling, have a good open and green space, and encourage local businesses. Here is a list of cities and the reason why they are called the green cities in the world.
    • Copenhagen : Copenhagen known to be the greenest city in Europe and is the capital of Denmark. The city is designed in such a way that it facilitates people to easily walk and cycle around.  
    • Stockholm : In 2010, Stockholm was called the European green capital and is also the capital of Sweden.
    • Vancouver : Vancouver has acquired a reputation for environmentalism and is renowned for being futuristic with their green thinking and green lifestyle. 
    • Berlin: Berlin, the capital of Germany is Europe’s most sustainable city and aims to be climate neutral by 2050.  
    • Singapore : Singapore known as the ‘Garden City’ has outdoor spaces that are designed for the elderly. It’s not only known for their beautiful and therapeutic gardens but also for being the cleanest city in the world.  
    • Helsinki :  The capital of Finland is the most functional and sustainable city. It is also known for being the happiest place in the world. This is a title that was acquired for the city’s commitment towards sustainability, cultural heritage, digitalisation and a well-balanced standard of living. 
  • Try to visit destinations that need your attention or support. For example:  when disaster strikes at a city, travelers can always visit to help rebuild the economy by volunteering in social projects. 

2. Go Local! 

Go Local

Carrying forward to what I mentioned earlier, the best way to divert your attention and provide support is by giving back to local communities. This could be by staying at home-stays, enrolling in different local activities and also by buying produce from local businesses.

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3. Booking an eco-friendly accommodation 

You can choose accommodations that support the local economy and also aim at reducing your carbon footprint for each night’s stay. 

4. Getting around 

Once you reach your destination, you can always walk or cycle around to have a glimpse of what the city can offer. Apart from that, the best way is to use public transport and this will also help you to get to know the locals.  If these are not your preferred options then try renting out electric cars or use carpooling / car sharing options that will help save you money. 


5. Pack smart

This option will not only make you travel simpler but will also reduce your footprint. You can always pack less clothes by just mixing and matching different clothing articles. Apart from this, you can reduce the use of plastic by using eco-friendly containers to store your toiletries and other essentials. 

I always believe that the way we can create a huge impact is by celebrating our small lifestyle changes. Because these small changes will lead to bigger ones eventually. I hope this will inspire you to take small steps and together we can create a revolution. So, why not create that revolution with JoinMyTrip and easily create your own trip. Or even easier, join an already planned trip and relax!




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