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Why should I be a plan my trip?
Your customized trip

You know already where you want to travel and when? Surfen in Portugal? A road trip in USA? A hike tour in Spain?
Plan specific details, like accomodation, transportation between stops and activities; your plan it exactly as you want!
Saftey & Commitment

Real like-minded Travellers from all around the world will be able to send a request to join your trip. After chatting with them, you confirm their request and they pay a first deposit.
How-Tos and Infos

Our team has already experienced a lot on our travels and have mastered all situations. We talk to you in advance and are happy to support you from planning to implementation!
How to get 100€?
Plan your trip

Organize all the trip details, calculate the costs (budget for the trip) and share it with our community.
Trip Criteria

Follow the requirements for a perfect TRIP:
-2 stops or more
-Between 2 and 28 days
-2 or more tripmates
-Min trip costs: 30 €
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Confirm min 2 tripmates , who will join your trip
Win & enjoy

As soon as you receive the first deposit from your first 2 tripmates, we will send to your bank account 100€
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