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Your customized trip

You know already where you want to travel and when? Surfen in Portugal? A road trip in USA? A hike tour in Spain?
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Saftey & Commitment

Real like-minded Travellers from all around the world will be able to send a request to join your trip. After chatting with them, you confirm their request and they pay a first deposit.
How-Tos and Infos

Our team has already experienced a lot on our travels and have mastered all situations. We talk to you in advance and are happy to support you from planning to implementation!
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Plan your trip

Organize all the trip details, calculate the costs (budget for the trip) and share it with our community.
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-2 stops or more
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-2 or more tripmates
-Min trip costs: 30 €
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1. Conditions and requirements for participation

1.1 The prerequisite for participation in the competition is that these conditions of participation are expressly accepted.

1.2 Only natural persons who have reached the age of 18 are entitled to participate.

1.3 The competition will take place from Friday 06.12.2019 to Saturday 18.01.2020 (until 23:59)

1.4 Each participant may only participate in his own name. Each participant is responsible for the correctness of the data provided. The use of any kind of automated processes, such as scripts, to manipulate this competition is prohibited and will result in exclusion from the competition.

1.5 The contest is open worldwide.

1.6 Requirements for participation:
The user must have registered by 18.01.2020 at 23:59 and confirmed his email address.

2. Winning and notifications

2.1 The winner of the competition will be determined randomly among all participants on 28 January 2020.

2.2 The results of the competition determined by Travelsation UG Haftungsbeschränkt (hereinafter referred to as Travelsation) are final and binding. Legal recourse against the determination of winnings is excluded.

2.3 The winners will be notified by Travelsation via email.

2.4 If the winner does not respond within 3 working days (31.01.2020), the claim to the prize lapses.

2.5 The prize is a place on the mentioned sailing trip (posted on the joinmytrip platform).

2.6 A cash payment of the prize is expressly excluded. A transfer of the profit is not possible.

3. Data protection Travelsation assures to observe the legal regulations of data protection and to use all - also personal - data of the participants only for the purpose of carrying out this campaign and to pass them on to third parties only as far as this is necessary for the processing within the scope of the campaign or for its execution.

4. Exclusion of liability Travelsation is also not liable in any form for direct or indirect damage resulting from participation in the competition, the possible unavailability of the Internet server or the use of the prizes.

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7. Other

7.1 Travelsation is entitled at any time to terminate or discontinue the competition in whole or in part without giving reasons. This right shall be exercised in particular if a proper execution of the competition is not guaranteed due to technical or legal reasons.

7.2 Travelsation reserves the right to exclude participants from participation in the competition. This applies in particular to violations of the conditions of participation or if participants make use of manipulation or other dishonest aids. The same shall apply if a participant knowingly provides false personal information when registering.

7.3 Should one or more of the above provisions be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The ineffective provision shall be replaced by a provision that comes closest to the economic purpose of the ineffective provision. The competition shall be governed exclusively by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.