3 itineraries ideas to experience CROATIA

Croatia! It's as beautiful as the name sounds. Famous for its stunning look, this is a country you should definitely visit. Not sure where to begin? Well, then you've come to the right place. Here you'll find itineraries for 5-, 7- and 10- day Croatia trip.

The best time to visit Croatia is between May and September. It's warm and a myriad of activities are possible. Outside this time, parts of the country simply shut down
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Itinerary Idea 1
5 days in Croatia
Croatia is one of Europe's best countries to visit during the summer vacation. This country with a large number of islands is a real beauty! It has a complicated heritage and a complex cuisine that comes along with it. Plus, there are exquisite beaches at the sparkling Adriatic. So if you're looking forward to a luxury summer vacation, then you need to plan a trip to Croatia.
Day 1: Split

Split is a great place to start your Croatia trip. Spend enough time to explore the city, meander through the streets soak up the city's charm. Even the bookstores and jewelry shops are a cute little sight to behold.
Day 2: Pakleni Islands

Next up, visit Hvar and the Pakleni islands. Hvar, the sunniest island in Croatia, is known for its beautiful landscape. It is also frequently visited by celebrities like Tom Cruise, Beyoncé, the cast of Game of Thrones and more. It's a very relaxing places with amazing surroundings. A yacht is the preferred mode of arrival!

Pakleni islands, situated just 100 meters away from the island of Hvar island, are yet another relaxing spot and with not much civilization around. You should definitely visit both these islands before you depart for Dubrovnik.
Day 3: Dubrovnik

If you're looking forward to an eventful holiday ,then Dubrovnik should be your next stop. Its famed Old Town is filled with buildings with terracotta-colored rooftops and intriguing cobbled streets. If you are a fan of Game of Thrones, then you must walk around the streets of Old town preferably with the help of a local guide and visit every street where the show filmed. Walk through this walled city filled with nothing but pedestrians and admire the charm of Dubrovnik.
Day 4: Dubrovnik

The next day you can Walk the City Wall, which circles the Old Town. You'll need about an hour and a half to complete this tour. It's best to visit this place early in the morning, because it gets too sunny later in the day. You can then journey upwards via the Dubrovnik Cable Car which elevates you 778 meters in less than four minutes. You are dropped off next to the Imperial Fort, a spot for a panoramic view of Dubrovnik and kilometers beyond.
After this outing, you can stop by a small yet popular restaurant called the Pizzeria Mirakul for some delicious pizza and lasagna. You can end the second day of your trip by witnessing the beautiful sunset and the waves from the Coral Beach Club.
Day 5: Dubrovnik
After you've spent at least a day visiting the triple islets - Lopud, Sipan and Kolocep, your Croatia trip ends in Dubrovnik. This is the best way to round off your last day of stay in Croatia.
  • Accomodation
    Valamar Argosy Hotel, situated west of Old City, is the perfect place to rest up during you stay in Dubrovnik. It's steps away from he Coral Beach Club, exquisite of the Adriatic and sumptuous dining. Not only is it beautiful but it's easy to get to by public transportation.
  • Transportation
    You won't use the public buses because your hotel is within walking distance of all the interesting sites in town. If you do need to catch a bus, you'll find it easy to understand and affordable.
Itinerary Idea 2
7 days in Croatia
You can extend your stay in Croatia by spending two days in Zagreb right at the beginning of your Croatia Trip.
Zagreb, the nation's capital, is a bustling city, known for its innovative museums , varied shopping and amazing dining culture.
Day 1
Start your Croatia experience in Trg Bana Jelacica, the city's principal square and the spot where the Upper and Lower Towns meet. Here, you will easily locate the bright Tkalciceva Street, which is loaded up with bistros and cafés with sidewalk dining and a variety of boutique. If you like visual art, you'll love Zagreb, because it has some genuinely remarkable art galleries and museums.

Day 2
The awesome cobblestone avenues and red-tiled tops of the structures in medieval Gornji Grad, Zagreb's Upper Town have treasures for you explore. They were once two separate towns known as Kaptol and Gradec. Gornji Grad is home to a significant number of the city's most visited tourist spots, including grand churches and museums.

The rest of your Croatia trip follows the 5-day itinerary.
  • Accomodation
    Esplanade Zagreb Hotel is an affordable luxury hotels in Zagreb that you should try. If you want to stay at a more economical hotel, you have many options, some recommendations: Guesthouse Regal Residence and Hotel Jagerhorn.
  • Transportation
    Zagreb is probably the most convenient place to start a Croatia trip, because a lot of international flights arrive daily. Zagreb has a public transportation system that is pretty affordable. It includes trams that are easily accessible and have low fares, so transportation shouldn't be much of a hassle.
Itinerary Idea 3
Croatia in 10 days
This trip is an extension of the 5-day itinerary. Before heading to Hvar island, visit Korcula. There are so many things to do in Korcula. Because it is surrounded by water, this town has gorgeous views. Plus, the architecture is amazing. Here you can explore the home of Marco Polo and visit St. Mark's Cathedral. Hire a bicycles and ride through the vineyards or Vela Przina beach and Prvi źal beaches. Many of Croatia's rocky beaches are homes to sea urchins. If you're looking for a nice beach to go for a swim, check out the Ispod Duvana beach. You can then head out to Badija Island for a great place to relax. You could spend two to three days in Korcula to complete your Croatia trip.
  • Accomodation
    Hotel Fabris is located in Korcula town in an authentic stone building. You also have other options such as Tara's Lodge Hotel, a comfortable place to stay located in a peaceful location.
  • Transportation
    The best way to get to Korcula is by ferry. Take the Jadrolinja ferry from Dubrovnik to Korcula. There are no flights to Korcula, but buses or cabs reach there easily.
Things to remember:

  • Because Croatia is a popular tourist destination, make sure to book your accommodations as early as possible.

  • Even though Croatia is a member of the European Union, it uses its own currency, the Croatian kuna.

  • Make sure you carry cash in hand for purchasing the tickets for the Dubrovnik cable car. Online and card payments will be accepted but it will be so crowded to finish your payment, hence cash is a better option.

  • It is very important that you bring sunglasses, sunscreens, hats and water bottles as the climate is pretty humid and hot.

  • If you're planning to visit a few museums, consider getting a Dubrovnik Card. This card provides discounts and free entrance for cultural institutions, restaurants and shops.

  • Make sure to carry a good pair of walking shoes as you'll have a lot of walking to do. And a pair of water shoes for all water activities.

If you use our itinerary, you'll have everything you need to explore Croatia with ease!

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