Free Travel Talk:
Post-Covid Travel - What you Need to Know!
Craving an adventure but not sure how to plan? We give our top tips for how you can make the most of your summer while keeping safe!

Thursday, June 17th
7:30 PM (CET) | 10:30 AM (PDT) | 1:30 PM (EDT)
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We understand how tricky it is trying to plan and understanding how to navigate the world during COVID-19, we have gathered a few tips and tricks for you to have fun and be safe this summer!

An interactive Travel Talk will allow us to explain all the ins and outs and answer your questions about regulations, vaccinations, planning and more!
How do I plan where to go?
Understanding the incidence rates, rules, and types of activities available are key to picking your next vacation. We give you food for thought about what you should consider when choosing.
How do I research regulations?
The confusing government websites and everchanging rules can be frustrating when trying to plan. We give you exclusive tips to keep informed!
How do I stay safe?
Safety is a huge concern when travelling, now more than ever. We give you advice on how to keep yourself and your fellow travelers safe during transit, in accomodations, and during activities.
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