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Are you ready for the best weekend getaway ever? πŸ‘‹ Hey people! My name is Filippo, and I'm a 21 years old Italian student in Amsterdam with an insane passion for travelling and discovering new amazing places. If you really love travelling like me, you probably have already wondered how peaceful would it be to cruise on a little boat among the astonishing canals of the Dutch capital. Or you surely would love riding a bike among those endless green fields. If this is the case, then this long weekend is really what you need! 🀩 What to expect from this trip? - A boat tour through the canals of Amsterdam - Exploring like a local - 100 km bike tour from Amsterdam to Rotterdam πŸš΄β€β™‚οΈ - Dutch bakeries and pastries galore 🀀 Together with me, you'll explore Amsterdam in all its corners, so hop on a boat or on a bike with me, and you will experience the lovely vibes of this unique city. Luckily for you, this is not the end of it. All those Dutch pastries you'll eat at Albert Cuypmaarkt will help you on a remarkable 100 km bike ride through some of the best cities and landscapes in the Netherlands, ending up in the modern and thriving city of Rotterdam. Plus, before saluting each other, we'll spend some time visiting one of the best windmills spots in the Netherlands, right outside Amsterdam! In Amsterdam, we will have the opportunity to enjoy together the beauty of cruising on a boat among those beautiful canals, try some Dutch bakery, visit some amazing museums (if you want to! Not included in the price since it's an activity someone can either like or not) and get to live the crazy show this city gives at night. We'll then continue our journey by taking an amazing bike trip I personally did already 2 times: starting from Amsterdam we'll first go to Leiden, then to Den Haag, Delft and finally Rotterdam, where we'll take the train back to Amsterdam. The last day, we'll spend the morning in Zaanse Schans, a small village located 20 km north of Amsterdam. πŸ’° What's included in the price? The cost of the trip might scare you at first, but keep in mind Amsterdam is really expensive (especially accommodation). I included: - Accommodation costs - Transportation costs and bike rental costs - Various activities like the boat cruise and A'Dam lookout - A buffer equal to 10% of the total cost of the trip - A fee for organizing and leading the trip Food costs have not been included since everyone is different in his/her needs, and it would have been difficult to estimate a fixed cost for food for everyone. However, I would actually consider the buffer also for that, just keep in mind it couldn't be enough. Overall, the costs couldn't be driven any lower, since Amsterdam is very expensive as I previously mentioned and we'll be doing every kind of activity you could possibly do in this amazing city! 😎 This trip is perfect for you if... you are social, energetic, and willing to spend considerable hours outside doing every kind of activity! It won't be a long stay indeed, and of course places to see and things to do are always a lot! Therefore, I'll do my best in order to ensure you will experience the Netherlands in the best way possible, by providing you with an incredible all-round experience, so you can leave this place loving it as much as I do! If you are interested in this incredible adventure, please don't hesitate to contact me to have further details! πŸ“­ See you in Ams!
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Hey there! This is Filippo, I'm 21 and I come from Italy. I lived my whole childhood and teenage years there but 2 years ago I decided to change my life and commit myself to something I truly love, travelling and discovering new things everyday. I currently study in the Netherlands, in the amazing city of Amsterdam, where everything can happen. I have loads of passions (maybe too many) such as playing sports and music, I'm extremely social and love to connect with new people around the globe, therefore you surely won't have a hard time finding something to talk about with me. If you are looking for extremely cheap and dangerous adventures into the wild then probably you found your ideal tripmate!
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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-3
Amsterdam is not as big as you may think! It's really easy to walk around in the city center, and the best thing you can do there, is renting a bike and just get lost among these gorgeous houses and canals. Besides sightseeing, we'll also visit Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum, cruise on a boat among the canals, hang on the edge of A'dam Lookout and enjoy some sun in Vondelpark (if sunny haha, not always guaranteed by Dutch weather).


Day 3
We will arrive in Leiden after 50 km of biking, so we are just going to rest a bit and do some sightseeing in the city center! It is not that big of a city, but has some cool vibes, and it is full of students from all over the world.

The Hague

Day 3
Not the official capital of the Netherlands, but still the city where the Parliament, the Government and the Head of the State reside. As in Leiden, we won't stay long, but I'm sure you'll enjoy walking on the streets of a really underrated European city!


Day 3
Right after Den Haag, we'll arrive in Delft, the hidden gem of this country. It is a really small city, but with its wonderful vibes you'll feel like in a mini-Amsterdam. Well known for having really too many churches in its city center, I personally believe it has the potential to be one of the most beautiful cities in the Netherlands!


Day 3
As soon as we'll enter this enormous city (the biggest in the Netherlands) you'll ask yourself why you ended up in NY. This will be the end of our trip, we'll enjoy the amazing skyline that this city has to offer, and then we'll make our way back to Amsterdam!


Day 3-4
Last night in Amsterdam has arrived! We'll arrive around 10/11 pm from Rotterdam, since the whole bike tour is going to last for the whole day, but I can assure you will sleep like a baby after a 100 km bike ride.

Zaanse Schans

Day 4
Picturesque village where you can enjoy some typical Dutch windmills views. Unfortunately, this will be the end of your stay here in Amsterdam, but luckily you'll go home with some nice postcards from this amazing place!
4 days trip
Amsterdam, Leiden & 5 more
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