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Hi! We are already a group, looking for more to join! :) Get ready for an unforgettable adventure to Japan and Hong Kong! I already created the perfect itinerary for us! So pack your bags and discover Tokyo and Hong Kong with me! Do not miss the opportunity to savor the exquisite flavors of sushi or Dim Sum, taking unique pictures and making memories for a lifetime together.

About me: I’m Kathi, 28 years old and born in Austria. I already organized many JoinMyTrip group trips and it was always a lot of fun! Traveling is my passion and I truly enjoy planning trips. You can find all my trips when you click on my profile. Or read more about me here: https://www.joinmytrip.com/en/t/tripleader/kathichristalon

Where will we stay? Our accommodation in Tokyo will be a capsule hostel, you will have your own cabin and bathrooms are shared. The accommodation is modern and breakfast is included in our stay. You will also receive your own sleep analysis afterwards. The capsule unit will scientifically measure your sleeping condition. Our accommodation in Hong Kong will be a hotel and rooms will be shared. Important: The train pass in Japan is not included in the cost. We will discuss together which one to get, depending on how long you stay, as there are several options available. Do you have a question? Ask in the Q&A! I'm happy to hop on a call with you after booking, to see if we get along and if this trip matches your expectations. Can’t wait to hear from you! 🙌🏻

What's included?
Accommodation (shared room)
Skytree Entrance
3x Breakfast
Trip planning and packing list
Hong Kong street tour
Bus to Macau
Roundtrip Peak Tram ticket
Guided walking tour of Old Town Central
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More Info about me: https://www.joinmytrip.com/en/t/tripleader/kathichristalon ❤️

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You can chat with Katharina once you reserve your spot.
Trip Itinerary


Day 1-2
We will meet at our accommodation in Tokyo. Get to know your TripMates and head out to explore! We will experience the famous Shibuya Crossing, one of the busiest pedestrian crossings in the world. Enjoy the view from a café or take part in the crossing itself. Wrap up your day with dinner in Shibuya, where you'll find a wide range of dining options, from izakayas to international cuisine.


Day 2-3
Modern Tokyo! We will start your day at Tsukiji Outer Market, where you can sample fresh sushi and explore the bustling stalls selling seafood and Japanese snacks. We will continue to Ginza, Tokyo's high-end shopping district, and explore luxury boutiques, department stores, and the famous Wako Building. Of course, we also have to head to Tokyo Station and visit "Ramen Street" in the basement, where you can choose from several renowned ramen shops for lunch.


Day 3-4
Since Tokio is huge and there is a lot to see, we will have one more day to explore based on our interests! There is no fixed program yet, we can discuss what to do together or split the group. Nevertheless, the evening will end with a last group dinner or drinks together. Make sure to also try Sake! It is an integral part of Japanese culture and cuisine, and it's a must-try beverage for visitors.


Day 4-5
The next morning, we will have breakfast together and check out of our accommodation. We will head to the airport and fly to Hong King to continue our journey! Once arrived, we will have a traditional dinner together.

Hong Kong

Day 5-6
The Dark Side of the City Walking Tour: While Hong Kong is known as a thriving international finance center, visitors are often only shown the bright side of the city, with popular attractions like The Peak, Victoria Harbour, and Big Buddha taking center stage. But what about the 1.5 million people living in poverty, making Hong Kong one of the most unequal places on earth? Our tour delves into the heart of Hong Kong’s capitalist system, giving you a first-hand look at the grim reality many of its citizens face. You’ll visit a subdivided unit in one of the city’s poorest districts, providing a stark contrast to the economic prosperity that seems so abundant.

Hong Kong

Day 6-7
Hong Kong city tour: Discover the history of Hong Kong on a guided tour of the city. Ride the historic Peak Tram, explore Old Town Central, ride the longest outdoor escalator, and savor dim sims at Tim Ho Wan restaurant.

Macau Island

Day 7-8
Just an hour away, but quite different from Hong Kong, is Macau: the mega-resort and casino center that also has interesting historical sights. We will take a bus to Macau and explore the city by foot.

Hong Kong

Day 8
The next morning, we will have breakfast together and check out of our accommodation. You can continue your own journey or take your flight back home. Hopefully we will see each other on another trip!
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Tokyo, Tokyo & 6 more
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