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✈ Trip Overview ✈ : Cyprus looks and feels like a Mediterranean island of Greece, mainly because of its culture, landscape, and the Greek descent of the people in the South. It offers a combination of scenic road trips and hiking trails, with panoramic views of coastlines, vastly green mountains, stunning and diverse landscapes, charming villages, and historical sites. November is a month where most days are still sunny and warm and perfect for road trips, hiking, and exploration. We will aim for an all-round road trip, spending 2-3 hours per day on the road. On most days, we will be exploring the best hiking trails at scenic locations (easy to moderate difficulty paths) or exploring picturesque places, while allowing some time for relaxation and leisure. During the trip, I will explain how the natural elements can help us cleanse our minds and energy while offering simple guided meditations, practices, and mindfulness hikes. The aim will be to connect with ourselves deeply, release some load, and create moments of clarity. We will also cross the border (do bring your passport) and venture into the Northern Territory occupied by Turkey since 1974. That will offer a quite unique experience of being immersed in an Eastern culture and environment all while being on the same trip.

🙋‍♀️ About me 🙋‍♀️ : I am a 33-year-old wellness coach, emotional therapist, adventurer, explorer, and addicted traveler! Being born on the beautiful island of Cyprus, I have explored many places - some not even known to travel agents! As a local, I would love to guide you around and show you the best places on the island. 🌞 A regular day 🌞 : Most of the days will be full of prescheduled activities, meaning that we will have to wake up early, leave the hotel by 8-9 a.m., and follow a schedule. However, there will be two days (days 4 & 5) where more flexibility is possible, in case you want to take some time off for yourself instead of following the group. Since hiking is a part of this trip, good physical condition, and hiking shoes are necessary. 😋 Food😋 : We will be having breakfast at or around the hotel and snacks or light lunch on the road (cheap options/stops). I will make some suggestions for dinner if you are a culinary experience lover who wants to taste the delicacies of the island. 🪙 Additional costs 🪙 : Bus to and from the airport is €2.40 one way. Food will roughly cost €20-30 per day, depending on where we eat. Any other group expenses will be equally shared between members of the group.

🏠 Accommodation 🏠 : We will be sleeping at a different Hotel or Airbnb property each night. There will be a variety as some are on the higher end, while others – especially in hard-to-reach areas – are of a more basic, but decent quality. Allow me to surprise you! Accommodation will be shared (2-3 persons in each room), but single occupancy can be arranged upon request at a higher fee. Solo travelers, couples, or friends are all welcomed! On day 5 we will have access to a washing machine, which will make your packing list quite compact and your bag small enough to fit in the car (either a carry-on suitcase or a backpack is suggested).

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Holistic Coach & Therapist, Nature Lover and Adventurer with a Passion for Travelling and Exploring the World's Edges

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I enjoyed every moment of this trip 💜 Thanks to Christina I was able to visit both sides of Cyprus and explore this amazing island, most important, with a local guide. Christina introduced to me local cypriot traditions, food and lifestyle, which I totally loved. My other tripmates were very friendly and nice too and we got along very good together, it was a nice way to get to know people :). The best part was that we could decide and be flexible about our next destination or how we will spend our next day, as we were all expressing our wishes and had similar interests. We made a lot of memories and took many unforgettable photos together. In this trip we had every kind of destination & landscapes: big cultural cities🌃, nature🍃, mountains⛰️, sea🌊, beach🏝️, caves🗻, old castles 🛕& churches⛪️, beautiful sunsets🌄 and lots of cats 😋. It was an awesome experience and I totally recommend it to anyone who s up to a new adventure and love to get to know new people.🧡
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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-2
Arrive at the airport and get the bus to Finikoudes. Within 20 minutes you will be at the coastal area of Larnaca where I’ll pick you up. We will spend the day there, relaxing on Finikoudes Beach, exploring the city's historical and cultural landmarks, and enjoying the vibrant promenade. Overnight stay in Larnaca.

Cavo Greco National Park

Day 2
In the morning, we will drive to Cape Greco in Ayia Napa and explore the National Forest Park for a scenic hike and beach experience, watching wild cliffs and crystal blue waters. Here you will have the option to take a longer hike towards the sea caves or a shorter one and also spend some time sunbathing on one of the most beautiful beaches in Cyprus, Konnos Beach.


Day 2-3
We will spend the rest of the day exploring the magnificently preserved walled city of Famagusta, which is full of history and cheap, charming shops and cafés. This route is a great opportunity to see the differences between the two parts of Cyprus. To reach the city, we will cross the border to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and through the Ghost Town of Varosha. Overnight stay.

St. Hilarion Castle Peak

Day 3
Early on, we will head towards St. Hilarion Castle in the Kyrenia mountain range. Only when directly beneath it does its entire fairy-tale outline become evident. The crumbling towers, secret passageways, and stone walls of the half-ruined buildings meld into the rocky environment to create a castle straight out of a child's fantasy. The challenging ascent to the top and the "Queen's Window" which is carved in Gothic style, offers a magnificent panoramic view that is well worth the climb. The breathtaking views of Kyrenia and the surrounding areas of the North Cyprus landscape are the trophies.

Bellapais Abbey

Day 3
Right after the castle, we will hit the road towards the stunning ruins of the ancient Bellapais Abbey. This abbey has something for everyone, whether you're interested in history, architecture, or simply soaking up the Mediterranean atmosphere. We will explore the abbey and enjoy a meal in one of the local restaurants with beautiful views over the coastline.


Day 3-4
The last driving stop for the day will be the world’s last divided capital city, Nicosia. Cyprus is divided into two halves by the so-called Green Line, which separates the "Greek" south from the "Turkish" north. The capital city, Nicosia, is also divided, although a crossing point allows visitors to visit both halves of the old town in a single day. The contrast between the two sections of the city will strike you as soon as we cross the border on foot. We will explore both sides of the old town. Overnight stay in North Nicosia.


Day 4-5
On day 4, we will drive and spend the day in Kakopetria. This beautiful village is a popular resort due to its charming character and the enchanting setting of the pine forests that stretch all the way to the Karkotis Valley. It enjoys the beautiful sound of streams from the rivers, which are united at the center of the village. The old quarter of the village, with its narrow cobbled streets and its little houses with tiled roofs and beautifully made wooden balconies, has been declared a protected cultural heritage site. We will spend a relaxed day here, wandering around and hiking short nature trails in the area. Overnight stay.


Day 5-6
On the northern slopes of the Troodos mountain range, Kalopanayiotis is situated in the Setrachos River's evergreen valley. It is the first settlement found in the most hilly region of Cyprus while traveling up from Nicosia. It offers a combination of paved streets and walkways, chapels and churches, and is an example of a genuine traditional community unaffected by modern civilization. We will walk by the river's healing waters, encountering watermills and a Venetian bridge. Overnight stay.

Paphos Forest

Day 6
After breakfast, we will head to Paphos Forest, where we will admire stunning views and crystal clear air. We will explore Cyprus's emerald heart, the Cedar Valley, a stunning valley filled with enormous, centuries-old cedars, a type of tree that is unique to Cyprus and nearby Lebanon. Then, we will continue to Stavros tis Psokas, the home to the endangered Mouflon, an indigenous type of wild sheep found only on the island. Lastly, we will hike a short trail with an amazing view, known by very few!

Kato Pyrgos

Day 6-7
The last stop of the day is Kato Pyrgos, in Paphos. We will check in to our sea viewing hotel and rest after a long day. Kato Pyrgos is a very small village, and you will have the chance to walk around if you would like. Overnight stay.

Baths of Aphrodite

Day 7
Early in the morning, we will road trip the scenic upper coastal area of Paphos, heading towards the Baths of Aphrodite. Legend says that Aphrodite - the Goddess of Love and Beauty - met and fell in love with her lover Adonis at this beautiful spot. We'll first enter the Akamas Natural Reserve Park through a botanical garden that contains the majority of the region's perennial indigenous species. Then, a 2.5km pathway to the west of the baths follows the legendary path that Aphrodite would travel after her bath to repose under a great oak tree. From here, the trail divides into the "Aphrodite" and "Adonis" hiking routes. We will hike the Aphrodite's trail, which is a 7.5km or 3 hours long trail and has the best views of the coastline.

Aphrodite’s Rock

Day 7-8
Imagine that the sun will be gradually setting toward Paphos's seaside. As we travel by car, we'll keep an eye out for the exit that leads to one of Cyprus's most well-known locations, all while being in a pleasant state of mind, relaxed, and eager to see something new and divine. Get the chance to witness an amazing sunset at Aphrodite's mythical birthplace while listening to the legend of how she was born from the ocean. Overnight stay at Paphos.

Κourion Ancient Amphitheater

Day 8
We start our day by visiting Kourion City, one of the most important city-kingdoms in antiquity. Kourion Amphitheatre, an impressive Greco-Roman theatre by the sea, is now one of the most well-liked locations for prestigious cultural events. It has been renovated and is currently utilized for outdoor musical and dramatic performances, mostly in the summer.

Pano Lefkara

Day 8
As a final destination for our road trip, we will visit Pano Lefkara, located in the Larnaca region. Pano Lefkara is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, considered one of Cyprus' most authentic and wonderfully maintained villages in terms of architecture, landscape, traditional crafts, and heritage. The village's continuous and laborious attempts to preserve its original charm and identity have made it acknowledged around the world. Lefkara is famed for its 'Lefkaritiko' lace and silversmith workmanship. We will spend an afternoon wandering around its streets to get a feel for the Cypriot culture and traditions.


Day 8-9
Lastly, we will head back to Larnaca where we started. Here we will check into our hotel and spend a final relaxing night by the sea, having a goodbye dinner and getting ready for your flight the next day.
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Or to be more accurate, no plans to spend like a whole day in Ayia Napa? Morning, nightlife. Etc..

There will be half a day spend in Kavo Grego, which is in Ayia Napa - hiking in the national forest by the sea and/or sunbathing at the beach. There is not much nightlife in November there, so not wor... Read More

Will accommodation be in shared rooms? Also only at 1 place or will move?

Hey Nour! Thanks for your message. Yes, we will share rooms (2 people per room on single beds). In case you are interested in a private room, I can accommodate you, but there will be a higher cost inv... Read More

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