Mystical Mayan Traditions: Magical Day of the Dead Celebration in Mexico

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Join my guided incredible adventure through ancient Mayan wonders and vibrant traditions! We'll kick off in Oaxaca - the epicenter of the most colorful celebration in Mexico. And get ready for your Day of the Dead at its finest and join the lively festivities! I have booked 2 hotels. I have a few spots left for you to join. I am guiding a small group of travelers from Oaxaca to the Pacific coast (that's the part that I have described here and you can join) and then we are heading to Chiapas and Yucatan, with the grand finale at the Caribbean coast. If you want - you can also join the full trip. Just let me know in advance and I will let you know all the details. This trip will be a culture-shock extravaganza with loads of hidden gems and local villages, where sacred Day of the Dead celebrations blend in with a mystical Mayan cemetery. This trip is a kaleidoscope of history, myth, and pure fun – join us!

About me: Hey there, fellow adventurer! If you're all about hidden gems, ancient cultures, and off-the-grid escapades, you've found your perfect guide! I've been soaking up the magic of Mexico and diving into Mayan mysteries for decades. Call me your modern-day Mayan Indiana Jones!

Accommodation: We will have cozy digs with a sprinkle of comfort! No worries about bunking up – each duo gets their own space, no bed-sharing shenanigans, I promise! Couples, don't fret, your privacy is top-notch! In a jungle zone, we will stay in simple huts, but mosquito-net is all you will need. And roof of course... If you have any questions, please ask in the Q&A. See you!

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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-5
Get ready for a Mexican fiesta! We kick things off in the kaleidoscopic streets of Oaxaca. Dive into vibrant neighborhoods, stroll charming streets, and savor local market delights. Day 2, buckle up as we head to a nearby village. Explore their unique traditions and immerse in their rich culture. Back in Oaxaca, it's time to transform into Day of the Dead revelers! Grab your face paint, put on a superhero cape, and blend in, and let's light up the night!

Puerto Escondido

Day 5-7
After an intense and colorful celebration, we are heading towards the Pacific coast. This is the time to relax while enjoying incredibly beautiful nature and experiences. Have you ever heard about Bioluminescence? Well - you will experience that too and become a godmother/father of a baby turtle or visit an incredible nature park to see huge crocodiles. And that's not even all...


Day 7-8
One of the most iconic beaches in Oaxaca state. And you will be there. Surfing, swimming, wave catching or just chilling on the beach after a yoga session - it's up to you! But I can guarantee - you will love it
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Apartments & Hotel
8 days trip
Oaxaca, Puerto Escondido & 1 more
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