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Why become a TripLeader

You plan and organize a trip exactly according to your wishes and take care of booking accommodation and transportation at the destination.

Committed Travelers

You are in control of the itinerary and choose your TripMates. TripMates confirm and secure their spot with a down-payment of 20%. This way they show their commitment, and you can be sure to have a great group of TripMates.

We are there for you

Whether you want to know where to find pictures for your trip or how to best inform your TripMates - our team will support you before, on, and after your trip!

How to become a TripLeader


Plan & Offer

Organize your trip and set a price: you decide how much you earn. Offer your trip to our community of like-minded travelers. Everything is free, including our customer support. We even help you to set up your trip.


Select like-minded TripMates

Interested TripMates ask to join your trip. Choose the ones you like. They immediately pay a first installment of 20% of the total trip price to ensure their commitment. The remaining 80% are automatically transferred to your bank account at least 4 weeks before the trip starts.


Travel together

Travel hassle-free with your TripMates.  Explore the world in a small group, share your experiences with like-minded travelers and collect amazing memories. Come back home with new friends.

Safety and Trust at JoinMyTrip

Emergency Number

A trip that runs smoothly is the most fun. In some rare cases something might go wrong. If so, we are here for you. You can call us at any time, and we will support you to the best of our ability.

Training and Documentation

In our TripLeader Academy you will learn how to behave in the case of a highly unlikely emergency. Moreover, we provide TripLeaders with checklists and how-to guides. We have already experienced a lot on our travels and have mastered all situations.

JoinMyTrip is built on trust

All TripLeaders must undergo a know-your-customer process. This is our first layer of trust. TripMates need to provide a down-payment to ensure their commitment (2nd layer). Since travelling in a group is always safer, this is our 3rd layer of trust. And last but not least, TripLeaders and TripMates review each other after their trip. This ensures a respectful community (4th layer).

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