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Hi there, My name is Hiba - a pleasure to e-meet you. After graduating, I have traveled to 10+ countries over the past couple of years! 🎒. I have organized several trips with JoinMyTrip and this time the place is very close to my heart! What I am going to offer is everything but ordinary. If you are interested in working remotely from a standard country, in a standard location, you are absolutely wrong here! :) Let's go CoWorking in my home country, Lebanon 🎉. Yes, right - Lebanon! This country is special in every sense: 1. A super beautiful landscape awaits you: the Mediterranean Sea is directly connected to a mountain range that goes up to above 3.000 meters (~10,000 feed). Also, the country is very green (no desert here, sorry!)🏝️⛰️ 2. The country is super international: Whereas you might have trouble getting around with English in a French or German supermarket, you won't have any trouble here at all! 🌐 3. Very diverse country: not just because of all the different religions living peacefully (yes!) next to each other (47.8% Muslim, 45.2% Christian and 5.72% Druze) but also because you are pretty much allowed to do whatever you want! 🙏👳‍♀️🧕🏻👱🏻‍♂️🧔🏿 - everyone is welcome :) 4-100: find out yourself!! So who do I search for? Open-minded people that want to work in a sunny and relaxed place. I am quite hardworking but everyone in the group is obviously free to do whatever and whenever they want. In the evening I like to grab a sundowner 🌅, go for a swim during lunch break 🏊 and explore the country on the weekend. And I will definitely not miss out on a good party (don't need to party every day though)! My experience from two past JoinMyTrip trips makes me believe that a good mixture of everything and freedom for everyone in the group makes a great group trip! If you have any questions: message me! Looking forward to hearing from you.
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I experienced my first JoinMyTrip with Hiba and felt welcome from the first second! Hiba is super considerate, open-minded and humorous, so you take her straight to your heart. I'm already looking forward to the next trip!
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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-21
Our home base will be in Byblos. A small really nice village directly at the sea. It is the longest permanently inhabited settling in the world! Next to nice little shops there is plenty of very good restaurants. Depending of the time of the day and where we want to go Byblos is about 30-45min from Beirut and 10mins to Batroun (another really nice coastal village). Our accommodation is a nice boutique hotel that I negotiated an absolute special rate for us (the owner is a very close friend :D ). Instead of 70€ per night (and that is already a Corona discounted rate usually you paid 110€/per night) we only pay 35€ per night + 5€ per breakfast! So everyone is going to have their own room with a small desk but we will also have access to a conference room (which is included in our rate). I will get sim cards for all of us with 60 GB/week of data to make extra sure that all of us have always super fast internet. Obviously, there is internet at the hotel, but you might want to work from the beach club which we have free access to (included in our rate)! We can also have the option of a airport pickup that would come down to 20€ round trip for max 3 people (per car) - special rate of course 😊 So as you can see - everything is being taken care of, all you need to do is convince your boss / partner / clients / whoever that you can work from here.


Day 21
Beirut is the capital and largest city of Lebanon. It has round about 2.2 million inhabitants. When I first arrived it left me in awe: it is way more modern than I expected and not as chaotic. Instead you immediately understand what Lebanese value a lot: food and drinks. You'll find very nice restaurants and bars everywhere. Also there is _amazing_ clubbing. I cannot say too much about shopping but judging by how Lebanese are dressed I'd assume there is plenty of option for day long shopping tours. I've also been to a few museums which are quite impressive and yacht harbors (only to chill and relax). So as you can see, Beirut is definitely a city that won't get boring ever!

Zedern des Herrn

Day 21
The name says it all: "cedars of god". This place is magical and sacred to Lebanese. After all the tree on the national flag is a cedar tree ;) There are extremely nice hikes around the area, as there are in pretty much every other area of Lebanon as well (we won't get bored if we want to be sporty).


Day 21
Batroun is an amazing and very lively coastal village. It has a very tranquil and hipstary flair. You can do what every you want: enjoying the sun at the beach, in a restaurant or go for some day-time drinking. If you want to be a bit more active you can go for standup paddeling, biking, swimming, jet skiing,.......

Sept Winery

Day 21
This is just an example of a nice winery in the mountains. You get unbelievable views, amazing foods and - guess what - really really nice wine! Who would have thought so?!
Hotel & Apartments
21 days trip
Byblos, Beirut & 3 more
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