Korfu Flotilla Sailing Trip through the Ionian Islands

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We will sail together with another yacht from island to island and bay to bay onboard my yacht that has just completed a sail around the world and is equipped with many nice toys like a SUP and a watermaker that makes life on the sea comfortable and chill. We will do a good mix of swimming around the boat in anchorages, visiting 1-2 island towns and explore there, visiting beach bars and Tavernas and maybe take a scooter to drive around an island. We will pool about 200 Euros per person at the start of the trip for the "crew kitty" to get food and drinks for the week and for marina fees and for re-fueling the boat at the end of the trip.

About Me! I am a 37-year-old German journalist who quit his job to sail around the world. I have also worked as a yacht skipper as a side job for 10+ years. I have also a masters degree in Political Science and Sociology. I am easygoing and uncomplicated as a person.

The boat has 4 double cabins. You share your cabin usually with another crew member of the same sex unless you want it differently. We also have 2 mattresses to sleep on deck and 2 hammocks. We have two bathrooms. In the middle of the boat is the salon with kitchen and big table with sofa area to hang out, cook and eat. Any questions about the trip? You can let me know in the Q&A section!

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Swimming toys
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Trip Itinerary

Corfu Old Town

Day 1-2
At the beginning of our trip we will start in and anchor near to Korfu town. We will first get some food for the whole week and then have an introduction to the boat and a safety briefing. Via the boats dinghy we will get to land and explore the old town, its bars and tavernas. The view of the old town from the anchorage is also quite nice.

Kassiopi Bay

Day 2-3
After starting at Korfu Old town and getting some first sailing experience, the picturesque little village of Kassiopi, nestled among rock formations on the north coast of Korfu will be our first stop. We will explore its cafes and wander around in the little streets.

Porto Timoni beach

Day 3-4
On day two we will sail a bit more, about 4 hours, along the impressive Corfu north coast with its rock cliffs and formations. For the afternoon we arrive in the Porto Limoni area: Clear blue water framed by impressive stone formations, a cute little beach and big green mountain ranges: Thats the landscape in Western Korfu whose bays we will explore 1-2 days. And a bit on land too. They have cute little tavernas and even a bit hiking may be possible, for sure up the hill in one of the several anchorages right next to each other. Never stop exploring!

Issos Beach

Day 4-5
On our way back to Corfu old town, we anchor at this amazing huge lagoon beach. It is so yellow it almost appears orange at times. You can either watch the beach from the boat, watch the boat from one of the chic beach chairs or wander around in the sand dunes. In the evening we will take a sundowner at the elegant beach bar.


Day 5-6
South of Korfu, we will also stop in this impressive bay with picture perfect blue water, framed by the green shore, its an almost perfect natural harbor. Besides swimming around the boat, we might also explore a bit on shore.


Day 6
If we have time, we will explore one of the charming bays with its azure blue waters that the island of Antipaxos offers. That will mean a lot of time to swim around the boat and to the beach and maybe explore a bit on shore too. In the evening we cook together on the boat after some sundowner drinks and then watch the stars when chilling on deck after dinner.

Corfu Old Town

Day 6-7
At the end of our trip we return after a longer 7 hour daysail on the water to Ormos Garitsas, the wide bay south of Korfu Old town with its many dozens of boats at anchorage - quite a scene with the old town in the background to spend the evening a last time to cook our last food and then enjoy eating it on deck - with a view
Trip Summary
7 days trip
Corfu Old Town, Kassiopi Bay & 5 more
What's excluded?
Transport to start harbor
Diesel for boat
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