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! The group is already full ! Hi all, I have already offered several trips here and made only good experiences. This time it should go to Ukraine. Let's explore the city of Kiev together and do a day trip to Chernobyl! Details in the stop descriptions. I am looking forward to your messages.
Trip Itinerary


Day 1-2
Day of arrival and getting acquainted in Kiev. The meeting point is in our accommodation.


Day 2-3
We will spend the whole day in the city and see the main sights of Kiev such as St. Sophia Cathedral and the Cave Monastery.


Day 3-4
Equipped with rubber boots, flashlight and helmet, we venture underground: We will visit a forgotten civilian bunker and learn how it feels to have to hide there. Further we will visit the tunnel system or an underground river. An adventurous day!


Day 4-5
We will take a day tour to the Chernobyl exclusion zone - this is where the reactor accident took place in 1986. Equipped with a Geigen counter, a guide will show us the abandoned area. Although the radiation is still high in parts, it is not harmful during a short stay.


Day 5-7
After the somewhat depressing visit to Chernobyl, we will spend the following day relaxing on the beach or shopping. Departure possible on the 19th or 20th

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