Discover Jordan - float in the Dead Sea, Snorkel to see Corals and Camp on Martian Red Sands!

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Let's go visit the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan! March is the best time to visit Jordan when winter subsides. Jordan has a lot to offer to make one of a kind travel experience. I am planning to cover all must have experiences. Starting from cultural walks to canyoning, feeling weightless as we naturally float on Dead Sea, having my first time therapeutic mud bath experience and clicking a group picture with that muddy look, snorkeling in Red Sea to witness some beautiful aquatic life and lastly, experiencing one of my most favorite nature delights - gazing at the stars at the wadi rum while glamping. I am looking for a group picture in the red sands of the desert where the movie Martian was shot. And last but not the least, learn more about the history. I am Niharika, currently a working professional. I love travelling and exploring new places. I believe every culture and place is special and gives a lot to learn from. Travelling opens up the mind and releases all kinds of negativity. I like the idea of meditation (I love practicing it, but don't make time for it after continuing for a few days). I love fantasy and love creative story writing. Like most of you I am a fan of Naruto, Harry Potter besides a few others like FRIENDS. But these two are directly linked to my soul. I am 30, Indian, and planning to see most of what is in my bucket list by the time I turn 40. I love connecting with people from diverse backgrounds. The trip will start from Amman and will go on for 7 days covering jerash, Ajloun, Dead Sea, Red Sea, Wadi Mujib, Petra, Wadi Rum. I am looking for 5 trip mates who are nature lovers, like exploring various cultures, hiking and those who love water activities. I am an early morning person and while on the move, I usually wake up early to catch sunrise views and spend more time in the places that I like before sunset. Please join me if you too like to make the most out of the day, getting the best possible experiences while travelling. What's included in trip cost: - Car rental - Local guide cost for the siq trail trek (includes climbing, splashing, hiking, sliding, and jumping through a stunning gorge!) - Snorkelling in red sea - Mud bath in dead sea - Accommodation (sharing) - Jeep tour on the martian sands in wadi rum desert What's excluded: - Food and shopping - Air tickets - Jordan pass - Travel insurance (free for German and Austrian residents) - Any activities apart from what's in the itinerary - Local guide cost (optional) apart from siq trail trek See you in Jordan!
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Life is beautiful with travel and gratitude :)

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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-3
We will arrive at Amman on Day 1 and check-in at the hotel. In the evening we will walk down the rainbow street and have food in one of their most famous place "AlQuds Falafel" and explore more during the pleasant evening time and get back to hotel by 9-10 PM. On Day 2, we will wake up early and reach the Citadel before 6 AM to watch the breathtaking sunrise view. Then we will visit the Roman Theatre followed by Jordan museum, which hosts the country's most important archeological findings. We will then move to King Abdullah Mosque, a beautiful mosque with a wonderful blue dome. It welcomes visitors from all faiths. We will have lunch in one of the famous cafés - "Jungle fever coffee and tea house" that sits inside "National gallery of fine arts" with a beautiful view of the mosque. We will get back to the hotel to recharge and start our downtown tour in the evening, where we will explore the local shops and check out the street arts.


Day 3
We will start our day at 6 AM in the morning and leave for Jerash. Inhabited since the Bronze Age, Jerash is known for the ruins of the walled Greco-Roman settlement of Gerasa just outside the modern city. These include the 2nd-century Hadrian’s Arch, the Corinthian columns of the Temple of Artemis and the huge Forum’s oval colonnade.


Day 3
Ajloun castle was a 12th century muslim castle built on a hill top. Even though not much of the remains of the castle are there as of today, it's worth visiting for the breathtaking views from the top of the castle. We will leave the castle by 11:30 AM for the last stop of the day.

Dead Sea

Day 3-4
It's said that floating in the Dead Sea is something every visitor should experience. It's the lowest point on the surface of earth. You float effortlessly due to the high salinity of the water. We will reach and check in to our hotel by 4 PM. After floating for 10 minutes, we will have the iconic therapeutic mud bath. The mud from Dead Sea is considered to be excellent for skin. Once it's cake dry, we will bathe again in the Dead Sea and clear the mud for another 15-20 mins. Then we will freshen up at the hotel and watch the beautiful sun set by the sea.

Wadi Mujib

Day 4
We will again start our day early at 6:30 AM and start for Wadi Mujib. After having a good breakfast we will start our guided trek in the siq trail which is an epic hike with a combination of climbing and swimming. We will hike through this river canyon with a local guide. This experience is going to be one of the most memorable one that would include close to 3 hours of climbing, splashing, hiking, sliding, and jumping through a stunning gorge!

Wadi Musa

Day 4-5
We will then drive along the king's scenic highway to Wadi Musa. It's the nearest town near to the archeological site of Petra. On the way, we will halt in some scenic places to click memories. After this 3 hours of drive, we will check in at our hotel and freshen up. We will watch the sun set over a refreshing drink from the hotel.

Wadi Musa

Day 5-6
We will start our day after having breakfast at the hotel. This Rose City in Jordan is famous for its multi-coloured sandstone and genuine Nabatean architecture, making it one of the most admired archaeological treasures in the Middle East and the world. We will check out from the hotel and reach the visitor center. From there we will start with Bab Al-Siq Triclinium. The triclinium is a chamber with three benches, which the Nabateans used to honour the dead by sacrificing feasts every year. It also neighbors the Egyptian-influenced Obelisk Tomb. Bab Al-Siq, or the door of the Siq, is also the gate to the main entrance to Petra, from where our 1,200m-long (3,937ft) journey will begin. We will visit the treasury, followed by the high place of sacrifice where the Nabateans used to hold religious ceremonies honouring their gods. Then we will go to the Royal Tomb and then walk 800 stairs to reach another famed monument of petra, the monastery, Ad-Deir. That is where we will halt for some more time to watch a beautiful sun set. We will chill over an evening coffee and snack and then visit the treasury in the night again. It's said paying it a night visit will lift one into another magical dimension, as hundreds of candles are illuminated to guide the path through the Siq and to the glorious Treasury.

Wadi Rum Village

Day 6-7
Wadi Rum is a stunning mountainous desert in the south of Jordan. The spectacular landscape of massive sandstone cliffs, incredible rock formations and endless red sand valleys make this desert so uniquely beautiful. Wadi Rum is a perfect destination for adventure seekers, photographers and nature lovers. We will visit the red sand dunes, Lawrence’s spring, the Khazali canyon, the house of Lawrence, Abu Khashaba canyon and Um Frouth Arch. This is the place where many movies like Martian, Dune, Star Wars were shot.


Day 7-8
We will start for our most relaxing part of the trip early in the morning. This city has a rich history that starts from pre-biblical times. It's Jordan's window to the Red Sea. We will swim in the crystal clear water of Red Sea and snorkel to see some most fantastic fish look at us and see some of the most beautiful corals in the world! If lucky, we may even see a group of dolphins swimming by! The contrast with the arid desert landscape on land cannot be greater!


Day 8
Next day, we will travel back to Amman with a lot of beautiful memories and pictures to remember. We will fly back to our respective places on this day. Looking forward to travel together and have some amazing time!
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