Japan: Climb Mt Fuji, Mario Kart in Tokyo, Meet a Geisha, Universal studios, Temples, Numerous cities

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🇯🇵 Japan for most is high on their bucket list! While its many traditions and cultural landmarks persist, Japan is also one of the leading economic and technological centres of the world. Ancient gods and traditional customs sit side by side with cutting edge technologies and trendy pop culture, and there is always something new to experience on a visit. Take a further look at this destination & itinerary & you’ll be up signing up straight away! I am looking for fun, open-minded TripMates who enjoy good conversation, a mixture of activities & trying new things to join me on an EPIC adventure experiencing this magical country 🤩🤗 👋🏽 I am 31, British 🇬🇧 & have been traveling solo for over 15 years across 65 countries! I organised group & individual trips as a career for over 8 years around Asia, Africa, the Oceania & Americas. Currently, I manage ultra high net worth clients travels as a personal manager for a luxury concierge company. You can read more about me & my sustainability focused travels on my profile 🥰 INCLUSIONS: ➡️ Logistics & booking responsibility removed from yourself & taken care of ➡️ Accommodation (Dorm rooms or shared rooms, only within our group). Privates can be arranged at an extra cost ➡️ Activities & tours mentioned in the itinerary ➡️ All transport between stops & for activities mentioned in the itinerary ➡️ Experienced, fun & knowledgeable trip leader! ➡️ Pre-departure guidance including help with flight timings, what time pack ➡️ Destination specific WhatsApp group for general travel questions & to meet your team before arriving ➡️ Travel insurance if you are a resident of Germany or Austria EXCLUSIONS: ➡️ F&B: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner & drinks ➡️ Spending money for extra activities/sightseeing & souvenirs you would like whilst we are in country. ➡️ Additional activities you would like to take part in during free time not mentioned in the itinerary ➡️ Additional transport during free time not mentioned in the itinerary 🗺 ITINERARY & GROUP SIZE: I will always try to stick to the itinerary provided as much as possible, however, please be aware it is subject to change depending on numerous factors that comes alongside traveling abroad. There are often variables that can affect the itinerary plans such as weather, traffic delays or local changes on ground. Our group will consist of 12 of us (including myself) but the TripMates on the Express Japan itinerary will leave after the first week leaving 6 of us to carry on exploring! 📍 MEETING POINT: You will need to arrive into HND, Tokyo Haneda airport & make your own way to the first nights accommodation. You can arrive anytime but please be aware if you arrive before 14:00 (Japanese local time) you may need to store your luggage with reception until check in is available. The earlier in the day you arrive, the more time you have to explore the area and get settled before a team dinner to finally meet face to face at 19:30 - please meet in the accommodation reception area at 19:15. 📝 VISAS: Most nationalities can obtain a visa on arrival for Japan. Please check BEFORE booking that you are eligible for a visa & you have a valid passport – these essentials are down to yourself to check & ensure validity. You will also need to check if Japan has any alternative entry requirement forms or documents you need on arrival to be able to enter the country. ❤️‍🩹 INSURANCE: Travel insurance is included if you are a resident of Germany or Austria. You can view all the inclusions & exclusions of this insurance here: www.joinmytrip.com/en/t/travel-insurance. For any other TripMates, you will need to purchase your own Travel Insurance which also covers you for Medical expenses should you need it whilst we are away. 📱WHATSAPP GROUP: I will be making a ‘Japan’ specific group WhatsApp before we depart for us to start these conversations where I can answer any questions you may have about the trip.
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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-4
Day 1: Arrive in Japan, be aware you won't be able to check in until 14:00. At 19:30 we will have a family dinner together in the heart of Tokyo so get ready to meet at the accommodation reception around 19:30. To fill the time in between arrival & dinner why don’t you check out the local streets & markets, the Meiji Shrine; a pretty shrine on tranquil grounds, or explore the colorful street of Takeshita Dori. Here you will find quirky boutiques and interesting shops. (Today's activities are at your on expense). Day 2: Live on the edge and explore downtown Tokyo in a go-kart, Take unique pictures with your go-kart dressed in popular cosplay costumes (Please note that you need to have an international license in order to join this activity). After, head over to the busiest crossing in the world in the Shibuya District. Here you can grab a bite to eat and enjoy a coffee in the Starbucks that overlooks the frantic crossing. In the afternoon, we will visit Senso-Ji shrine & The Tokyo Skytree. Day 3: Today is a full one-day visiting Nikko (2 hours by trains) for the day. Nikko is filled with stunning shrines, temples and beautiful scenery - We will explore Toshogu Shrine, Rinnoji Temple, Shoyoen Garden, Futarasan Shrine & Shinkyo Bridge. Day 4: One last cultural day exploring Tokyo - head to the Tokyo National museum & the Imperial palace & enjoy free time.

Mount Fuji

Day 4-8
Day 5: Settle into our accommodation at Mount Fuji! Day 6: Day 1 of 2 on our Mount Fuji climb (this is classed as an easy climb but you do need a reasonable level of fitness). We will stay in huts on the mountain overnight, and a packing list will be provided. Day 7: Day 2 of 2 - Summit Mount Fuji & return to the previous accommodation close to the mountain for a well needed rest.


Day 8-12
Day 8: To keep costs down we will take the bus option today, this will take up to 6 hours. Settle into our accommodation & take part in a local tea ceremony with a Geisha where she will show you how to prepare tea as well as perform a traditional dance. Day 9: Today we will explore the city - we can do this on foot or if you would like we can grab an electric bicycle (own expense) to cycle through the bamboo forest. Afterwards, continue to cycle to the picturesque temple of Kinkakuji. Finally, finish up your day with some geisha-spotting in Gion. Day 10: Wake up early and take a 40-minute train journey to the famous Fushimi Inari Gates. There are over 10,000 gates that line the pathway leading up into the mountain. Next, take it easy exploring the city: One street, in particular, is Ninenzaka Street; lined with cute shops and eateries. There are many beautiful sights and temples to see within the city if you would like too or just opt to relax in a teahouse watching Japan go past. For dinner, a recommended option is head over for a memorable dinner at Fire Ramen Restaurant. The restaurant is famous for its dangerous cooking style of lighting your noodles on fire, right before your very eyes. Day 11: Take a day trip to Nara. Nara is a small city, and you can easily explore it in a day. The main attraction in Nara is the sacred deer that roam freely in the streets. Visit Nobori-oji Street, Isui-en Garden, Yoshiki-en, Kasuga-Taisha Shrine, Todai-ji Temple, Kofuku-ji Temple, Naramachi, checking out Sarusawa-no-ike Pond, Koshi-no-Ie and the shops and galleries of the area.


Day 12-15
Day 12: A 15-minute train ride & we will be in Osaka. Osaka is an energetic city full of fun places to visit and with an amazing landscape, all the way from Osaka Bay to the lush outskirts of the city. Visit the Museum of art, Tempozan Ferris Wheel, Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum, Hattori Ryokuchi Park Day 13: Universal Studios! I’m most looking forward to tucking into some butter beer at Harry Potter world! Day 14: Today we move onto the more historical parts of Osaka - Osaka Castle Park, Mint Museum, Umeda Sky Building. In Osaka, we have the option to do an additional activities at your own cost and time depending - traditional Japanese show at the National Bunraku Theatre (prices vary depending on the performance) & canal boat ride. The tour ends today in Osaka, you can choose to fly from here or make your own way on around the country.
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