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Hi! This will be my second time to Bali. When I come the first time, that was also the time that I fell in love with Bali. And this time I want to make it a Girls Trip! Bali is known for its amazing beaches, nightlife and beautiful scenery. That's why I pick April for this trip because it's not that rainy anymore, so we can enjoy the beautiful weather and many things. I want this trip to be a mixture of leisure and fun. That is why I am looking for 2-3 travel buddies who want to join the fun. Also, I want to make some new friends! We're going to explore some beaches, go for local or not-so-local food, go for some traditional massage, explore nature, and we can even have some staycation mode-on in the villa! I am going to prepare an amazing itinerary, but if you have any recommendations, you're more than welcome to suggest them! After all, we're going on the trip together. And I am planning on renting a car, so we can sit back and enjoy the trip! My name is Celine, I am 23 years old. I am from Indonesia. I'm not going to call myself a traveler because I haven't traveled a lot. But I'm planning to this year! I like to travel where I can enjoy my trip, but also still be affordable and comfortable. I don't really like backpacking style traveling, if you know what I mean...but that doesn't mean that I need to stay in a 5 Stars hotel. I like trying all kinds of food, and I like to eat! The trip costs will include: - Accommodations for shared room price (private rooms can be arranged at higher price) - Transportation (if we rent a car) - Kecak Fire Dance Show - Snorkeling trip to Nusa Penida - Rafting in Ubud Meals are not included because I want you to have the freedom to choose your own meal. Also, I include TripLeader-fee because arranging the trip takes a lot of time and effort :) and a buffer (better prepared than being sorry). Last but not least, we're going to use apps for sharing our cost on this trip (if needed) and if we have leftover, I will most definitely pay them back to you. Do you want to join this trip with me? I promise you won't regret it! Send me a message. Looking forward to hearing and meet with you! Love, Celine
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Looking for travel buddies to explore great things in the world. Would you join me? :)

Trip Itinerary


Day 1-3
For day 1 and 2 we'll be staying in Seminyak to explore the beaches along the Seminyak area and maybe go to Canggu's famous places. We'll be enjoying tanning, surfing, working out and hunt for some food and fun!


Day 3-4
We're just going to get one night sleep at Sanur. We'll be having ice cream and nice fresh oysters. And in the morning we'll be off to Nusa Penida and go snorkeling! Don't forget to bring your nice outfits and gear!


Day 4-6
Next stop Uluwatu. We will watch the infamous Kecak and Fire Dance while enjoying the sunset in Uluwatu Temple. Again, we'll be exploring beaches in the Uluwatu area and maybe visit some beach clubs and eat some good food.


Day 6-8
Last but not very least, our final stop, Ubud. We will be enjoying the scenery of rice fields, visiting the famous Alas Harum to take some pictures and eating good food! Moving on from the beaches' scenery to the greener scenery.
Hotel & Other
8 days trip
Seminyak, Sanur & 2 more
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