Fun adventure Through Phuket, Thailand: Island Hopping, Spa and Snorkeling

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I'm an explorer that loves different cultures and destinations around the globe with like-minded individuals. If that's you !! Then you're in for a treat because you can join me for a 8 day holiday in the beautiful Province of Thailand, “Phuket” 🌴 to witness the cultural heritage of Muay Thai Island hoping Clubs yoga luxury and beauty of the local Islands. Hi! I'm Kristopher and I'm from America. I'm a travel enthusiast who has traveled lived and worked in over 28 countries so come join me, and let's have an unforgettable experience of exploring Phuket. The trip itinerary is already provided, but it is flexible. Now comes the amazing part of this journey! I will be taking care of all the pesky stuff such as accommodation, daily transportation, and activities, so all you would need is to pack your backpack 🧳, book a flight ✈️ to Phuket, and bring your sunglasses 🕶️ for cool pictures. 🏠 Where will we be staying? 🏠 I have booked a villa which we'll be using on a shared basis for 8 days find the details of the rooms below: Beautiful 5-bedroom villa with private pool and free toiletries are included 💰 What's included in the price? - Breakfast - 1 Sunset Dinner Cruise - Morning yoga - Muay Thai live fight - Catamaran island hopping Phuket - Spa transportation included - Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Experience - Nighttime clubbing - Accommodation (villa) (Shared rooms) ❌ What's NOT included in the trip price? - Daily Meals - Transportation within Phuket (we will be sharing this among the group) - Plane tickets - Other than selected activities that will be available on our touring sites Are you in for an adventure in Thailand? Looking forward to hearing from you! Any question s let me know in the Q&A section! See you soon in Thailand!
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Hi there! 👋🏼 I am 'Kristopher from America. I travel Let's explore the world together! 🌏

You can chat with Kris once you reserve your spot.
Trip Itinerary


Day 1-2
After the meeting showing you around letting you make your self at-home lunch of late dinner of just grappling a snack in the villa, you can have the option to rest or meet in the evening to enjoy the nightlife and party!

The Raintree Spa

Day 2-3
Wake up to a great breakfast in the morning coffee fresh fruit spend some time at the spa basic package included extras that are not included then an afternoon of shopping sight seeing and you. Choose to have the night to your self or hit a few clubs of stay in the villa relaxing in the pool.

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Phuket (Bang Tao Branch)

Day 3-4
Visit the most ethical elephant sanctuary in Phuket, Elephant Jungle Sanctuary. This Phuket elephant tour includes some incredible experiences. Go swimming with elephants and enjoy elephant bathing in Phuket at the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary! The package deal includes two traditional Thai buffet meals, drinking water, and even food for feeding the elephants! When you arrive at the sanctuary, the guides will give you a basic overview of the tour, how our welfare programs take place, and some information about the animals. Since the tour can get messy and wet (in a very fun way!) we suggest that you bring some things with you. Bring a hat, sunscreen, a bathing suit, a towel and a change of clothes. Throughout your visit to Elephant Jungle Sanctuary, you will be feeding, bathing and even playing with the animals. You will even get to tell everybody you know that you went swimming with elephants in Phuket! It is also important to us that you learn as much as possible about these animals and why it is important to protect them. As an ethical sanctuary in Phuket, we want to promote the ethical treatment of these magnificent animals all around the world. With the money we raise from visits and donations, we can contribute to their welfare by rescuing them, feeding them, providing veterinary care, and giving them land and infrastructure for them to live on. Visit Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Phuket to get up close and personal with elephants like you have never before experienced.

Phi Phi Islands

Day 4-5
Unique speed catamaran which is the most comfortable. Can walk and sightseeing on board along the journey, unlike others. Good timing at each spot with the least tourists. Best restaurant on Phi Phi Don with a fantastic view. Long tail boat included in the trip. What To Expect? Pileh Bay Sightseeing on the long tail boat at the emerald Pileh Lagoon surrounded by towering limestone cliffs and caves. 50 minutes • Admission Ticket Included 2 Viking Cave Snorkeling in crystal clear turquoise with an incredible variety of tropical fish and bright coral. Enjoy your water activities such as a clear kayak and paddle board. 1 hour.


Day 5-6
Spend the day resting or sightseeing with the group or on your own then later come back and get ready for a sunset dinner cruise followed by a night of shopping sightseeing relaxing or clubbing or of the above.

Patong Boxing Stadium Sainamyen

Day 6-7
Spend the day on Patong beach relaxing sightseeing or just time hanging in the villa then later get ready for a live Muay Thai fight in Patong stadium This is real MUAYTHAI and not an exhibition you can expect real fights.​ Phuket has some of the best and most up-to-date state-of-the-art facilities in the world for Muay Thai.


Day 7-8
Pick up from your villa/hotel and transfer to our Pier we will have lunch at a traditional floating restaurant. Sea canoe through hidden caves and lagoons around Phanak Island. Then we will head to Hong Island to experience the surrounding lagoons. We will enjoy a spectacular sunset from the boat, starlight bioluminescence viewing and lastly return to the pier, then transfer to the hotel/villa
Trip Summary
8 days trip
Phuket, The Raintree Spa & 5 more
Questions and Answers

Hi Kris, I hope you are doing well. I was wondering if you could give me the exact date when we wi... Read More

Hello how are you I hope great August 1st and if that doesn't work for you I have a second Phuket trip planned September 1st so the first trip august 1st we will meet if you have any other questions... Read More

Thank you for responding to my query. My Insta is Mona Sidd. If possible, please send a DM for us t... Read More

I just message you I hope I wrote write person lol I'm new to Instagram lolol

People joining so far are they mix? Before I reserve, anyway to have one on one chat about the trip?

If you mean mix some man some women yes and we can chat anytime one on one I'm happy to answer any questions I have lived in Thailand as well as visited almost every part so any questions you have I a... Read More

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